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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Edward Is An Addiction - A Serious Addiction.

so i watched Twilight for the 2nd time last night. well i've had a different kind of feeling watching it after reading the book compared to watching it prior reading the book. everything looks clearer and the story flows better this time.

unfortunately, the fact abt Rob's poor acting also became starkly obvious, the 2nd time ard. especially since after i read "Midnight Sun", which i kno he was asked to read that too to get a better grasp of playing "Edward Cullen".

but anyhows.. i still enojyed it thoroughly, purely for the eye candy and the cheesy lines. haha. i decided that the worse line in the whole movie was "I will do everything it takes to make you safe again." I dunno but this line kinda gets to me. like, "Duh!"

so anywaes.. i watched it with bestie yday.. before the show started, she was so tired from work.. having to finish up everything before the xmas break.. so she was looking listless and incredibly distracted. i tried to hype it up for her by telling her how CUTE Rob is.. and she gave me an incredulous look and told me when her colleagues found out she was watching Twilight, one of them told her, "ok, u can go and watch, but u cannot like him, ok?"

and she replied her, "ya la i kno he's urs la. i won't fight with u, dun worry."

and when i started hyperventilating abt Rob being MINE and no one else's, she looked almost annoyed that this "Rob" frenzy ard her was getting so out of hand! i even whipped out my phone to show her the pictures i had of him in my phone! i'm quite certain i caught her rolling her eyes at me.

well of course, almost surely, at the end of the show, the tables were turned ard.

"eh, send me all the photos u have him on ur phone. NOW!! and i am gg to msg my colleague that she cannot have him.. he is OURS!"

it was hilarious. she walked out of the theatre all smiley and seemingly in a daze. (like i did when i caught it for the 1st time last week.. simply in awe of the movie and Rob!)

so now i have successfully converted bestie into a Twilighter.. lemme see.. who's next?? :p

oh, and MERRY X'MAS TO ALL! :)

Monday, December 22, 2008

What The Cast of "Twilight" Really Look Like

3rd post of the day.. tell me i am not obsessed!

been hearing a lot a lot of ppl complaining abt how ugly the cast of "Twilight" is.. (most of these ppl read the book before seeing the movie.. hence, oredi formed their own ideal cast in their minds - normally happens this way if you read the book 1st) and i am here to do the Twilight cast justice! (seriously, the movie did them horrible injustice! you will agree with me if u read on!)

the truth is the cast is NOT ugly at all! for folks like me who watched the movie 1st.. i find them perfectly fine.. (if not perfect!) it's a matter of managing your expectations from wat you read in the book and the director's pick. and let's not forget that it is, after all, a teenage/young adult fictatious story after all.. so pls stop saying that "Rob Pattinson is not man enough", "Emmett is not buff enough", "Alice is not pixie-cute enough" etc etc etc. they are depicted as 17/18 year olds in the book.. so for the slightly more matured folks.. pls dun expect to be seeing Brad Pitt/Nicole Kidman material in the movie! (they are way too old for be casted for this movie!)

I shall start with the mildest difference of all.. after all, she is the 1st character to be casted in the movie.. so i guess everyone one else chosen later was casted in her favour.

Kristen Stewarts aka Bella Swanher real look doesn't look too different from the movie.. the reason why she was casted as Bella, i guess. she is supposed to look like the girl next door kinda regular so i guess her styling in the movie was fine. the most acceptable one, if u ask me.

Taylor Lautner aka Jacob Blackseriously.. wat is with the dumb hair?! it makes Jacob look so retarded! and the make-up realli fail la.. so not-glam! his day to day look is quite dreamy, IMO!

Peter Facinelli aka Carlisle CullenCarlisle doesn't look too bad in the movie but he definitely looks better in person! in fact this photo that i found is also quite vampirish! why can't the stylist for the movie do anything remotely close to this? and wat the hell is with the stupid metallic blonde hair in the movie?!

Ashley Greene aka Alice CullenNow just look at THAT. i think the stylist hates her.. she looks like trash in the stupid wig and the awful make-up.. she is so so so pixie-cute in the other photo! i can see every bit of alice in her and can totally understand why she got chosen for the part of Alice Cullen. so ppl out there, stop saying she is not suitable for the part.. she is, just that the stylist screwed up her looks!

Kellan Lutz aka Emmett Culleni would show u the whole picture here if i wanted to.. jus to show u how BUFF Kellan Lutz realli is. but well, jus look at wat the stylist did to his hair in the movie.. it oredi turned me off. who cares abt the bod with a hair like that?? u kno wat they say.. the hair makes the man. (no doubt the stylist must hate Kellan Lutz too.)

Jackson Hathbone aka Jasper Cullen/HalesI would totally fall in love with this hottie if i saw him on tv.. btu his styling for the part of Jasper Hales has got to be one of the worse.. the stylist practically made him look like a clown with the crazy big hair! and yes i kno vampires are supposed to be fair and all.. but with the blonde hair.. isn't he much too fair? i feel like fainting jus looking at him.. it is like a makeover all gone wrong!

Elizabeth Reaser aka Esme CullenWhat do you do with one of cast who oredi looks the most insignificant amongst her fellow cast? MAKE HER UGLIER. i feel so sorry for Elizabeth Reaser.. the stylist realli made her look like a mother-figure despite the book saying that she is merely 26 yrs old. she looks 36 in the movie. :( (she is actually realli pretty outside of the movie, dun u think?)

Nikki Reed aka Rosalie Cullenyou will be surprised to see wat ppl say abt Nikki Reed if you google her name. cuz it fits nothing like wat u see of her in Twilight. she is HOT HOT HOT! this regular picture that i've chosen of her is not the most flattering yet, reason being.. if i chose anything too different.. u guys wud not even be able to recognise her! her styling for the role of Rosalie has got to be the worst out of the whole movie.. even her hair looks unhappy to be on her head!

Robert Pattinson aka Edward Cullen

i can't even tell u how strongly i feel towards the injustive done to Rob. u look at the photos above, touch your heart and tell me he is not hot. come on guys, he is perfect for the role of Edward! he is sexy, mysterious.. with a hint of bad boy in him.. if that is not perfect, i dunno wat is. i can almost see wat stephanie meyer and catherine hardwicke saw in him when they were picking out the Edward in their minds.

my conclusion is.. THE STYLING FOR THE "TWILIGHT" MOVIE IS SO TERRIBLE. the whole team of them should not have been drafted for this project at all! wrong wrong wrong wrong wrong. the actors wud be looking much better as themselves in the movie than getting all made-up like clowns and sporting hair-raising hairstyles (literally)!

but with the success of the movie.. i am seriously hoping they will have a bigger budget for the "New Moon" movie and hopefully engage a better team of stylists.

maybe the new team will know the difference between "pale" and "white". *shudders!*

My Perfect Fairytale Ending..

Women nowadays still dream of a fairy tale ending..

but what they want is not a knight on a white horse,

but a vampire with a shiny silver volvo..

if u haven't realised, my writing bug is back! i dunno if it's the new template that's motivated me to keep writing or the obvious fact that i am now obsessing over something and hence have something to write abt.

but either way, i am happy to find my writing bug back.. i missed it so much!

i was reading abt stephanie meyer over the weekend and how she came to start penning "Twilight". turns out that it started from a dream she had.. whereby there was a girl and guy at a meadow in the woods.. and the guy was dangerously handsome and the girl was in awe by his mere presence.

and it ends with the guy revealing that he is a vampire, but in love with the girl.

and that, my friends, is how "Twilight" was born. according to her, the guy in her dream was so devastatingly good-looking that she tried very hard NOT to forget how he looked like. and in order to do that, she started writing down the dream, which turned into a series of events she made up, and in the end, led to a 500-paged novel.

after she completed the whole novel, stephanie meyer had her sister read it just for fun. her sister enjoyed it so much that she suggested that stephanie get it published. so stephanie spent the next few months finding publishers and agents and what not, with hopes of sharing her perfect Edward Cullen with the world.

the dream she had that started the "Twlight" novel, is actually depicted on Chapter 13 - Confessions, off the 1st book of the "Twilight" saga.

it's actually pretty interesting to read, if you are interested, you can read the full details here.

the weird thing abt the whole Edward Cullen thing is that.. even tho he is created purely out of Stephanie Meyer's imagination, the author herself is hopelessly in love with him too! but it is this exact passion that is being projected into the story that makes it such a compelling tale to tell..

on another note, it is good news for Forks, the place that Stephanie chose to set the whole story. apparently it has boosted tourism for the small town in Washington since the Twlight frenzy began and the official website of Forks even has a section dedicated to Twilight!

It also has an interesting slideshow that maps out the points of interest from the novel. very interesting to know that all the places mentioned in story realli do exist! (including the La Push beach and the Quiletes tribe!) click on it to take a look - but may i forewarn.. it is strictly for Twilighters like myself only. :)

so this concludes the summary of my research over the weekend on the "behind-the-scenes" of Twilight and how it has contributed to US economy. haha. this post should convince those who doubt that i am going nuts over Twilight, as well as the next line - i am watching it again tonight! WOOHOO!

I seriously have a date with a vampire!

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Tell me how NOT to be in love with him.

I Just Can't Control My Mind!

i can't even rem the last time i had such bad withdrawal symptoms from reading chick lit.. i swear, this has got to be the worst ever! even the withdrawal symptoms from "The Other Boleyn Girl" can't compare to this..

after i finished TOBG, all i did was wiki more info abt the historical figures depicted in the book and perhaps took a few more days to think abt how the story unfolded in the book and the differences from it compared to the movie.. and viola! my addiction was cured.

but this.. this "Twilight" addiction is not so easy to cure.. after finishing the saga that consisted of 4 freaking-thick books (plus one initial draft of "Midnight Sun" - the 5th instalment of the Twilight Saga: this was a futile attempt to curb my addiction! it only made it grow like a monster!).. i am craving for more More MORE!! i need something vampirish to curb this addiction. i have oredi watched all the videos that are related to "Twilight" on youtube.. including those who are remotedly-linked as well.. i even have the movie trailer memorized! i have also read all the info that wiki has to offer.. as well as all the websites that spring out on Yahoo! and Google when i type "Twilight"..

and i also kno stephanie meyer quite well by now.. i have been reading fervently abt her on the official "Twlight" website.

so how, brown cow? after all these.. my addiction not only has not waned.. it has grown majorly out of proportion and impossible to ignore! (u wud have realised by now that my previous 5 posts had all been abt "Twilight".. how to ignore??)

so now i am turning to other Vampire Romance to hopefully try to curb the addiction.. but.. i have never read anything vampirish until "Twilight".. and have absolutely no idea where to start.

so this is good.. i'll have something to wiki abt in the midst of my insane obsession.

and like i promised.. here are 2 more of my fave Edward Cullen quotes, from "Breaking Dawn" (Book 4):

"But, if I had been able to take your place last night, it would not have made the top ten of the best nights of my life. Dream about that." Eclipse, Chapter 23, Pg. 509
"The moment Bella’s heart stops beating, I will be begging for you to kill me." Breaking Dawn, Chapter 9, Pg. 183

ok, i am off to wiki more abt Vampirish Romance novels. Tata! :p

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Midnight Sun

Call me slow or wateva.. i've only just realised that an intitial draft of the 5th instalment of the "Twilight" Series had been leaked on the internet and because of that, the author has published it openly for all to download.

OK that is not even the most exciting part yet.

Ths 5th instalment, "Midnight Sun", is the whole "Twilight" story retold from Edward's POV. Did you hear me right?? FROM EDWARD'S POV! (the very same one Stephanie Meyer passed to Rob Pattinson to read before they started shooting the movie.) it would be a torment to have to wait for that to come out and now that i know a draft is easily available online.. it is a dream come true!! you cannot possible understand the esctatic feeling i am going thru!!

so here, for all "Twilight" fans who are as slow as me.. here is the link to download the PDF (an impressive 264-paged draft!).. it is not illegal as Stephanie Meyer has oredi openly published the same link of her official website.

i am at the 140th page now.. still trying to go thru it slowly so as to savour every single emotion of the story..

story goes that the complete version will still be released but at a postponed date now.. no doubt i will still be on the lookout for that once it hits the bookstores!

but for now, this will do!! *grins grins grins!*

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

My Personal Brand of Heroin

The last time I had such an obsession over a novel/chick-lit must have been "The Other Boleyn Girl" (has it been almost a year - can't rem). I wouldn't say it is not enjoyable.. finding a great read is exciting for me.. I can lose sleep, skip meals and very likely skip work to read it. (but the last one has not happened so far, yet.)

so this "Twilight" obsession has thrown me into another reading fernzy.. I got all four instalments from my sis-in-law on sunday. I finished the 1st 2 in 3 days. i am now in my 4th day and 3rd book.. i can't wait to finish it and go onto the last book.

the more i read it the more i keep wondering if there are any Edward Cullen-s in the world. obviously not the vampire part of him, but the romantic, impposibly sweet and fiercely protective nature of a lover.. it is so awakening to my senses.. i just cannot stop thinking abt how attractive that is. i am so consumed in the love story between edward and bella that i am almost convinced that Rob Pattinson is the real Edward Cullen (especially after watching the movie). Ppl say real life and reel life gets difficult to differentiate after a while. *shrugs*

i have to warn the guys out that if your girlfriend is as obsesed as i am abt the Twilight series.. beware.. Edward Cullen is slowly forming a benchmark for comparison to you.. so start being sweet and nice!

fortunately for me.. i have oredi found "my own personal brand of heroin" (twilight fans will know what this means) but minus the marble skin, chalky face, golden eyes, taut bod, superhuman speed, omg the list goes on forever. but ya, i've found my own Edward Cullen and am content that we're both humans. :p

tho i think i secretly yearn for a life of danger and secrets..

i can't believe wat this novel is doing to me - unleashing my wild side.. if this is considered wild. haha.

i'm gonna leave u with my fave Edward Cullen quotes so far.. it's as classic as Jerry Maguire's "You complete me", I SWEAR! (but u gotta read it to believe it!)

"If I could dream at all, it would be about you." Twilight, Chapter 13, Pg. 274
"And so the Lion fell in love with the Lamb.." Twilight, Chapter 14, Pg. 294
"Look after my heart - I've left it with you." Eclipse, Chapter 4, Pg. 95

There will be more to come when i finish book 3 and 4. *grinning-from-ear-to-ear* :)

Monday, December 15, 2008

I'll slap the next person who says he's not hot!

Unless you volunteer to have your eyes checked! (or your sexuality, for that matter!)

And i take back my words abt not being into Rob Pattinson. Have you heard his killer English accent... so HOT.. and who can have such messy hair and still look so charming? he realli dazzles!

i've come to a conclusion that all British actors have this brooding suaveness abt them.. i dunno.. the sex appeal kinda grows on u. he speaks (and has humour) like Hugh Grant and carries himself in a very Jude Law-ish way.. what a fine combination!

I would be drooling if not for the fact that I am sitting in the office!

Sunday, December 14, 2008

This is proof that i am officially OBSESSED..

And deliriously so!

I don't think I'm obsessed with the movie/Robert Pattinson.. it's more likely I am in love with Edward Cullen, the fictional character himself.. and only in a fictatious world will you find such a romantic, loyal and one-of-a-kind lover.. so technically I am in love with Stephanie Meyer's brain. :p

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Currently Caught Up With..

Twilight BadgeWho would have guessed "Twilight" turned out to be a chick flick?


Tuesday, December 09, 2008


Click here for full report.

I feel sorry for vivian chow.. i know the truth is her bf has done something wrong and there is absolutely no room for forgiveness.. but 20 years of relationship is no joke.. u can't throw it all away just like that.. i know i wudn't.. but it's gonna take a hell lot of work to keep things tgt..

what do u think?

Thursday, December 04, 2008


最近常常会无缘无故地想起吉米。。 好久好久没有把他的名字挂在嘴边了。。 感觉开始陌生。。 遥远。。 但是回想起来。。 我跟他所有的记忆都非常清晰地在我脑海里。不知不觉,已经过了8年了。。 而过去的每一年,他总是用他的电话祝福陪我度过生日。。

今年的生日。。 在没有收到他的电话祝福下过去了。心情非常复杂。又怕他会打来。。 但是没打来心里又牵挂。。 不知道自己到底是想怎么样?

在我注册结婚的三个月前,我拨了电话给他。一方面是想要通报我的喜讯,另一方面是因为我不知道在结了婚之后,该不该继续跟他联络。其实心里是知道答案的。。 可是还是会舍不得。 毕竟我们大家也不是在做什么不安份的事啊。想必这就是大家所说的做贼心虚吧。

那时在电话中听到我的喜讯,我听得出吉米有小小的失落。可是他也不忘恭喜我。 我们两个就很勉强地说了些客套话。 之后放了电话。。 他传了简讯说虽然失望,不过还是要恭喜我。看了之后我真的不知道怎么回他。最终也没有回复。到了我生日的时候,没有收到他的电话, 我也很清楚知道我可能这一辈子都不会再听到他的声音了。就连很单纯的想问他过的好不好都变得好困难。像是我对不起他似的。

不知道是一种幸福还是一种折磨。虽然已经不再联络,不过在Facebook还能得知他的近况, 看到他最近的样子。有时候看得了很开心,有时候又很伤心。




就欠一点点 但这一点点



就欠一点点 但这一点点

Wednesday, December 03, 2008

i think one of the biggest reason why i love my hubby so much is because he alwaes keeps me grounded by the most basic principles in life.

he makes me see that a lot of things in life don't matter if u know how to look far and plan ahead.

so u've taken a fall today, so wat? if u get up and walk again, u r stronger than those who's nv fallen.

so u have been accused wrongfully, so wat? if ur conscience is clear, time will prove all things wrong. rem, "sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will nv hurt me".

i hope the above kind of sums up wat i'm trying to say. it's jus that with so many tragedies going on ard us.. i realli dun understand why some ppl still insist of making other ppl's life miserable for no particular benefit of their own. these selfish, narrow-minded and bitter ppl are truly the typical "ugly singaporean".

i think some singaporeans realli have it too good in their lifes that they forget abt the basic principles of life. wat's happened to compassion, forgiveness and consideration? and the most basic of them all - courtesy. i realli do not understand girls who are walking-swearing-machines. wat are they trying to prove? that they have a flair for insulting ppl, particularly their parents? such obnoxious behaviour has realli got to be eradicated if Singapore wants to be a civilised society.

after wat i wud call "an unpleasant episode with the ignorant", i have come to be secretly proud of myself that i can put my point across with hurling a single word of vulgarity. it did not even cross my mind to do that cuz it was realli unnecessary and uncalled for. and i believe that ppl who do that do it out of a guilty conscience and a pride too big for their own good.

i recognised that the situation was gg a place that was way out of my league and class, so i walked away. after all, i have oredi gotten my point across and how they took to it and realli none of my business.

this episode realli got me thinking - are human beings taking things for granted? that everyday we wake up, we will have nice clothes to wear, good food to eat and happy ppl ard us all the time? when was the last time we felt thankful for the bed u sleep on every night, the ppl who were/are there for you during your down times and the colleague who buys lunch for u sometimes?

it makes me think abt the movie "pay it forward" when i think abt such things. and that like the boy, i am going to pay it forward by learning how to let go of grudges and start by being nice to ppl, whether they are nice to me or not.

ultimately, i want to leave this world with a smile on my face with tears of joy and be able to look back and hope i made a difference in ppl's life..

so to the girl in my "unpleasant episode with the ignorant" - i hope u live a happy life ahead and may our paths nv cross each other's again - if not for happy occasions.

*Life is too short to have hate and regret in it. Fill it up with joy, happiness and lots of love!*