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Sunday, March 29, 2009

Random thought

"If it will upset the other party when they find out, I think it's considered cheating. And if you have to hide it, then you shouldn't do it."

I totally agree!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

English Actors In America

Oh lookie! Look what I found onilne! My 2 very favourite English actors (at the mo) in a picture tgt!

I wonder if Ed and Rob actually do know each other? And the girl in the picture is one lucky chick. lotsa other chicks wud kill to be that position!

having said that, I do have a soft spot for English actors.. there's something about their accents that is soooo sexy.. and most of my favourite Hollywood actors hail from the United Kingdom..

The top of my list is Hugh Grant.. followed by Orlando Bloom, then Ian Mckellen (although that would change now with the inclusion of Ed and Rob). And no, I do not like them cuz they are English.. it just happened! the same way for both Ed and Rob, I find out they are English only after.

And I dun automatically like all English actors.. I dun like Jude Law, neither do I like Coiln Farrell (but he is Irish, right? counted? :p). And my ultimate hate is Daniel Radcliffe!!

He just dun come across as sexy to me!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Beep! Beep!

i was over at my aunt's place the other day and we got to the topic of pagers. can't rem how we got there but we did.

so i was telling her that my 1st pager was actually my father's. he didn't exactly give it to me, but more like we used it on a "shift" basis. :p

u see, my dad was a night-shift taxi driver. so when we were out and about in the daytime, he'd be sleeping at home and vice versa.

so whenever he got home from work, he would pass his pager to me before i headed out and have me bring it to school, so that i'd be contactable anytime.

i was in primary school then! and this was the pager that i carried in my pocket: Rock Steady, baby!

no joke. i carried that to primary sch. :p and each time i whipped it out of my pocket, i wud hear jealous sighs and gasps of admiration.

but as i got older, particularly when i went to sec sch, everyone was carrying hip pagers with see-through casings and metallic chains with bells. and each time i whipped my rock-steady pager out, only bursts of laughter broke out. so i went to my dad and demanded for my own pager and got one of those cool motorola alpha-numeric pagers in nice baby blue: cudn't find the one in baby blue but this was the model!

it is such a riot thinking back to those pager days. and i dun realli understand why we needed a pager?? and eevryone who had one alwaes had to carry them in secret in sch, or risk getting them confiscated. in any case.. that was the start of the technology frenzy and led to the now-phenomenom of everyone owning a mobile phone and even up to the point of schools allowing mobile phones to be brought to school!

i kno it probably makes some feel old but i am proud to have been one of those ppl who's used a pager before. it's very nostalgic. :)

Weekend of Mar 21st

"Twilight" DVD was released last week and not only did I have to get it.. I actually made a pre-order for it one week prior to the actual day of release. HAHA! No I am not ashamed to admit that!

It is a good thing I had the DVD to watch (again) over the weekend cuz I've finished up whatever I had of Gossip Girl season 2 and was devastated when I realised my version ends abruptly in the middle of the season. But I should have known cuz US telecast has not even reached the end of season 2 yet so who was I kidding? It would be some sort of a miracle (or ghostly encounter?) if my dvd player magically played the dvd until the season finale of season 2. :p

And I am also proud to say that I have successfully converted another human being into a Gossip Girl addict (it's not that hard, actually) and I now have one more person to gush abt the series with me. What's the fun in watching such an awesome series if you have no one to talk it over with, right??

So other than having a DVD marathon this weekend, i also went for my weekly ritual run on Sunday. And this week, i added on an extra 30 sit-ups to my 4 rounds-jog + 2 rounds-walk to end my exercise regime.

The funny thing is the part of my body that SHOULD BE hurting now is my abdomen muscles.. but it is not. instead, my lower back and butt is hurting and bruised like i had fallen realli hard on my butt the day before. :( i think it's cuz my body is no longer in the shape it was back in sec sch days when we all had to do NAPFA and 30 sit-ups in one minute was chicken feed. the bones are now all hard and less flexible and the only sit-ups i ever did since then is the one sit-up i do every morning when i get up from bed. HA!

have to seriously consider getting an exercise mat jus for doing sit-ups the next time.. the wooden plank at the fitness corner for doing sit-ups is realli a killer to my back. :(

Going into the last few days of March already.. time is just passing super fast. Come April, it will be officially 6 months till my wedding and I will be allowed to be in panic mode and use the wedding as an excuse for EVERYTHING.

"Sorry I was busy with my wedding preps."
"Sorry I can't cuz I'm busy with my wedding preps."
"But I am getting married in 6 months."
"No cuz I need to prepare for my wedding."

kidding la.. if i say that to you.. it is not an excuse k.. i promise.. i am jus realli busy with my wedding preps.

HAHA! :p

Thursday, March 19, 2009


i went for my 1st gown selection yday.. and reality nv sunk in until i saw myself in the mirror..

i did look like a princess!

i am so in the wedding mood right now.