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Monday, September 14, 2009

Bucking Fored.

We are officially into the last month of countdown.. only 4 weeks to go..?!?!

I'm very weird. I have been doing my wedding preps since beginning of this year, and I haven't felt anything close to wedding jitters at all, not even when I put on the gown during fitting/photo shoot.

but now that i am starting to give out my invitation cards.. the jitters is slowly setting in.. cuz now that the invites are out.. it means there is no backing out.. ppl are invited, so the show has to go on no matter wat! haha, not literally la, but sometimes I do feel the whole customary wedding is very "for show". but oh well, only once in ur life you can get everyone you care abt and who cares abt u in one room to celebrate something that means so much to you. omg, it sounds so scary to me right now.. i dunno why i haven't realised that until now!

ok 1st of all, lemme say clearly that it is not the marriage I am scared of, i am oredi lawfully married anywae, so too late for regrets now. :p it is the whole customary wedding procedure that is scaring me off. having almost all the ppl u kno in one room, including your family.. it is all very overwhelming to me. i am a big crybaby and i dunno if i will have enough tears to keep me going for that day! let's hope i will be so tired by the time of the dinner that i will not have any strength left to cry!

And I abruptly end this post cuz I suddenly got bored and have nothing else to say. HAHA. seriously, my blog's been really boring of late!



one little journey said...

i am soooo sure you will have more than enough tears. will side aside tissue paper for you :-p

kellykylie said...

no need tissue la... think bring towel for me better.. :p

one little journey said...

face or bath towel? hehe!

kellykylie said...

bath towel la, just in case. HAHA!