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Monday, December 21, 2009

Hanson & Me.

I have been a Hanson fan since the 1st time I heard their music. I don't care if ppl think that is embarrassing, i obviously don't think so cuz I tell a lot of ppl abt my love for them anyway. Never been embarrassed and never will be!

Recently I have been itching to go to one of their concerts, well, actually it has been something that has been on my mind since the day I became a fan. But back then, I was a only a poor student at all of 15 years of age. How to go see them? In any case, they never set foot onto Singapore land once, the closest they got, was probably Australia and Thailand. And had I known they were never gonna come this way again, I would have ran away from home, stole and robbed to go see them perform! (ok not really, but i would have certainly tried harder to make that happen.)

Till this day, I have seen most of my fave bands/singers perform live. The only one that I have not and will die regretting never having seen them, is Hanson. :( Maybe it is more of a childhood dream that my adult self have to go and fulfill.. but I really do want to see them perform live. I made a promise to myself, that when I go to the states, (not in the near future, but someday I will) I must make sure I go at a time where they have ongoing tours and I will plan my route in such a way that I can stop by to see them. All those years of idolization and money spent on teeny-bopper magazines have to go somewhere, right??

So I was feeling really over the edge today.. and I did this online:
It's a phony but nevertheless, made me happy looking at it. :p

And this:
This turned out so realistic I went quite ballistic at the end product! I feel so proud of myself!! And who cares if I have fat arms! HAHA!

So there.. I am such an easy person to please! and easily contented too! now I shall start saving for my US trip and 1st ever Hanson concert!!!!!!! :D


Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Meaning of ENGAGED.

"An engagement is a promise to marriage, and also the period of time between proposal and marriage – which may be lengthy or trivial. During this period, a couple is said to be affianced, betrothed, engaged to be married, or simply engaged."

I am a bit anal about how this word is used. I know it is nice of ppl to say congrats on your engagement bla bla bla but when the person is getting MARRIED and not ENGAGED, it really puts me off slightly. Cuz you can't even get the occasion right???

To date, the worse way I have ever heard the word being used is this: "I heard so-and-so is getting engaged, CONGRATS!"

WRONG USE OF WORD THERE, MATE! (Unless you know for sure she is going to accept the proposal when her other half pops the question. But why would you do that and spoil the surprise for her??)

It should be: "So-and-so is engaged! CONGRATS!" And the only time you should be congratulating someone on her engagement is when she has already been proposed to, and is planning for her upcoming wedding.

To say that someone is getting engaged means the person is waiting to be proposed to. Now, that is just dumb! You don't anticipate a proposal! And if you have already promised to marry, that means you are already ENGAGED, not GETTING ENGAGED!!!

Unless of cuz, in some societies, an public engagement announcement is necessary before you get married, so then yea, you can probably say: "We are getting engaged next weekend, the engagement party is on Dec XX at XXXX."

But still, I would consider that engaged since you have already promised to marry. Meaning, the other party has already popped the question, you said yes, and hence the party to announce the engagement, right? The engagement party is just a procedure to go through with.

ARGH! Issit so hard to understand?

Yet there are still ppl on my FB, congratulating me on my ENGAGEMENT. I AM MARRIED!!! NOT ENGAGED!!!!!!!!!! I was only engaged from April 26, 2009 (the day my hubby proposed) till September 13, 2009 (cuz I ROM-ed on September 14, 2009, legally married).

I hope that is clear now. *heavy sigh!*

Wednesday, December 09, 2009


It is a scary feeling. To think that you are ready for change, but to realise you are not when change happens.

I think there are a lot of questions in life that you won't be able to answer correctly no matter how confident you think you are abt the answer. And a lot of times, you don't know how wrong you are until it gets out of hand.

"Life is like a box of chocolates, you'll never know what you're going to get."

This quote never rang more true for me than now.

What can I say, other than the cliche-norm "It's too late". And I can't go back.

Maybe it is just that time of the month, I am feeling mighty emo abt things that matter to me.

But it doesn't change the way I feel abt this change. I am truly scared.

Am I up for it?

Thursday, December 03, 2009

New Moon Review

A picture speaks a thousand words... The best "New Moon" review I've seen so far!

Right place, right time.

You are right where I want you. :)

Tuesday, December 01, 2009


I am so excited cuz I will be meeting YOU tomorrow! :D

Monday, November 23, 2009

萧敬腾, 爱的时刻自选辑。

Go here.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Send some flowers my way!

Ellen Degeneres had this delivered to Taylor Swift after her CMA wins.


What a bright and cheery colour combi! So pretty, I love it!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

I am still here.

I have not forgotten about my blog.. just too many things going on right now and I've begun to stop recording the upsetting bits of my life on my blog simply cuz, I don't wish to see their traces long after it's over.

So with many unhappy things going on right now, there just ain't no time for anything happy to happen to me, yet.

And the next time I update my blog, I will be sure it will be about something happy.

Have a great week ahead, all. I know mine would b less than great. :S

Sunday, November 01, 2009

模特儿 turned 演员 turned 歌手

郑元畅出专辑。。 有一点搞笑啦。。 不过我还是会支持啦。。 我是一个对人不对事的人嘛!:p 像我同事说的一样。。 虽然他唱歌不怎么样,但是事实是,“不死心”的旋律真的很不错啦。 并不是我偏心哦!

我还以为棒棒堂会是我最盲目去支持的歌手/团体。。 怎么知道突然冒出了一个郑元畅转型!

没办法啦。。 看来我这一辈子是注定被帅哥俊男主宰我的命运!

我年纪也不小了。。 想追星的话,真的会有一点不好意思勒。 再说,新一代的帅哥俊男我都快不认识了!什么韩国F4啦,什么张芸京我都不懂。 ok,至少我知道张芸京是个女生。:p 我还蛮喜欢她的!

最近收听93.3FM的时候,都会一头雾水。不知道播的是什么歌! 这下就会觉得自己老了。。 跟不上潮流!

不过没关系啦。。 人老心不老!

现在要回去听我的郑元畅唱歌了!大家有机会也听听看。。 就算不好听,笑一下也好。:p

Monday, October 26, 2009

Colourful Wonderful

Babe, it is so sweet. I never dreamt that anyone will ever write a song abt me! I love the chorus, it is so catchy!

I REALLY DO LOVE IT. It's not perfect, but it's perfect to me.

Love you, sweets!!!

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Our Private Wedding Dinner

After our wedding dinner at Holiday Inn Park View for friends and family, we checked out on Oct 17 and went for our own private wedding dinner, just the 2 of us. Just to reward ourselves for the effort we both put in for the wedding.

So the hubby was very sweet, he thought of a place, made a reservation and brought me there as a surprise..

Thai Village @ Goodwood Park Hotel

They apparently have the best shark's fins in town.. well then this I have to try!

We walked in and sat down at a nice table in a corner. I was immediately infected by the happy atmosphere in the air. the clinking of chinese teacups, delicious slurping of soups, the chattering conversations, the booming laughters, hustling of footsteps of waiters and banging of pots and pans in the kitchen. It felt very local and welcoming, but in a controlled kinda environment so it was not unbearably noisy/rowdy.

the hubby wanted to really splurge on dinner that day and so we went for the top of the range set meal in the restaurant.

we were 1st served with their famous shark's fins.. check it out.. the shark's fins comes in a big lump! and the soup was to die for. i will nv be able to taste another bowl of shark's fins without thinking of this taste ever again! And mind you, this whole claypot, was one person's serving only!!

then came the abalone. one whole abalone each. ok la, i suaku.. but this is only the 2nd time I am eating abalone like this! the taste was so rich.. and the abalone was so succulent and chewy.. and the sauce.. beyond this world.

Next up, the lobster. well the lobster paled in comparison to the 1st 2 dishes but it was a nice change of taste. steamed with garlic and spring onions, it really brought out the freshness of the lobster.

I was really stuffed at this point.. so when the next dish arrived, I had to force myself to take a few bites and not waste it totally. Here is the egg noodles fried with chunks of crab meat and prawn.

Hubby had the corn rice instead of the noodles. the rice was really fragrant.. anyone who is a corn lover would love it.

And finally, the dessert.. I was trying very hard to save some stomach space for this, but I was so stuffed at this point, hubby had to literally force me to eat it. ok this is going to sound really bimbotic but i had to force-feed myself with the birds' nest! don't get me wrong, it was deilcious! in fact, it was the best birds' nest i have ever tasted. birds' nest chilled in coconut water! It was so refreshing!

and look at the amount of birds' nest in that bowl! no joke, i had to force-feed myself!! but nevertheless, YUMS!!!

And by the end of the dinner, we were both almost bursting at the seams. but very happily so. :)

Lastly, I want to thank each and everyone of the those who came for our wedding. You made a different to the wedding, just by being there.

Really, thank you! :)

Monday, October 12, 2009

One Year.

On this exact day one year ago, i passed my driving test!

This means, today I can finally keep my P plate away and drive like any other road user!

Well, i am having mixed feelings abt that cuz I think i can blame my P plate for a lot of mistakes that I make while on the road. But now I am P plateless.. it's like I am expected to drive like an old bird and make good judgments when driving. Wa, very hard for me leh.

And I think when i have my P plate up, ppl tend to "siam" me. which i like. haha.. but some of them also tend to cut my lane, and blow their horns at me for the slightest mistake i make, ie. bully me. Singaporean drivers are really the worse sometimes.

But well, anyhoo.. i guess it marks some kind of achievement that I have gone past one year without getting into any kind of big trouble. :p

I hope I will be able to say the same, next year this day.

For some of you reading this now, I am looking forward to seeing you this thursday. :)


Monday, October 05, 2009

My October is here!

I am like, 6 days late, but who cares.


Now I have more reasons to LOVE OCTOBER! Everyone's favourite month of the year is normally their birthday month.. and I am no different. I am an October Baby and proudly one!

And from this year onwards, I will also get to celebrate another important day in my life, besides my birthday. MY WEDDING DAY!

Today, I am officially into the single-digit countdown to the actual day.

What can I say, I am excited, jittery, stressed and frustrated, all at the same time!

Excited - Cuz my sisters and my biological sister are doing a great job in keeping me happy amidst all the stress. And of cuz, for all the amazing help they've rendered so far.

Jittery - I am suddenly experiencing glossophobia. which is weird cuz I am a people person and I have nv really been someone who gets nervous with big groups of ppl!! But the thought of being in a room full of ppl i love watch my every move.. is very nerve-wrecking!! i now realise you have to be very narcissistic and have super high self-esteem to be a celebrity!!

Stressed - Cuz I am not getting help in some of the areas I need help for. And those ppl who can help, are not helping. I shall not name-drop here.

Frustrated - The same group of ppl mentioned above, are not only not helping me, but expecting me to help them too. it is infuriating. If i get a nervous breakdown before next Thursday, you can bet on my lovely tresses it is because of them.

Speaking of tresses, I have gotten them coloured and treated, all ready for the big day! Glad to know I have one thing done on my list of to-dos.

For now, I am fixing the minor hiccups that has not failed to surface every day. I shall take it in my stride and TRY not to flare up at anybody.

It's my wedding and it shall remain a happy event because I am willing it to!!!!!

*Forces a big grin*

How do I get rid of you????

I really shouldn't be having such friendship problems at my age. But I really don't want someone as a friend anymore. In fact, I don't even want her in my life.

But she keeps coming back to me, and it's like as if I am obliged to help her BUT I AM NOT! I hate it, I hate her!

Monday, September 28, 2009

16 more days to go!

My schedule has suddenly gotten hectic recently.

Mom's birthday, food-tasting for wedding, clothes-shopping for my bro & bro-in-law, ordering catered food, jiemeis' corsage making (thank god my sister is helping me with that!), bridal dowry (jewellery shopping), and not forgetting, delivering of wedding invites. it is starting to get a bit late now to be distributing them and as much as I want to hand-deliver all of my invites, there is only one of me. I ended up having to mail most of them, and being kinda late now, I hope ppl wun think it was a last minute to invite them. :( cuz it was not, my list was done up almost a year ago! i just dun have enough lunch/dinner appointments to meet everyone to hand out the invites. i kno i kno, i shud haf started earlier. at least that will be the one advise i will give to future bride-to-bes. START PRINTING YOUR INVITES EARLY!

as of today, i still have 3 groups of friends to distribute invites to: my poly mates, my ex-colleagues and my jiemeis!

but at least these ppl are the most understanding ones, they wudn't mind even if i give them their invite on the day itself. :p so other than that, the rest of my invites are all out. meeting one friend today for lunch to pass her her invite, meeting another bunch over dinner tmr and 2 more over lunch and dinner next week and I AM DONE! *phew*

all these wedding preps are slowing me down in my reading. i cud have finished "The Lost Symbol" one week ago but these days when I get home, I am just so tired and sleep is the only thing on my mind. I need my beauty rest! I dun want to be looking tired and haggard just weeks before my wedding, right? :)

something very interesting happened yesterday. but i dun have time to write about it in detail now, maybe i'll do it later today. but for now, some prelude: Bio-Essence, Oct 5.

Heh heh.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Dream a little dream of me, not.

I don't know how many people out there do this, but I do it quite frequently. I force myself to dream what I want to dream when I sleep.

Most of the times, they turn out pretty pleasant. Close to what I imagined it to be. It's like living the life I can't in reality, or being the person I can't be in reality, or seeing the people I can't in reality, or doing something totally out of the code of conduct in reality.

Like, meeting an old flame or having a fling with an acquaintance? you know, that sorta thing. :p I am just citing examples, tho. Don't let me put any ideas in your head now.

So i have this thing that I haven't had proper closure to, some time ago. It might have been a long time ago, and ppl ard me wud think i shud be long over it. Well, in a way, I am. Cuz time heals all wounds. but from time to time, I just can't help thinking about the person and the "what ifs".

It was a sudden desire that came over me last night, just before I went to sleep.. I thot long and hard abt that person, wondering what would happen if one day, we met again under favourable circumstances. I dun make up a plot in my head, i jus keep thinking abt that person and what might happen if we met again. so a few different scenarios goes thru my head.. until i drift asleep into dreamland.

so the dream took plc in a big hse, with a big swimming pool. In my dream, I knew whose hse that was, it was his cousin's. I have been there in reality but in the dream, it looked different. it was smaller.

so, i was hanging out by the pool alone, when he walked in and kinda settled down beside me and held a very casual conversation with me. he looked much better in the dream than in reality. the funny thing was in the dream, his mom was there with us, bringing us juices and fruits.. very hospitable. when i woke up, i linked this to the episode in reality whereby he dropped me off back at my house and went off to have dinner with his parents and came back to meet me after dinner. it felt horrible to be a "secret", like I wasn't good enuff to meet his parents. but anyhow, at least i met his mom in my dream. :p

so back to the dream, while his mom was walking back and forth in the background, he stayed close to me throughout the dream. I remember myself trying to keep a safe distance between us, whenever I felt he was coming too near. I think that is a reflection of the defense I have put up against him in reality. it's amazing how close dreams mimic reality!

we spoke in my dream but like i said, it was just casual conversation which felt like it was muted in my dream. so i have absolutely no recollection of what we spoke about. but as i packed my stuff to leave, the volume was suddenly turned up in my dream, un-muted.

I recall getting up, walking past his mom and abt to leave when his mom alerted him that i was leaving.

he came ard me, walked me away from the door and to a deck chair by the pool and sat me down. then, he passed me this little scrapbook and opened it up to the 1st page and left me alone to see it.

i looked at the hand-made scrapbook in my hand saw that it was made with coloured paper and crayon drawings. like that of a child's art project.

i began to flip the pages, and realised that it was telling a story. the story of how we met, how we went on our 1st date, how i decided to stop seeing him, how he felt when we stopped seeing each other, the names of his friends (4 of them) who told him to get me back, the regret and sadness he felt when i was gone and finally, how he met me again and got back tgt.

i shud have been very touched at this, but in my dream, i felt nothing but resentment. i did not have a smile on my face, like i shud have. and only 2 words formed in my head, "too late".

when he saw that i had flipped to the last page, he walked toward me and sat down beside me, as he waited for me to speak.

i looked up at him and said very seriously, "it's too late, i'm married." It's good to know i had not totally become another person in my dream. and yes, the guy i was married to in my dream was the very same guy sleeping next to me in my bed in reality. :p

after i said those words in my dream, he looked at me with sadness in his eyes and his hands reached out to hold both of mine.

"is there really no chance for us?" he finally said when i shifted in my seat, abt to get up.

"it's too late." with that, i slipped out of his hands and got up to leave.

this was the very dramatic part: i grabbed my bag with one hand and slung it over my shoulder. just as i was abt to walk out the door, i turned ard, looked at him and said, "just so you know, we would have really been something if we stayed together. we were perfect together. perfect."

and i remember strutting out of the hse, with the look of disappointment on his face lingering in my mind.

and my dream ended. as if on cue, i woke up right after that. it was 5.01am. i know the dream sounded a bit harsh, but when i woke up, i was smiling! it's like i got my closure, even tho it was totally made up by me and my sub-conscious mind. but if we did meet again, i would like this to be exactly what happens.

and as if *he* knew what i had dreamt, he foudn my hand under the covers and held it. his other hand came over my head to smooth out my hair on my pillow.

i was half-alseep, half-awake. but i know that happened in reality.

i dunno if this is considered cheating.. but even for 2 persons deeply in love, you need distraction every once in a while so that u will truly appreciate what u have.

for me, it is through my dreams that i can truly be myself, or sometimes, NOT be myself.

if *he* ever talks in his sleep and calls out another girl's name.. sure, i will be disturbed but i wud also be glad that i am the one he will be waking up next to in the morning, and not the one with a look of disappointment in his dream. :)

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Sneak Preview

Monday, September 14, 2009

Bucking Fored.

We are officially into the last month of countdown.. only 4 weeks to go..?!?!

I'm very weird. I have been doing my wedding preps since beginning of this year, and I haven't felt anything close to wedding jitters at all, not even when I put on the gown during fitting/photo shoot.

but now that i am starting to give out my invitation cards.. the jitters is slowly setting in.. cuz now that the invites are out.. it means there is no backing out.. ppl are invited, so the show has to go on no matter wat! haha, not literally la, but sometimes I do feel the whole customary wedding is very "for show". but oh well, only once in ur life you can get everyone you care abt and who cares abt u in one room to celebrate something that means so much to you. omg, it sounds so scary to me right now.. i dunno why i haven't realised that until now!

ok 1st of all, lemme say clearly that it is not the marriage I am scared of, i am oredi lawfully married anywae, so too late for regrets now. :p it is the whole customary wedding procedure that is scaring me off. having almost all the ppl u kno in one room, including your family.. it is all very overwhelming to me. i am a big crybaby and i dunno if i will have enough tears to keep me going for that day! let's hope i will be so tired by the time of the dinner that i will not have any strength left to cry!

And I abruptly end this post cuz I suddenly got bored and have nothing else to say. HAHA. seriously, my blog's been really boring of late!


Wednesday, September 09, 2009

American Idol will soon be one of my favourite shows!

I am a huge fan of Ellen Degeneres and I watch her show whenever I get the opportunity. The sucky thing is it airs on Starworld on weekdays at 2pm??? Well, like I said, whenever I get the chance, I catch it.

Those of you who have nv seen an episode before.. you have GOT to cuz she is so damn bloody good with what she does, hosting the show. It never fails to cheer me up. Or maybe it is just what goes on in her head that is fascinating. Her sense of humour is unparalleled and if there is one Hollywood personality I want to meet, it is her! (Yes, not even RPatz, ok!)

So just moments ago, I read online that Ellen is going to be the new judge on American Idol.. OMFG!!!!!!!! I am so excited! American Idol is going to be so different with her in it and I can almost assure you, it would never be the same again and American Idol is going to hit a new wave of popularity like never before! That is how good Ellen is!

I kno it's going to be some time before I can see the next season of American Idol here in Singapore.. but this is going to very very worth looking forward to.

Oh, how I love Ellen! I really do!

Wednesday, September 02, 2009

温柔 (还你自由版)

I normally don't enjoy listening to renditions of songs I love.. cuz it alters the feeling and the sound it was originally intended to sound. I am pretty extreme tho, this stupid principal of mine is extended to renditions performed by the original performer/singer themselves. Uhhuh, I see you sighing and shaking your head there.

So anywae, as everyone knows by now, I was at the Mayday concert last week and when they performed the newly-arranged 温柔 (还你自由版) from one of their later albums, I was very very taken by the way it now sounded.

The original version is already very emo.. somehow, they managed to make the new version even more EMO. I really dunno how they did it.

In any case, it caught my attn and truly captivated me. Especially at 2:32 minutes of the song. All my goosebumps will stand to attention EVERYTIME that particular part comes on. something about the way ASHIN sang it.. very deep. Even the way he said "hey" before he sang the line.. sounds as if he is really talking to someone.

Go listen to it now, I promise it will evoke the melancholic side of you and all the sadness you have had buried inside you from long long ago...

Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Kelly's Biology Class

I went for my final vaccine jab of Hep A/B yday, one on each side of my arm so that it wouldn't be too sore for me to bear. Turned out the jab for Hep B alone was so strong that I could feel the sore immediately after the jab was administered into me.

But it was the Hep A jab that carried on to sting longer.

So when the doc proposed that I get the vaccine for cervix cancer as well, i asked him to jab it on the same arm of my Hep B jab.

it must have been the wrong thing to do cuz when I woke up this morning, I couldn't wash my hair, couldn't reach for the showerhead nor wear my clothes properly.

needless to say, i couldn't sleep on the right side of my body where i had 2 jabs on my arm. :(

my right arm is temporarily handicapped, simply to say.

ok ranting aside. the doc explained to me how vaccines work yday. I dunno if everyone oredi knows, but I didn't until yday! it was all pretty fascinating so I decided i will share it with you guys.

basically, the vaccine is filled with the germs of the specific ailment you are taking the vaccine for. for example, the flu vaccine is filled with flu germs, and the H1N1 vaccine (if one comes up soon), will be filled with the H1N1 germs.

before you gasp in horror, here's the deal.

the germs in the vaccine have been treated and processed, so that it wud not harm our body when injected. it's cool cuz it works like a fire drill!

this is how our bodies work - whenever our bodies get attacked by a virus, say Virus A, it will send out "Soldiers" A to fight it. So on and so forth for Virus B Soldiers B, Virus C Soldier C.

this is how the vaccine works - when the germs of a certain virus is injected into us, our body will recognise the germs, as say, Germs X and send its "Soldiers X" to fight it. so how it will prevent us from getting the ailment after taking the vaccine, is that if we do get invaded by the real virus, the "soldiers" will already be there in our bodies to begin with, so the virus will mean nothing to us as we have already been prepped with our "defensive shield" and we will be immune to it. :)

Which is why we will need all the different kinds of vaccines for different ailments/viruses. And the reason why some vaccines are not available (say, cancer or AIDS) is because the scientists have not figured out a way to process/treat the germs of the said diseases for it to safe enough to be administered into a healthy body.

And if anyone tells you a certain vaccine will only work for new-borns, that is total bullshit. Like my example above for Virus A Soldier A, vaccines will work regardless of age. So go on and take all the vaccines available now!

However, the doc also added that some ppl's body are very smart. Even when the vaccine is injected into them, the body is able to recognise that the germs injected are harmless, hence, do not release the needed "soldiers" to "treat" the germs. Hence, vaccines will not work for such ppl when the real virus attacks, as they will be defense-less. but fret not, this only happens to abt 1% of all ppl. And no one will know who these 1% are until, unfortunately, they are struck with the disease that they have been vaccinated for.

head on down to your family doctor and find out what kind of vaccines are available to you and take them! "Prevention is better than cure" has been been apt to use. :)

My right sore arm is definitely worth it in this case especially since I come from a family with cancer history. at least I have one cancer less to worry abt now!

Sunday, August 30, 2009


Mayday concerts are the best. They are the reason the word "high" was invented, to me. It was so good.. even better than the last concert I went to.. (oops, sorry but I did love it too!)

I notice there is now a trend of having 2 (or more) encores before the show finally ends. I learnt my lesson at my last concert. haha. This time, at the Mayday concert, they had 3 encores!

When they returned to stage for the 1st encore, Ashin said, "还不走啊?"
Audience: "不走!"
Ashin: "这么迟了,还有车回家吗?"
Audience: "没有!"
Ashin: "那你们要走路回家吗?"
Audience: "对!"
Ashin: "好,五月天陪你."

I kno it is just stage talk la, but still I found that so heartwarming...! I almost cried there... T_T

And at the 2nd encore, Mayday came out again and Ashin said, "再来一首好吗?"
Audience: "好!"
Ashin: "来首快的好吗?"
Audience: "好!"
Ashin: "那来首慢的好吗?"
Audience: "好!"
Ashin: "来首慢而轻快的好吗?"
Audience: "好!"
Ashin: "看来只要来一首什么都行啦."
Audience laughs at this point, and quietens down.
Ashin: "怎么又静了下来,讨厌!"

It was hilarious when he said 讨厌! HAHA! It really sent the audience roaring with laughter before they broke into a series of the sappy love songs.

However, the best part of the concert was when after they sang the last song, 憨人. The audience obviously didn't want it to end even tho it was 12.10am.. so we (the audience, carried on to "la la la" to the song for a good 10 minutes even after Mayday had finished singing it. and Mayday just stood on stage, listening and taking it all in. There was a every emotional look on Ashin's face.. I really believe he was holding back his tears, though he did tear at some part of the concert before that.

In the end, the 5 of them took a 90-degree bow for about a minute and waved goodbye, walked off the stage without a last word. Well, they have said enough through their eyes, long-time fans would know.

Shall let the pictures do the talking!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009


I am going to watch mayday tmr and as usual, am doing "homework" for the concert. As i listen to the songs one by one.. I realise i remember most of the lyrics.. I must have listened to them rather intensively back in the days..

It is their 10 yr anniversary concert for the 1st time they held a concert here in sg. Coincidentally that concert 10 yrs ago was also the 1st and last mayday concert i attended. It's not that i lost interest in them or wat but... I think i needed to get over someone and so i kinda just stopped listening to them altogether. now tt i am bringing life back to their music.. I am also awakening those long-ago hidden memories of that certain someone.

Maybe cuz during that time, i listened to mayday a lot with him cuz he liked them too.. That's why i get such a rush of emotions when i listen to them now. some songs really freak me out.. The emotions are so real that it's as if i wud see him there if i turned ard. Really scary.

But well, that aside.. I am going to truly enjoy myself tmr night.. With or without him.

Mayday is the king of all taiwanese bands, IMO. They are really a good representation of my glorious youth! And I still can't believe it's been 10 years since!


Sunday, August 23, 2009

Eventful Weekend!

Long Post Ahead!

It was a busy but fruitful weekend. I even managed to catch 2 movies in between! :)

We saw "The Proposal" on one day and "GI Joe: The Rise Of The Cobra" the next. They were both good! I can't really decide which I enjoyed more cuz they're of different genres. But nevertheless, creme of their crop!

The Proposal
I have heard about many bad reviews/critics regarding this flick but you should know by now that I NEVER trust movie critics. "The Proposal" gives me even more reason to believe so.

I know it seems like a typical chick-flick (ok it is) but it somehow is not as stereotypical as most chick-flicks. the ones where girl and guy starts out hating each other, girl and guy forced to do something tgt, girl and guy develop feelings for each other, girl and guy have misunderstanding, girl and guy clears misunderstanding and guy wins girl back. HAHA.

ok in this case, it is kinda the same (shit) but the twist is that.. it is quite funny. AHAHHAA. i dunno how to put this across properly! ok, i think it's right to say that the jokes in the movie are not the kind whereby u see it and relate it back to another certain chick-flick. the jokes are original and creative in this chick-flick and makes me fall in love with love all over again. :)

but that could be just me, don't take my word for it... but just watch it for a good laugh and especially if you need to release stress!

Ryan Reynolds has the killer-bod! Sorry, just had to add that. HAHA!

UPDATE! (Useless tidbit of information!) I just wiki-ed Ryan Reynolds and turns out we share the birthdate! And get this.. he is Scarlett Johansson's husband?! Well, i wouldn't have expected anything less for Scarlett!

GI Joe: The Rise Of The Cobra
I agreed to watching GI Joe only cuz the hubby wanted to watch it. the only draw for me was Joseph Gordon-Levitt in it but I had not expected him to have a big part in the show.. so it was a really pleasant surprise to see his spectacular performance! i really hope his big hollywood break comes along soon!

and oh, lee byung hun was superb with his character too! his English was very impressive by Korean standards.. it was almost flawless!

I am not going to give anything away.. cuz i really think it is a good show and everyone shud watch it! some might feel the story is a bit weak (but i think it is good enough even though it reminds me of Star Wars - the modern version. HAHA!) but watch it for the effects and the war gadgets. It is so COOL!!!! I have to totally agree that war these days is not about the number of soldiers/tanks/weapons you have.. it is a war of technological advancements! The gadgets depicted really blew me away. But I am glad it is not real.. it would cause massive destruction to the world, no doubt.

besides, there's channing tatum to see and there is absolutely no reason girls wouldn't love his character. patriotic and true to to his one love. *swoons* oh, and he's HOT, of cuz. haha!

Wedding Photos Selection

I got to check out the photos I have taken for my wedding album on Saturday and I was very very pleased! i must say that hubby and i are very lucky cuz most of the things we have planned for our wedding so far... are turning out exactly to plan! i have alwaes had a vision for the way my photos will look and I am so so lucky that they had turned out exactly the way I wanted them! i cudn't be more happy.. and i can't wait to get my hands on the soft copies in Sep... will most certainly show them off here la. :p


I went shopping with my mother-in-law and sisters-in-law on Sunday to pick out their clothes for my wedding.. we were super efficient! we set out at 4pm and we were all done by 8pm! That is 3 dresses, 1 cheong-sam and 4 tops! I am now one step closer to ticking all of the things on my to-do list!

Wedding Preps Update

And we are so very lucky.. hubby managed to get his friend who works with Lucas Films to come be our AV person at the wedding! And his cousin who is with the camera crew at Discovery Travel - Lonely Planet Series will bring his team and come shoot the wedding for us!

I am very very overwhelmed and simply overjoyed! :)

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Wonder Girls - Nobody

A bit slow.. but better late than never. *winks*
Very pretty young things, indeed..

Another great talent after Rain, kudos to JYP! *Asian Pride*

Thursday, August 13, 2009

The Leap of Faith

I have been thinking about adopting my husband's surname for a few months now.. no apparent reason that warrants for such a need, but simply cuz I feel a family unit should have a common surname. I am highly traditional in that sense.

I am just thinking abt one day, far in the future, when my husband and kids and myself go some place together which requires identification, they would all be a "Lee" and I would not. Like I am not part of the family. That kinda upsets me a lil.

In another instance, I see this adopting of his surname as a pledge of my love for him, like something permanent and I am sure enough of our relationship to take this big step to legally changing my name. It is like we truly belong together now.

So me being me, I have been doing a bit of homework online, reading up on how common a practice this is in Singapore and what are the reasons for ppl wanting to do it.

Amidst the good stuff I read, I also chance upon bad ones.

There were quite a handful, not just a few, who commented that they would not take after their husband's surname because it would be impractical. Cuz, what if they get divorced? It would be a hassle to change back to your maiden name.

Now, that to me.. is a sure-fail marriage. I cannot imagine how anyone would enter into a marriage, waiting for the day the divorce comes. That is truly insane. And I am in utter shock that people would say that out of their mouths.

A lot of people don't understand that what goes on in your head, will affect greatly how things turn out in actual life. if you go thru life with such a mentality, you will go about doing things, big or small, with that "final destination" in your head, and sub-consciously driving your marriage that way, even tho you didn't openly intend to do so. Your mind kinda willed it to happen. The human mind is more powerful than any of us truly believe it to be.

"Why should I take his parents out, he wouldn't do that for my parents, anyway."
"We may not even last until then, better not to take the risk and take up such a huge financial commitment."
"I should take up the job despite only being able to see each other only once a week. It is such a golden opportunity! If we do split up in the end, I would be kicking myself in the ass for letting this pass!"

All these negative thoughts seep into your daily life and impact upon the decisions you make. This is no way for a marriage to work out.

If you make your decisions based on the belief that you will be together happily ever after, trust me, your life would turn out differently. Much more different.

I guess, what I am trying to say is that we should strive to do things with total faith and belief. No reservations nor doubts. Do everything the best you can and with every part of your heart and soul. and this should be applied to, not simply in terms of a marriage, but in all things that you do. Be it in work, with family or friends, we have to learn to trust that everything happens for a reason and that sometimes, the only solution to problems is to take the leap of faith.

Because no one can tell you the future and your destiny lies in your own hands. Or head, in this case. :p Even if things do go wrong, at least you can honestly say, "I've done my best".

I can't properly put my thoughts into words on this one, the closest thing to what I have in mind, is the movie "The Butterfly Effect". If you've seen it, you'll know what I mean. If you haven't, you really should see it!

When I have legally changed my surname, I shall be proud and happy and truly, Mrs Lee. :)

I shall leave you with some food for thought - I have my answer to this one, do you?

I love my life because it's good
My life is good because I love it

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Scatterbrain, I am.

I want to blog abt BKK but I can't cuz I dun have my pictures. I dun have my pictures cuz I can't upload them from my camera. I can't upload them from my camera cuz I keep forgetting to bring my cable to office.

I have uploaded them at home and onto FB but I can't access FB from office so it's useless. :(

I only have one thing to rave abt.

VERTIGO is so gorgeous. It is the most romantic place I have ever been to even with about 50 over people sharing the place with me and 2 other persons sharing the table with me.

I'm sure it will be some time before I feel so emotional abt a place again. I really love it there.

If you're my friend on FB, go see. If not, wait for it. It will be very very good for your eyes, I promise.

Monday, August 03, 2009


I know I'm not due to fly until Thursday morning.. but I got bored last night.. and so I am packed and ready for BKK come Thursday. :p

Aiya, don't like that la.. I very long never use my passport already ma.. a bit excited, can?!

My luggage now is only lacking sunscreen and cotton wands. :)

Then I am really ready to go!



Wednesday, July 29, 2009

The World At My Fingertips!

I proudly admit that I cannot survive without my phone. I don't like to feel like I am unreachable nor do I like to feel like I am out of touch with the people I love.

Be it through an actual phone conversation, texting, MSN, e-mail, twitter, blogging or even Facebook.. I am very in-sync with all the forms of communication available to me. other than Facebook and MSN, I check the rest of my communications on a daily basis, some on an hourly basis.

As I got older, I realised I became more dependent on e-mail. it gets work done faster and allows me to transmit more information on a single platform of communication.

Ironically, I do not own a functional notebook. When I am out of office, (ie. weekends), on a holiday or at some remote place without internet access, i feel completely lost. Not being able to check my emails, Facebook or blog.. is like cutting me off from the outside world. feeling out of no choice, i rely greatly on my phone on days like these. for the only other forms of communication available to me - calling and texting.

I tried to perform the above-mentioned functions on my humble nokia phone whom runs on the good ol' traditional java platform.. well if i am willing to compromise, it does work fine. until i realised the money that racked up on my monthly bill. then yea, that is NOT fine.

3 days ago, I went and got myself a Nokia E71.. just 3 days of owning it, I dare say my life has changed. IT HAS BECOME PERFECT. My life has been black and white until the E71 came along! it is like finding the missing piece of puzzle in my life! I am certain I absolutely cannot live without my E71.. it can do everything! i can call, i can text, i can check emails (so conveniently, may i add, as it is push-mail), i can blog, i can twitter, i can access FB.. oh god.. how did i ever manage to live my 27 years of life without such an amazing gadget like this!!

Everything is within my fingertips, literally!

I am such a happy bunny now.. as it feels as tho i can carry my whole world around with me.. to work, outside of work, in the bathroom, in the lift, etc, etc.

when i travel for leisure now, i can conveniently check my work email and realli holiday with a peace of mind. it is a wondrous feeling, i tell u.

so i was wrong abt myself not being smart enough for a smart phone..

I just hadn't met E71 yet. :)

A Queen, I Am!

Been a good coupla days of late. Have been very lucky on Tuesday to be blessed with good weather. So good that my shoulders are a shade darker now. But can't complain, good weather like the one on Tuesday is hard to come by for a day of photoshoot.. the skies were a brilliant blue with big, puffy, white clouds dancing in them. :)

had an impromptu idea to go to BKK over the National Day long weekend next week. cuz i am honestly pretty bored of married life on weekends.. a song comes to mind:

"Just sitting here with you
Holding your hand I'm in paradise
Lost in your wonderland"

Wonderland there seems a lil misleading. Anyway. My point is, I am bored of married life in a good way. like having bird's nest everyday can be boring, you know? :p

so ya, off we go to the land of smiles next Thursday, together with our good couple-friends, Agus and Sally. It's gonna be such great fun - a double date time-extension!

we were very lucky to find a good deal on Jetstar (or being able to get any tickets at all this late) and being such an impromptu idea, some of us had to compromise with work, timing etc. The flight times offered by Jetstar were perfect for us and all of us were able to take time off to go together!

I know a lot of ppl go to BKK for the cheap shopping but the 4 of us are not there for the shopping (anyway, i nv did like shopping in BKK), we are gg there for the cheap and good massages, and to spend like kings at nice restaurants! not gonna miss out on Vertigo this time!


having said that, we had not intended to stay in budget/boutique hotel or at the backpackers. we wanted a 5-star hotel like Dusit Thani. When I did a quick check on its rates, it turned out to be too good a deal to not book it! for SGD120 a night, who could resist the calling of a 5-star hotel who boasts of guests like Tiger Woods, Andy Roddick, Black Eyed Peas, Jay Chou and Enrique Iglesias?? Not me!!

and so, booked for Dusit Thani, we are!

Looking forward to living like a Queen come Aug 6! :)

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Small Talk of Another Kind

I know I've permed my hair for a while now.. Since March, I think? You'd think I'd have the winning formula by now, having the exact products and perfect touches to my hair so my head ends up covered in those fabulous, big, luscious curls.

Well, not really. And not always! I swear, my hair has a live of its own, sometimes. :(

On some days, if I manage to put in the correct amount/combination of leave-on conditioner (for, well, conditioning), hair oil (for shine) and anti-frizz serum (for more manageable hair), I have no doubt it will look perfect throughout the day.

But on those days where things just dun gel, I will either end up with a head of hair that looks like cotton candy, or hair that looks limp and lifeless.

With that, you have to know that even though I am happy with my curls so far, I am constantly on the lookout for better products/tips that can improve the look of my lovely-but-not-quite curls. When it comes to finding beauty products that work, a lot of times it is trial and error for me.

So I have heard so much about TIGI's Bedhead Small Talk and I was doing my beauty products shopping over the weekend and chanced upon a very good deal for it. It retails at about SGD30 plus if I am not wrong, I got it for almost 40% off the retail price. So I bought my very 1st bottle of Small Talk and rubbed it into my hair this morning. So far, it is turning out well, I can see that the usual suspects of unruly curls are not so unruly today and they seem to be drying up really pretty. (My hair normally looks very different when it's wet and when it's dry.)

Today is the 1st day I am trying it out after all so I will monitor it's efficiency for this week (at least) before I go ahead to give my verdict on this wonderfully-acclaimed hair product.

You can find out more about TIGI's Bedhead Small Talk here.

Meanwhile, take care and have a good hair day, all! :)

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

The Time Traveler's Wife Movie

I've re-read the book to prepare myself for the movie. It's finally coming.. (Yahoo! Movies says September 17 in Singapore.)

If you've read the book, then watch the trailer here, it is surprisingly good. very well cut. even if it's just a trailer.. it made me tear a little.. (i'm quite useless, yea.)

I love how the official site of movies these days embed the trailer into the flash player. so even if my office bans streaming media, i can still watch it. :)

I am simply thrilled that Rachel McAdams is playing Clare. She has done a wonderful job in The Notebook playing Ally and I have no doubt she will be just as splendid in The Time Traveler's Wife. Amazingly, Eric Bana looks exactly how I would imagine Henry to look! I am loving it more now!

a lot of nice movies are coming up this year-end. it's going to be a lovely treat for me!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Not until October?!

According to this website, 500 Days of Summer won't be out until October 15 this year.

VERY SAD! :( I hope they are wrong cuz Yahoo! Movies said August 20!

I guess I will have no choice but to disappear for a few hours on my wedding day donning my wedding dress and run off to the nearest theatre to catch it.


So anyway, I finally couldn't resist the temptation.. and watched the trailer.

Can't say I am not disappointed. But I learnt not to trust trailers too much. :) The styling for the cast was lovely tho, don't you think?

If he were an American..

They've somehow managed to American-ize him. Not my cup of tea. I like him better oozing his English bloke sex appeal.

But well, at least it's better than his Cedric Diggory get-up.

Music Makes A Movie Come Alive

Trust me when I say I am obsessed.

I have been reading nuggets of info on "500 Days of Summer" online, without reading anything that gives the plot away, of course. (It has already started to air in theatres July 17 in the US.)

Most of the things I've read so far, never failed to mention the amazing soundtrack that comes with the film. Google "500 days of summer OST" and you'll see. I never bluff you.

I especially like what this website said:

"At Sundance every year, there are at least a few films released with killer soundtracks. 500 Days of Summer is one of this year’s musically talked about films."

So, me being me, I headed down to HMV yesterday to very hopefully get myself a copy. Cuz u kno, some soundtracks never make their way down to tiny lil Singapore at all, not to mention a new release such as this.

I am so very lucky. Not only do they have it, they've got the one and only copy in the store.

Could I be the only on in Singapore to own it now? Silly me.

For most of the movies I love, I own the soundtracks to them. Each time I listen to it, it brings me back to the mood and feel of the film and reminds me of why I loved it at that time. Some of my all-time favourite soundtracks are "My Best Friend's Wedding", "Notting Hill", "Jerry Maguire", "10 Things I Hate About You" (the representation of my glorious youth, I've gotta love it), "The Notebook" (the piano pieces in this one is really the killer), think you get the drift.

A good movie will almost always come with a good soundtrack. And the soundtrack is a good gauge of how the film will turn out, if you, like me, am listening to one without watching the actual film yet.

The 500 Days of Summer soundtrack is amazingly, extremely lovely. So indie and so insightful. The song choices are very interesting, it as almost telling a story within its soundtrack itself. I listen to each song, and try to imagine how it may fit into a scene in the film based on the movie stills I've seen so far.. it gives me goosebumps! The music is really good.

I like how the soundtrack starts with the 1st song called "A Story of Boy meets Girl", a very inspirational piece of music plays in the background of a short narration:

"This is a story of boy meets girl. The boy, Tom Hanson of New Jersey, grew up believing that he'd never truly be happy, until the day he met the one. The belief stemmed from early exposure to sad British pop music and reading from movie, 'The Graduate'.

The Girl, Summer Finn of Michigan, did not share this belief. Since the disintegration of her parents' marriage, she'd only loved 2 things. The 1st was her long dark hair, the 2nd was how easily she could cut it off, and feel nothing.

Tom meets Summer on January 8th, he knows almost immediately, she's who he has been searching for.

This is a story of boy meets girl. You should know upfront: This is not a love story."

I notice in the music in the soundtrack are mostly light-hearted and cheery, apart of the exceptional few slow numbers, relatively melancholic. If that is the way the movie is going to be, I think it is going to be great.

I like not knowing what to expect, but knowing it will end in tears worth crying. Bittersweet endings are my absolute fave. The masochistic part of me is very very roused right now.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Top 5 - Wedding Don'ts

Don't wear white, unless you are also getting married that day. Then you shouldn't be showing up at another's wedding!

5. Don't be loud. (it is inconsiderate and it would turn the beautiful day into a circus show)
4. Don't be late. (cuz it says that you don't care)
3. Don't play host. (even if you know everyone, it is not your party after all)
2. Don't overdress such that you upstage the bride/groom. (leave your red-carpet dresses for, well, red-carpets)
1. Don't wear white! (unless you have specifically been told to)

Interview With The Vampire: The Vampire Chronicles

I dunno how many people actually seen this show shot in 1994 but I haven't, up until last night.

I decided to find out for myself what all the hype about this vampire show leads to. it is apparently the mother of all vampire movies and if you haven't seen this, you haven't seen nothing.

so well, i began watching it with a lot of expectations. especially since i have not read the Anne Rice novel before, the movie would normally turn out better in this case.

the 1st thing that left me in awe.. was the vampire make-up. considering it was a show in the 90s, the make-up was really impressive. hell, it was so much better than Twilight!

the 2nd thing that struck me was how different tom cruise looked back then. i almost could not recognise him.. he looked more regular, like a typical angmoh. but then again, it could be the long hair that really altered his look in the show, cuz he looked really good in "Mission Impossible", which was shot only 2 years after "Interview".

i will do my best to cut the film some slack, since it was shot in the early 90s and it really wouldn't be fair to compare it to one of today's movies. but i do think that it would not have survived today's harsh movie critics.

the storyline was probably the best part of it, the main reason why it got picked up for a movie, I guess. it follows the transformation of a vampire (Louis) right from the beginning to the so-called end and the struggles and events that Louis went through as a new vampire.

Kirsten Dunst did an amazing job in the film and made the biggest impression on me. she is almost up there with Linda Blair in "The Exorcist". DAMN GOOD. Sad to say this is her best performance in a movie I've seen, so far.

Tom Cruise, in the show, was very much like his scientology-self today. A bit obsessed. The jumping on the sofa kind of obsessed. With trying to maintain his covent and preying on civilians in the show, I mean.

Brad Pitt was at his best in the film when he showed rage, his facial expressions were truly terrifying. The last part where the interviewer asked to be made, that was the best part of the show for me.

And ooh.. Antonio Banderas.. who would have thought he looked so good as a vampire? but alas, he turned out to be the same like Lestat (Tome Cruise's character), wanting only companionship from Louis and turning him into a heartless walking dead.

on the whole, the feeling I got was a very dark and gory one. it would be easy to fall asleep halfway through the show had you been very tired, prior to watching it. not because it was boring but because of the way the movie is being presented. It had a bit of Tim Burton feel to it.

after i finished the movie, it felt like there was something lacking. i thot maybe the movie was poorly edited as some parts felt really incomplete to me. like the scenes back to back, didn't glue. i couldn't understand why Lestat had chosen Louis to make him his companion (ok i know it is because he saw that he was a passionate man, but they should have done more build-up on that), why Louis was "forced" to prey on Claudia (again, not enough build-up) and or how Claudia came to figure that Louis was going to leave her. everything just felt so abrupt. It was like the director/screenplay writer wanted the main points to stand out in the limited amount of time, so much so that he's forgotten to put in minor details to accentuate and "garnish" the story line.

i think that is the always the main problem for novels-turn-movie. some details would have to go, else turning it into a drama.

i also felt that there hadn't been enough details about the origins or lifestyle of a vampire. but that could be because I am reviewing it 15 years later, where movies today are more strategised, more organised. and new movies have to be bigger and better in order to continue to impress us, the audience. perhaps the people who watched it 15 years ago would have thot it a wonderful film and that they've never seen anything like it before.

however, i have to admit that the impression of vampires that society have today, have been mainly influenced by this film, that it makes up a big piece of the puzzle in goth culture. the show has depicted vampires in the way i totally imagined them to be (not like those in Twilight, they have been totally romanticised). they are dark, mysterious, almost emotionless and dangerous.

there has never been another movie tag line more visual than this, "Drink from me and live forever". It truly summarizes the movie in one line.

the story, i have no doubt, would have been better presented in the novel. but even after watching the movie, it doesn't make me want to go and read the book like some movies did. and there's a lingering thought in my mind - why had they not shot a sequel to it? i am sure it would have made a great epic movie.

and unlike Twilight, after the show ended, I had not wished I knew any vampires.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Spirit Wings

I attended an all-girls' catholic school from primary to secondary school, despite being a non-catholic. altho i nv converted, i strongly believe in the goodness of the religion and it nv ceased to surprise me, how close the teachings of Catholicism is to Buddhism. I guess a good religion will all teach the same goodness of humanity. :)

being convent sch girls, we are all required to attend mass in school. there would be at least one mass per month: Easter Day Mass, Good Friday Mass, New Year's Day Mass, Teacher's Day Mass, Children's Day Mass etc etc. I had loved going to mass for 2 reasons. 1stly, it eats into our lesson time. hence, can skip class. :p 2ndly, during mass, we get to sing boring, but very beautiful hymns. some of those i remember until this day. especially those that gives me a calming effect each time after i sing it.

I attended a friend's church wedding some months back.. as well as her wedding mass, of cuz. it had been more than 10 years since i last attended a mass. and i was appalled at the number of new hymns that were available now.. most of them i could not sing along to.

however, one hymn did come up towards the end and it brought back so many memories.. of me and my classmates sitting on the wooden floor of the school gym, holding each other's hand and singing along with the choir. as i looked around me in that church, it was the same faces around me. And i saw the same look on their faces when they looked up. Some of them their faces I've seen since I was 7, others, more than 10 years I have known them. Except they are more grown up now, and wiser than when we sat on the wooden floors in sch. it was truly a magical moment and a realisation of how many years we have stood by each other and managed to remain true to ourselves and our friendship. i couldn't help myself when a tear fell from my eye, a single tear of joy.

I sung the hymn out loud, praying for happiness, good health and for the eternal bond of our friendship.

Today, the tune has found its way back to me and I am singing the hymn in my head and crying the tears in my heart as I remember a dear colleague who passed away on Saturday.

Spirit Wings
"Some birds live in cages
They never learn to fly
And like those birds, I never found my wings
But Lord, your love released me
So I could see the sky
And now my heart rejoices as I sing

Spirit Wings,
You lift me over all the earth bound things
And like a bird, my heart is flying free
I'm soaring on the song your spirit brings
O Lord of all, You let me see
A vision of, your majesty
You lift me up
And carry me on your spirit wings

Now when I'm feeling lonely
I just look at You
And soon my heart is soaring high above
Everything is clearer
From Your point of view
Lifted up on spirit wings of love"

Dear Anthony,

We have been colleagues for almost a year and I know we never talked as much as we should have, but you were always a joy to have around. I hope that wherever you are now, you are reunited with your loved ones and smiling down from above. May God bless your family during this difficult time.

You will always be in our hearts and we will always miss you. RIP.


Thursday, July 16, 2009

Top 5 - Underrated Hollywood Actors (that I love!)

Jay Mohr: Did anyone see him in "Jerry Maguire"? He was a brilliant villian! What about in "Pay It Forward", as the very passionate reporter who was determined to find the start of the "Pay it forward" chain. My utmost favourite was his role in "Picture Perfect" with Jen Aniston. He was so charming! Most recently seen in "Ghost Whisperer" with Jennifer Love Hewitt.

5. Joseph Gordon-Levitt - It could be due to his preference for independent movies that kept him low-profile all these years. But once you watch one of his indie films, u will be hooked, I am sure. I recommend "Brick" and "The Lookout". I 1st noticed him in 3rd Rock From The Sun from the 90s. Will soon be seen in a worldwide release feature film, "500 Days With Summer".

4. James Marsden - He has had quite a few breakthrough roles (X-Men, Enchanted, 27 Dresses etc) but somehow, it did not catapult him into the superstardom by Hollywood's standards. He has a sure-win package, combination of talent + good looks. So i seriously do not know what went wrong here. I 1st noticed him in "Disturbing Behaviour" in 1998. Last seen in "Sex Drive" as an asshole, narcissistic older brother.

3. Josh Harnett - He is probably the most popular actor here on this list. But somehow he has faded away from the limelight and gradually going down slope of recent years. I only have one question - WHY? Surely he is capable of achieving what Brad and Tom has achieved.. so why? I 1st noticed him in "The Faculty" in 1998 but the most memorable performance was his role in "40 Days and 40 Nights". It was hilarious! I last saw him in a film with Scarlett Johansson called "The Black Dahlia".

2. John Cusack - This man HAS ALREADY ACHIEVED what Brad and Tom achieved, sometmies I think he is on par with Tom Hanks in a way. With outstanding performances in films like "Being John Malkovich" and "High Fidelity" under his belt, I really don't see why he is not as widely recognised as I feel he should be. And his movies don't sell as well as the other 2 Toms. And come on, don't tell me he doesn't have looks.. look at Tom Hanks! So what is the problem here? I 1st noticed him in "Con Air" in 1997 but the most memorable one is his role in "Serendipity". Last seen in a horror film "1408".

1. Jay Mohr - He has got to be the most versatile actor I've seen to date. He can do the bad guy, the good guy, the depressed guy, the funny guy. I have no doubt the world would be a different place if he had not existed. HAHA. I love him!

It is a total coincidence that all of their 1st names begin with "J"!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Top 5 - TV Shows

Gossip Girl: They are like the new "Friends", except they'd have to rename the show to "Frenemies".

5. Jon & Kate Plus 8
4. The Ellen Degeneres Show
3. Friends
2. Sex & The City
1. Gossip Girl

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Of Celebrity Sightings And More..

This uncle/auntie is really paying attention to her surroundings man. I don't think I would have recognised him if it were me crossing the road! Read the story here.

Anyway, would you really believe it if you saw someone who looked like Brad Pitt/Tom Cruise/whoever walking on the streets of Singapore?

I wouldn't if I had never "run into" a celebrity myself! So you could walking amongst a superstar and not know it!

I have some strange luck of running into celebrities. The biggest superstar I've "run" into, I think is Jay Chou.

It was in 2001 I think. After sch one day, i was walking around Heeren, the then-Annex, waiting for a friend.

Then I saw a guy and a girl in a shop. The guy caught my attention cuz he was decked in sweat-pants and hoodie, with a cap over his bandanna-covered head - very NBAish. his sweat-pants and hoodie were not the tak-glam type. In fact, it was black with gold trimmings at the seams. SUPER attracting attention! and he had his black cap pulled low, covering almost half his face. it was his purposeful disguise and exaggerated dressing that caught my attention. the lady accompanying him was a regular jeans and t-shirt chick. something made me walk close to take a look at the odd couple and as I walked within a one-meter radius of the guy, he turned around and looked up at me. It was JAY!!! I am sure my surprise showed on my face but I swear I tried my best to keep it mellow.. cuz i didn't want to cause a commotion. and i immediately established the fact that the lady with him must be a celebrity nanny of sorts.

so i curbed my excitement and walked up to the lady and whispered in her ear, "我可以跟他拍张照吗?"


with that, she tugged at the bottom of his hoodie and said something to him. he tilted his head to look at me again. i gave him a pleading look, hoping he would give in to my simple request.

but no, he dropped his stuff and almost instantly made his way out of the shop.

i whipped out my mobile and called my sister, as she was working in the area and I just had to tell someone!

while on the phone, i kept following them.. cuz my sister said she was gonna rush down to see Jay.. so i could not lose track of him! Haha!

maybe i was following a bit too close or i was getting too excited on the phone with my sis, i realised a mob started to form behind me.. they were all following Jay now! (I did feel bad at that instant for ruining his shopping escapade. :p) and soon after, my sister reached just in a time to catch a glimpse of Jay just before he got into a car at the carpark and sped away.

Another celebrity sighting was at Zouk.. I saw Jerry Yan at the dancefloor but it was not very close.. and he didn't stay very long.

Maybe I would run into RPatz next. One can wish, can't one? :p

There was another very significant celebrity sighting that .J would know and that I have written about it before. You can read it here even though it sounds kinda silly to me now for reasons undisclosed. :)

500 Days Of Summer

"The film tells a story of the relationship between a woman, Summer (Deschanel), who doesn't believe in true love and a man, Tom (Gordon-Levitt), described as a hopeless romantic, who falls in love with her. When Tom is blindsided after his girlfriend Summer dumps him, he shifts back and forth through various periods of their 500 days 'together' to try to figure out where things went wrong. His reflections ultimately lead him to finally rediscover his true passions in life." From Yahoo! Movies

This movie won't be out until August.. but i really can't wait to see it. I am very captivated by its tagline:

"This is not a love story, it is a story about love."

I am a sucker for romance flicks such as this and it is definitely a bonus for me - this is Joseph Gordon-Levitt's big comeback to the screen!

I am absolutely stoked and very confident that it will be worth the wait! :)