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Sunday, August 30, 2009


Mayday concerts are the best. They are the reason the word "high" was invented, to me. It was so good.. even better than the last concert I went to.. (oops, sorry but I did love it too!)

I notice there is now a trend of having 2 (or more) encores before the show finally ends. I learnt my lesson at my last concert. haha. This time, at the Mayday concert, they had 3 encores!

When they returned to stage for the 1st encore, Ashin said, "还不走啊?"
Audience: "不走!"
Ashin: "这么迟了,还有车回家吗?"
Audience: "没有!"
Ashin: "那你们要走路回家吗?"
Audience: "对!"
Ashin: "好,五月天陪你."

I kno it is just stage talk la, but still I found that so heartwarming...! I almost cried there... T_T

And at the 2nd encore, Mayday came out again and Ashin said, "再来一首好吗?"
Audience: "好!"
Ashin: "来首快的好吗?"
Audience: "好!"
Ashin: "那来首慢的好吗?"
Audience: "好!"
Ashin: "来首慢而轻快的好吗?"
Audience: "好!"
Ashin: "看来只要来一首什么都行啦."
Audience laughs at this point, and quietens down.
Ashin: "怎么又静了下来,讨厌!"

It was hilarious when he said 讨厌! HAHA! It really sent the audience roaring with laughter before they broke into a series of the sappy love songs.

However, the best part of the concert was when after they sang the last song, 憨人. The audience obviously didn't want it to end even tho it was 12.10am.. so we (the audience, carried on to "la la la" to the song for a good 10 minutes even after Mayday had finished singing it. and Mayday just stood on stage, listening and taking it all in. There was a every emotional look on Ashin's face.. I really believe he was holding back his tears, though he did tear at some part of the concert before that.

In the end, the 5 of them took a 90-degree bow for about a minute and waved goodbye, walked off the stage without a last word. Well, they have said enough through their eyes, long-time fans would know.

Shall let the pictures do the talking!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009


I am going to watch mayday tmr and as usual, am doing "homework" for the concert. As i listen to the songs one by one.. I realise i remember most of the lyrics.. I must have listened to them rather intensively back in the days..

It is their 10 yr anniversary concert for the 1st time they held a concert here in sg. Coincidentally that concert 10 yrs ago was also the 1st and last mayday concert i attended. It's not that i lost interest in them or wat but... I think i needed to get over someone and so i kinda just stopped listening to them altogether. now tt i am bringing life back to their music.. I am also awakening those long-ago hidden memories of that certain someone.

Maybe cuz during that time, i listened to mayday a lot with him cuz he liked them too.. That's why i get such a rush of emotions when i listen to them now. some songs really freak me out.. The emotions are so real that it's as if i wud see him there if i turned ard. Really scary.

But well, that aside.. I am going to truly enjoy myself tmr night.. With or without him.

Mayday is the king of all taiwanese bands, IMO. They are really a good representation of my glorious youth! And I still can't believe it's been 10 years since!


Sunday, August 23, 2009

Eventful Weekend!

Long Post Ahead!

It was a busy but fruitful weekend. I even managed to catch 2 movies in between! :)

We saw "The Proposal" on one day and "GI Joe: The Rise Of The Cobra" the next. They were both good! I can't really decide which I enjoyed more cuz they're of different genres. But nevertheless, creme of their crop!

The Proposal
I have heard about many bad reviews/critics regarding this flick but you should know by now that I NEVER trust movie critics. "The Proposal" gives me even more reason to believe so.

I know it seems like a typical chick-flick (ok it is) but it somehow is not as stereotypical as most chick-flicks. the ones where girl and guy starts out hating each other, girl and guy forced to do something tgt, girl and guy develop feelings for each other, girl and guy have misunderstanding, girl and guy clears misunderstanding and guy wins girl back. HAHA.

ok in this case, it is kinda the same (shit) but the twist is that.. it is quite funny. AHAHHAA. i dunno how to put this across properly! ok, i think it's right to say that the jokes in the movie are not the kind whereby u see it and relate it back to another certain chick-flick. the jokes are original and creative in this chick-flick and makes me fall in love with love all over again. :)

but that could be just me, don't take my word for it... but just watch it for a good laugh and especially if you need to release stress!

Ryan Reynolds has the killer-bod! Sorry, just had to add that. HAHA!

UPDATE! (Useless tidbit of information!) I just wiki-ed Ryan Reynolds and turns out we share the birthdate! And get this.. he is Scarlett Johansson's husband?! Well, i wouldn't have expected anything less for Scarlett!

GI Joe: The Rise Of The Cobra
I agreed to watching GI Joe only cuz the hubby wanted to watch it. the only draw for me was Joseph Gordon-Levitt in it but I had not expected him to have a big part in the show.. so it was a really pleasant surprise to see his spectacular performance! i really hope his big hollywood break comes along soon!

and oh, lee byung hun was superb with his character too! his English was very impressive by Korean standards.. it was almost flawless!

I am not going to give anything away.. cuz i really think it is a good show and everyone shud watch it! some might feel the story is a bit weak (but i think it is good enough even though it reminds me of Star Wars - the modern version. HAHA!) but watch it for the effects and the war gadgets. It is so COOL!!!! I have to totally agree that war these days is not about the number of soldiers/tanks/weapons you have.. it is a war of technological advancements! The gadgets depicted really blew me away. But I am glad it is not real.. it would cause massive destruction to the world, no doubt.

besides, there's channing tatum to see and there is absolutely no reason girls wouldn't love his character. patriotic and true to to his one love. *swoons* oh, and he's HOT, of cuz. haha!

Wedding Photos Selection

I got to check out the photos I have taken for my wedding album on Saturday and I was very very pleased! i must say that hubby and i are very lucky cuz most of the things we have planned for our wedding so far... are turning out exactly to plan! i have alwaes had a vision for the way my photos will look and I am so so lucky that they had turned out exactly the way I wanted them! i cudn't be more happy.. and i can't wait to get my hands on the soft copies in Sep... will most certainly show them off here la. :p


I went shopping with my mother-in-law and sisters-in-law on Sunday to pick out their clothes for my wedding.. we were super efficient! we set out at 4pm and we were all done by 8pm! That is 3 dresses, 1 cheong-sam and 4 tops! I am now one step closer to ticking all of the things on my to-do list!

Wedding Preps Update

And we are so very lucky.. hubby managed to get his friend who works with Lucas Films to come be our AV person at the wedding! And his cousin who is with the camera crew at Discovery Travel - Lonely Planet Series will bring his team and come shoot the wedding for us!

I am very very overwhelmed and simply overjoyed! :)

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Wonder Girls - Nobody

A bit slow.. but better late than never. *winks*
Very pretty young things, indeed..

Another great talent after Rain, kudos to JYP! *Asian Pride*

Thursday, August 13, 2009

The Leap of Faith

I have been thinking about adopting my husband's surname for a few months now.. no apparent reason that warrants for such a need, but simply cuz I feel a family unit should have a common surname. I am highly traditional in that sense.

I am just thinking abt one day, far in the future, when my husband and kids and myself go some place together which requires identification, they would all be a "Lee" and I would not. Like I am not part of the family. That kinda upsets me a lil.

In another instance, I see this adopting of his surname as a pledge of my love for him, like something permanent and I am sure enough of our relationship to take this big step to legally changing my name. It is like we truly belong together now.

So me being me, I have been doing a bit of homework online, reading up on how common a practice this is in Singapore and what are the reasons for ppl wanting to do it.

Amidst the good stuff I read, I also chance upon bad ones.

There were quite a handful, not just a few, who commented that they would not take after their husband's surname because it would be impractical. Cuz, what if they get divorced? It would be a hassle to change back to your maiden name.

Now, that to me.. is a sure-fail marriage. I cannot imagine how anyone would enter into a marriage, waiting for the day the divorce comes. That is truly insane. And I am in utter shock that people would say that out of their mouths.

A lot of people don't understand that what goes on in your head, will affect greatly how things turn out in actual life. if you go thru life with such a mentality, you will go about doing things, big or small, with that "final destination" in your head, and sub-consciously driving your marriage that way, even tho you didn't openly intend to do so. Your mind kinda willed it to happen. The human mind is more powerful than any of us truly believe it to be.

"Why should I take his parents out, he wouldn't do that for my parents, anyway."
"We may not even last until then, better not to take the risk and take up such a huge financial commitment."
"I should take up the job despite only being able to see each other only once a week. It is such a golden opportunity! If we do split up in the end, I would be kicking myself in the ass for letting this pass!"

All these negative thoughts seep into your daily life and impact upon the decisions you make. This is no way for a marriage to work out.

If you make your decisions based on the belief that you will be together happily ever after, trust me, your life would turn out differently. Much more different.

I guess, what I am trying to say is that we should strive to do things with total faith and belief. No reservations nor doubts. Do everything the best you can and with every part of your heart and soul. and this should be applied to, not simply in terms of a marriage, but in all things that you do. Be it in work, with family or friends, we have to learn to trust that everything happens for a reason and that sometimes, the only solution to problems is to take the leap of faith.

Because no one can tell you the future and your destiny lies in your own hands. Or head, in this case. :p Even if things do go wrong, at least you can honestly say, "I've done my best".

I can't properly put my thoughts into words on this one, the closest thing to what I have in mind, is the movie "The Butterfly Effect". If you've seen it, you'll know what I mean. If you haven't, you really should see it!

When I have legally changed my surname, I shall be proud and happy and truly, Mrs Lee. :)

I shall leave you with some food for thought - I have my answer to this one, do you?

I love my life because it's good
My life is good because I love it

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Scatterbrain, I am.

I want to blog abt BKK but I can't cuz I dun have my pictures. I dun have my pictures cuz I can't upload them from my camera. I can't upload them from my camera cuz I keep forgetting to bring my cable to office.

I have uploaded them at home and onto FB but I can't access FB from office so it's useless. :(

I only have one thing to rave abt.

VERTIGO is so gorgeous. It is the most romantic place I have ever been to even with about 50 over people sharing the place with me and 2 other persons sharing the table with me.

I'm sure it will be some time before I feel so emotional abt a place again. I really love it there.

If you're my friend on FB, go see. If not, wait for it. It will be very very good for your eyes, I promise.

Monday, August 03, 2009


I know I'm not due to fly until Thursday morning.. but I got bored last night.. and so I am packed and ready for BKK come Thursday. :p

Aiya, don't like that la.. I very long never use my passport already ma.. a bit excited, can?!

My luggage now is only lacking sunscreen and cotton wands. :)

Then I am really ready to go!