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Sunday, October 18, 2009

Our Private Wedding Dinner

After our wedding dinner at Holiday Inn Park View for friends and family, we checked out on Oct 17 and went for our own private wedding dinner, just the 2 of us. Just to reward ourselves for the effort we both put in for the wedding.

So the hubby was very sweet, he thought of a place, made a reservation and brought me there as a surprise..

Thai Village @ Goodwood Park Hotel

They apparently have the best shark's fins in town.. well then this I have to try!

We walked in and sat down at a nice table in a corner. I was immediately infected by the happy atmosphere in the air. the clinking of chinese teacups, delicious slurping of soups, the chattering conversations, the booming laughters, hustling of footsteps of waiters and banging of pots and pans in the kitchen. It felt very local and welcoming, but in a controlled kinda environment so it was not unbearably noisy/rowdy.

the hubby wanted to really splurge on dinner that day and so we went for the top of the range set meal in the restaurant.

we were 1st served with their famous shark's fins.. check it out.. the shark's fins comes in a big lump! and the soup was to die for. i will nv be able to taste another bowl of shark's fins without thinking of this taste ever again! And mind you, this whole claypot, was one person's serving only!!

then came the abalone. one whole abalone each. ok la, i suaku.. but this is only the 2nd time I am eating abalone like this! the taste was so rich.. and the abalone was so succulent and chewy.. and the sauce.. beyond this world.

Next up, the lobster. well the lobster paled in comparison to the 1st 2 dishes but it was a nice change of taste. steamed with garlic and spring onions, it really brought out the freshness of the lobster.

I was really stuffed at this point.. so when the next dish arrived, I had to force myself to take a few bites and not waste it totally. Here is the egg noodles fried with chunks of crab meat and prawn.

Hubby had the corn rice instead of the noodles. the rice was really fragrant.. anyone who is a corn lover would love it.

And finally, the dessert.. I was trying very hard to save some stomach space for this, but I was so stuffed at this point, hubby had to literally force me to eat it. ok this is going to sound really bimbotic but i had to force-feed myself with the birds' nest! don't get me wrong, it was deilcious! in fact, it was the best birds' nest i have ever tasted. birds' nest chilled in coconut water! It was so refreshing!

and look at the amount of birds' nest in that bowl! no joke, i had to force-feed myself!! but nevertheless, YUMS!!!

And by the end of the dinner, we were both almost bursting at the seams. but very happily so. :)

Lastly, I want to thank each and everyone of the those who came for our wedding. You made a different to the wedding, just by being there.

Really, thank you! :)