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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Dead Serious - Tinted Windows

Something about this song's lyrics makes it very endearing. Simple yet straight to the point. The catchy tune helps too! :)

Darling, when I say I will never leave you
Seems like you always say 'I don't believe you'
I know it's hard to take it to heart after all this time
But it's time to start cause

I know you think I take it all for granted
That's how it looks but not how I planned it
I can't make up for words unsaid
But that's not what's been going on in my head

I'm serious
Yeah baby, dead serious
Cause I've never felt like this before
And I'm not joking anymore
No, I'm serious
Yeah baby, dead serious
And you've got to take me at my word
Forget what you heard
Cause this time all I really want to say
Is I need you everyday

Darling, when I say I don't want to lose you
Seems like you think I just want to amuse you
I know it's hard to change your mind
After all the times I was way out of line and

Maybe you think I never really mean it
Maybe you feel it but you've never seen it
I can't make up for days gone by
But I've got to give it one more try

I'm serious
Yeah baby, dead serious
Cause I've never felt like this before
I'm not joking anymore
No, I'm serious
Yeah baby, dead serious
You've got to take me at my word
Forget what you heard
Cause this time all I really want to say
Is I need you everyday


...simply cuz the tickets have arrived! :)

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

What happens when I hear "Shower Me With Your Love"?

a sudden rush of emotions went through me the other day while hubby and i were just cruising in the car.

we were listening to class 95 and the song "Shower Me With Your Love" came on. a tsunami of memories washed over me and as i closed my eyes to contain those emotions, i found myself 16 again, sitting at my table in my-then room in Ang Mo Kio and thinking the thoughts that I was thinking at that very moment. It was such an out-of-body experience, it was almost like i was watching a movie playing in my mind. except that was not a movie, it was a snippet of my life from so long ago that i'd forgotten until today.

i rem stting there, trying hard to memorize notes for my exams that were coming up, while listening to 98.7FM and "Shower Me With Your Love" was playing on air. (maybe that was not the song playing at that time, but in my mind, that is the song playing.)

i started to doodle on my notes.. thoughts were on anything but my notes. i was thinking abt wat life would become like after sec sch, where all my friends would be, where i would be and when i would be truly happy. i wasn't such a happy person back then so a lot of negative thoughts filled my head. in my mind, the person i saw sitting there was such a sad person in such a sad place.

when i opened my eyes to the tune of the song still playing on class 95, i looked over at hubby and instantly felt reassured.

i realised where i am now, is exactly where i had wanted to be when i was 16. this was exactly where i saw myself in 10 years when i was 16. to be exact, i think i've outdone myself.. i've gone to place i nv thot i wud be able to go when i was 16.

and the most overwhelming fact was that, i am happy now. of the family i have, the friends i have, the partner i have and the life i have.

or maybe, i have just become a less bitter person.. being able to look beyond myself and through others, see the beauty of life and the world. maybe all that i had has nv changed all along. It is me who has changed.

i sat there, listening to the last few lines of the song, and feeling the emotions slowly draining away in my mind. i turned to look at the most beatiful person in my life. at that point, hubby asked, "what's wrong?"

i replied him, "nothing, my life is wonderful."

:) it truly is.

"Tinted Windows" Album Review

Finally got my hands on "Tinted Windows" yesterday.. it has certainly been a record worth waiting for.

When I 1st read abt this super group putting out a record together, i was a lil confused by the sound they said they were going for. kinda like back to good ol' rock and roll during their father's time. (ok not applicable to all band members considering there is a significant age gap between some of them. :p) the 1st single off the album "Kind of a girl" was not very rock and roll IMO. so yea, i was pretty confused there.

now that i have scoured through the whole record.. i have to say it is indeed very 50s. it makes me want to plug in to my Ipod, put on my biks, lie on the sunny beach and sip on ice-cold lemonade. it is such a feel-good album. every track is cheery and upbeat.. with simple and easy to sing along lyrics. it's kinda like going back wat music was before they became hip-hop-pig-pop. :p

nevertheless, the album IS very pop-ish. but not in the Jonas Brothers kind of way.. there is something very raw abt the songs put out.. and the sound is definitely deeper than Jonas Brothers.. i can definitely see the distinctive elements of Fountains of Wayne there. it is exactly like music i used to listen to back in the 90s. (maybe i am jus getting old.)

I'm gonna try to put up a few songs up here for your listening pleasure.. it's gonna be a tough choice for me tho! which songs to put?? they're all good in their own way!

Gonna look for some player now to allow me to play whole album.. look out for it! :)

Shin-goon arrested on DRUG CHARGES??

Joo Ji Hoon in "Princess Hours" as Crown Prince, Shin.

Who knew he was this "cool" huh?? Article here.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Your past will always catch up to you.

i had the most uncomfortable ride on the train this morning - i saw my ex-neighbour (Adam) who used to be a very close childhood playmate of mine and my sister's for many years during our primary school time.

thing is, under normal circumstances, i might be pretty glad to see him, catch up a bit for old time's sake etc. but well, this is not under normal circumstances given my mom, sis, bro and me moved out of my parents' marital home overnight (literally) and nv gave anyone any explanation as to what happened and why we did it.

so it was like one day, one of our neighbour probably came knocking on our door, looking for my mom and wanting to ask her why she hasn't been answering calls etc, and to keep up with their weekly routine of catching up on town gossips.. and it was then that she realised that we have all abandoned my dad and left. just like that. we've all changed our numbers so no one could contact us unless we contacted them.

and the news spread like fire across our neighbourhood.

and so this was how we lost contact with all our friendly neighbours and childhood friends. i've been staying in that neighbourhood since I was 5 and when I left, I was 21. it was like leaving my whole life behind me and walking into uncertainty.

a lot of ppl ask me now why we had to cut off contact with everyone. truth is.. it was my mom who wanted to do that, not us. call it karma or watever, i guess she knew she wud now be the topic of town gossip.. and for a long time too.. so i guess she didn't want to contribute to the gossips any longer.

on the other hand.. it cud also be because none of us really wanted to talk abt what happened and why we did what we did. from the outside, it looks ilke we all abandoned our dad, but only the 4 of us know what truly happened. (which i honestly believe none of us likes to talk abt it much these days.)

anywae, all of that is over.

so back to my train ride this morning. Adam and i were next to each other, separated by only one person between us. u can now understand why it was so uncomfortable for me. i could not talk to Adam, cuz I wudn't know where to begin and I certainly did not want to entertain his questions. so all i could do was hide behind my fan of hair and pretend i didn't see him. the train was too packed for me to move anywhere so i cud only remain standing where i was discreetly and being very aware of myself. it was realli embarrassing. i swear the guy who was sitting down facing me stared at me like i was some psycho with my hair covering 3/4 of my face, peeping up at Adam from time to time - like a serial stalker.

so i kept peeping throughout my train ride until i realised that Adam probably noticed me cuz I saw him peeking over at me a few times. I lowered my fan of hair to cover whatever parts of my face left that he cud probably see. i was pretty sure i looked like a lunatic at that point.

after a few moments, i peeped at him again and he wasn't looking anymore. i decided, maybe he felt it would be awkward to have to speak to me as well, after losing contact for so many years.. so he pretended not to see me too. then i felt more at ease and swept my hair back to behind my ears, but maintained my gaze on the opposite direction so he wouldn't see the full frontal of my face.

and finally, i reached my stop and i dun think i ever felt so glad to be going to work on a Monday morning! i practically ran out of the train and all the way to my office to seek refuge.

it was realli like a double whammy for me cuz just the night before, hubby and me were driving around my old neighbourhood.. just checking out the houses cuz we were planning to buy one there. perhaps it was the rush of memories that came back to me the night before while we were cruising in the neighbourhood that kinda willed my past (Adam) to appear in front of me this morning.

i believe in stuff like that, it does happen. do not underestimate the power of a human mind.

i'm just glad it was not my father i ran into. :S

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

I screwed up 84% of my teenage life!

[x] Gotten detention.
[x] Gotten your phone taken away in class.
[x] Gotten suspended.
[ ] Gotten caught chewing gum.
[x] Gotten caught cheating on a test.

Total: 4

[x] Arrived late to class more than 5 times.
[x] Didn’t do homework over 5 times
[ ] Turned at least 3 projects in late
[x] Missed school cause you felt like it.
[x] Laughed so loud you got kicked out of class.

Total : 4

[x] Got your mom / dad etc. to get you out of school.
[x] Texted people during class.
[x] Passed notes.
[x] Threw stuff across the room.
[x] Laughed at the teacher.

Total : 5

[ ] Pulled down the Fire Alarm.
[x] Went on Myspace , Facebook , Xanga , etc. on the computer at school.
[x] Took Pictures during school hours.
[x] Called someone during School hours.
[x] Listened to an iPod , CD , etc... During class.

Total : 4

[x] Threw something at the teacher.
[x] Went outside the classroom without permission.
[x] Broke the dress code.
[x] Failed a class test.
[x] Ate food during class.

Total : 5

[x] Gotten a call from school.
[ ] Couldn’t go on a field trip cause you behaved badly.
[x] Didn’t take your stuff to school.
[ ] Gotten a detention and didn't go.
[x] Stuck up your middle finger at a teacher when they were not looking.
[ ] Cursed during class loud enough so the teacher could hear.

Total : 3

[x] Faked your parents signature
[x] Slept in class.
[ ] Cursed at a teacher to their face.
[x] Copied homework

Total: 3
Grand Total: 28

MULTIPLY BY THREE : 28 * 3 = 84%!!!

What can I say.. I was a pretty screwed up teenager. :S

Monday, April 20, 2009

The Firsts - A true test of my memory!

1. Who was your FIRST prom date?
- We don't have proms in SG, but the 1st D&D I went to was held by my Secondary school and my "date" was all of my girlfriends!

2. Do you still talk to your FIRST love?
- I don't really know who is my 1st love.. then how?

3. What was your FIRST alcoholic drink?
- WOW.. this is really testing my memory.. I think that would be Jolly Shandy or E33?

4. What was your FIRST job?
- Towel-washer at a hair salon!! HAHA! I was 12 la!

5. What was your FIRST car?
- I don't own a car now but ideally, I would like a Mitsubishi I. :)

6. Who was the FIRST person to text you today?
- No one text me yet, today! :S

7. Who is the FIRST person you thought of this morning?
- I think it was my hubby.. I was quite tired this morning.. can't summon any energy to think abt ANYTHING!

8. Who was your FIRST grade teacher?
- Mrs Sim, the teacher who couldn't speak Chinese.

9. Where did you go on your FIRST ride on an airplane?
- I think it was Penang.. when I was Primary 1 or 2.

10. Who was your FIRST best friend & do you still talk?
- Somebody in Kindergarten whom I don't recall her name now! Peixian or something? Then there was also a Qi er amongst them? And no, I've lot all contact with them already..

11. Where was your FIRST sleep over?
- I think it was Cheryl Li's house! In Sec 3?

12. Who was the FIRST person you talked to today?
- My hubby hubs!

13. Whose wedding were you in the FIRST time?
- HUH! Wa... I would probably be too young to remember la!! But I remember vividly my Aunt Sylvia's wedding when I was in Sec 1.. one of the 1st weddings I've went to that I can still recall.

14. What was the FIRST thing you did this morning?
- Reset my alarm clock from 6.30am to 7am. :p

15. What was the FIRST concert you ever went to?
- I think it was Chen Xiao Dong? :p

16. What was the FIRST record/tape/CD you bought?
- Xiao Hu Dui!! Haha, I was Pri 4!

17. FIRST hospitalization?
- None so far!

18. FIRST foreign country you've been to?
- Wa.. don't remember la! Should be Malaysia la!

19. FIRST movie you remember seeing?
- I think it was "Beaches" by Bette Midler. The one that had a lasting impression on me.

20. When was your FIRST detention?
- Sec 1

21. What did you do with your FIRST paycheck?
- Spent it? :p Can't rem on what tho.

22. When was the FIRST time you rode on a jeep?
- Haven't rode on one before..

23. Your FIRST social networking site?
- Friendster

24. Who FIRST invited you to Facebook?
- No one, I heard about it from Kristina and decided to check it out. :)

Wednesday, April 15, 2009


《答案是 The Answer Is…孙燕姿 2009 世界巡回演唱会》

Stefanie Sun returns to the Singapore Indoor Stadium in July with a brand new world tour!

“The Answer Is… Stefanie Sun World Tour 2009”, which will kick off from Taipei in May, promises to be a visual feast. Hong Kong’s renowned stage art director, William Chang, is the image consultant, and Wing Shya, the photographer and concert artwork designer. The concert will also feature an exclusive multifaceted stage design, with extensive use of holograms instead of the usual two-dimensional projections.

Having been actively involved in many aspects of the tour since its conceptualization, Stefanie says this concert is very close to her heart.

So, if you are a fan of Singapore’s most famous musical export, whose hits include “天黑黑”, “遇见”, “我不难过”, “爱情证书”, “绿光”, “我要的幸福”, “我怀念的”, “我也很想他”, “超快感”, “逆光”, “逃亡”, “神奇”, “同类”, “直来直往” and more, this is one concert you should not miss!

This event is brought to you by UnUsUaL Entertainment.

Tickets are on sale now. Pls log on to for more information.


Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Say Thank You For What?

i was reading some past posts from and came across one comment posted by someone named "James".

That particular post was talking abt why some Singaporeans have a problem with saying "Thank You" and a lot of us walk around like someone owes us the world.

I must say, his reply is unfortunately, true and I agree with every single word. It really set me thinking.

"During my stay in Western Australia, I was amazed why everybody was always happy and smiling. At the end of 2 years, I found some reasons. There’s minimum wage levels - nobody is poor if they are willing to work. A “bricky” can earn as much as an engineer. And if you are really destitute, there’s real welfare - not $330 per month.University education is free, and scholarships, if needed, are bond free. Red Shield provides free medicals - including cover for foreign students. The free bus ride to King’s Park - after 30 years - is still free. Beer is cheaper than Coca Cola. Barbeque pits are free - BYO only, no need for permit application. Etc, etc.

Back in Singapore, it’s GST, ERP, COE, PARF, road tax, water conservation tax, tv licence, school fees, supplementary fees, and a prime minister that demands to be paid 5 times what Obama gets.

What for you say thank you?"

That said, I have to admit that there is also a flip side to it.

"James" makes it sound like as if this gives us, Singaporeans, all the right in the world to act like Kings and Queens.

I am sure everyone has come across the lady who shoves and pushes her way in the train, the guy who sits at the next table during lunch, demanding for a clean glass of water or the mother who "parks" her pram in the middle of nowhere, blocking the way of the escalator, exit or whatsoever (typical ugly Singaporeans).

I meet at least 2 of them, everyday.

Honestly, the way our govt functions the way it does (sometimes against our favour) doesn't mean we shud walk ard feeling angry at the world. This is where we were born, where we were educated. Where our homes are built, and where our friends and family live. I agree that some regulations/systems should be done away with in Singapore, but the others have served us well for more than 40 years and resulted in a safe, stable and flourishing country.

We, Singaporeans, have to learn to be gracious, grateful and contented. Cuz these traits seem to be the ones that set us apart from our neighbouring countries. (We are known to be complain kings/queens, rude and demanding, from what I hear.)

Like the saying goes, "快乐是一天,不快乐也是一天。" it wudn't solve anything if you choose to walk ard the whole day pulling a long face. it will make it a bad day for urself and nobody else.

So in support of the Singapore Kindness Movement, why don't we all try to say "Thank You" and "You're Welcome" today? It will brighten up your day and someone else's day too. :) I would love to see Singapore turn into a friendly and happy society!

What can I say, I love and hate Singapore. But at the end of the day, it is my home and no matter where I am in the world, the only place I will call home, is Singapore.

National Day haven't come lah. I just feeling only. :p

Monday, April 13, 2009

Trip Down Memory Lane - Soul Searching

i think i got a lil too carried away with my joy and stuffed myself silly during the long weekend. well, simply cuz it was a long weekend! :)

so much so that i had indigestion on Monday and my stomach was bloated as if I was 4 months preggers. it was so uncomfortable. i didn't report to work that day.

so i stayed home, did my laundry, cleaned up the room a bit.. took many, many rests in between cuz the stomach feels better when i lie down.

and as i was clearing out some stuff in the room.. i came across this box of stuff. i mean, i alwaes knew it was there, but i jus nv bothered myself with it. and it was when i decided to clear it out and clean up that space that i found my old diaries in the box.

i was super excited. i had been looking for them a few weeks ago cuz i had all my diaries except those during the years 2002 and 2003 - which meant a lot to me cuz significant stuff took place during that period!

1. Jimi came to SG to see me in mid 2002
2. I had a whirlwind-romance-turn-disaster when i met my then-bf of 2 weeks in late 2002 (let's call him ZERO)
3. I met Des for the 1st time in late 2002
4. I met my future-hubby for the 1st time in early 2003 :)

Isn't it all very exciting?! HAHA. For me la. :p

I had such a blast going thru them and I sat in the same position reading them for a good 2-hours before I took my 1st break!

I am so glad I've kept diaries during my younger days. cuz it is the only way i can look back at myself and see the changes that have taken place. and reading thru my old diaires, i found that i have realli changed over the last 5 years.

i cringe sometimes when i read abt the stuff i wrote, i was so inconsiderate and self-centred in the early parts of my relationship with *him! i am so glad i am not that demon anymore!

and of cuz, there's the good, the bad and the ugly. i also saw some parts that i have forgotten (the fragile human memory). like how sweet *he had been to me (he still is, just in a different way) in the beginning and all the catching and chasing games we played before we finally got together. it was realli heartwarming and slightly hilarious when i read stuff like, "does he like me or not?", "how come he hasn't asked for my number?" or "i realli hope he is the one!" :p

the ugly bits will have to be those with ZERO in it. no doubt it ended horribly but i have to admit that they way he chased after me was very romantic indeed (somehow i managed to block him out completely in my head and conveniently forgotten all abt it). all happened too fast with him, but definitely romantic.

then i realised i had been very lucky to experience the different types of relationships throughout my younger days. i have had puppy love, i have had a teenage crush (yes, as a teenager, i had only liked one person throughout!), i have had a long distance r'ship, i have had a whirlwind romance, i have had rendezvous overseas (twice! - some call it 艳遇?), i have had 2 subtle rejections and also one memorable courtship that led me nowhere (but he will alwaes be remembered fondly).

and very very fortunately, i found the steadfast and everlasting love in *him.

i may not talk to most of the ppl i mentioned above anymore, but somewhere, somehow, they have molded me into the person I am today and led me to where i am today. and i really wouldn't have it any other way.

today, stop for a moment and think abt this - who are those who made an impact in your life so far?

i assure you, you will find regrets, as well as joy. but more importantly, i hope you find yourself then, and what you have become now. it will be gratifying, if not amazing.

Monday, April 06, 2009


Can the whole world go and watch "The Notebook", pls? It is a great show and horribly understated. I am in constant amazement and utter disbelief whenever someone tells me they've never seen it before!

I've seen it about 100 times myself (ok i'm lying, it's about 20 times tops) and each time after I watch it, I fall right back into love (with Ryan Gosling too). I remember buying the DVD from the video store and the guy who saw me taking it, commented, "That is a great show". Well, I knew that oredi that's why I was headed for the original DVD. :) It would have been way better if I had been able to afford the Blu-ray version.

I was watching Ryan Gosling on The Ellen Degeneres Show via YouTube last night.. boy, can he salsa! it was super sexy. and i swear Ellen was blushing at one point!

now go and grab a copy of "The Notebook" and watch it, pls!

Sunday, April 05, 2009


It was so bad. I feel for all those starving African children.. the money invested to make this piece of crap could have gone to a better cause.

What a waste of time and money.

Wednesday, April 01, 2009

The Rock

i normally wear my wedding band on a day-to-day basis.. but there are some days, like today, when i feel like putting on my proposal ring.. and think abt the day i 1st wore it on my finger.

it makes me all fuzzy inside whenever i look down at my ring.. i kno it is only a small rock but wat it signifies means more to me than how much it's worth.

i dun think anyone can do anything more romantic than what he did when he proposed. :)