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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Edward Cullen Reserves

i nv thot i wud say this but after a lot of scrutinizing thru Rob's pictures.. i realised he is not very 耐看. :( no doubt, he looks good in the movie but he tends to look slightly different on the red carpet and in photoshoots.. it's like sometimes he looks gorgeous and other times, he jus looks OK.

but there is no denying the fact that he can pull gorgeous & dangerous into one face (which does equate to Edward Cullen). :)

having said that, i did a quick research online and found a few recommendations that did suit the Edward Cullen profile perfectly.

This 1st one, is author Stephanie Meyer's personal choice. Unfortunately, at the point when the movie deal was confirmed, he was far too old for the role. (he was 24 and Edward Cullen's only 17.)

Henry Cavill All the fame could have been yours now! Sigh.. blame it on bad luck!

I recognise him on from the HBO Original series, "Tudors". He was, yes yes yes, very very dishy in the show. *yums* I wud have loved him as Edward Cullen too!

Some fans suggested this guy, whom I have no idea who he is. But I definitely agree that he is every bit of Edward Cullen there is.. he is the closest to what i imgained Edward to look like when reading the book.

Tom SturridgeYes.. he is very bad-boy and so pretty too!

So there you have it.. 2 very apt candidates for Edward Cullen, should Rob ever decide to quit the series. :p

But i realli doubt so..!

i think i am beginning to see light at the end of the tunnel.. the twilight fever is coming to an end.. soon. :)

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Why I love RPatz - He is romantic.. & funny, truly.

Taken off one of his interviews:
"If Edward was not a fictional character and you just met him in reality, you know, he's one of those guys who'd be like an axe murderer."

"He's ultra-polite and really formal all the time and like, 'Let me open the door! Let me carry the bags!'"

"Literally, you can just tell he'd freak out one day and shoot someone."

The 22-year-old isn't afraid to speak his mind and allegedly even told the author of Twilight Stephenie Meyer that she was wrong about Edward.

He explains: "(Stephenie) was saying that he was happier than I thought he was and he enjoyed certain aspects of his supernatural abilities, and I just thought he wouldn't at all."

"I was just thinking how much, if I was in his position, I'd just think 'Wow, I can jump really high. Great. But I have to kill people in return."

And this is my ultimate fave thing he said in an interview:
"I'm looking for a girl with character.

"If I find her one day, do you know what I will do? I am going to write her hundreds of love letters."

OMG... how sweet is that?!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Kenny says: Boycott products of US origin!

was reading Kenny Sia's latest blog post.. and i thot.. yea.. it's time the Americans knew the impact the rest of the world could have on them.. so i was going down the list of things that Kenny suggests we all boycott due to their US origin..

Coca Cola - have been a loyal drinker for years straight but managed to kick off the addiction once upon a time.. long long ago. i'm sure i can do it again!
Starbucks - yea, i can live without.. i am not a coffee drinker anyway.
McDonald's - am a fan.. but could go without, with the innocent lives of Palestinians in mind..
KFC - wow this is realli testing me.. but i guess it's just as well since its yummy, crispy, deep fried chicken is so unhealthy.. *cringes*
Google, Facebook, Youtube - can la.. just don't log on the internet lo.. i'll jus have to migrate my blog to some remote server. :P

But it was this that made me realise.. no i cannot live without this.. i will most likely, very possibly.. DIE if i tried..

Kenny suggested to boycott HOLLYWOOD.

This includes TWILIGHT.


Haha....! and you thot this post was non-TWILIGHT-related!! BOO! :p

Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Office Discrimination

So my colleague came back to work from her 4-mth maternity leave on Monday. as we moved office while she was on leave, she came back to a new office, new surrounding and lotsa new faces in the office too.

oh, she also came back to a new boss and new team as her ex-boss quit just slightly before she left for maternity leave - her team used to be just her ex-boss and her. it has now expanded into an 8-men team in her abscence. (Point to note - the new boss has brought in enough business with him to command such an army of staff for himself in such a short period of time.)

so i would not be surprised at her culture shock on her 1st day, and the slightly longer time she took to settle down.

i have not mentioned that she has been asked to resign one week prior returning to work. so her short stint back in the office is merely to serve her one-month notice.

i would not speculate on why she has been asked to leave, the truth is plain for all to see.

but issit necessary to send her a warning letter at 9.30pm on the 1st day of her short stint back at work?

yes, she received a warning letter on her 1st day back at work, after oredi being asked to leave.

the warning letter states that she has spent most of the day doing personal things, such as submitting claims and catching up with colleagues. and amidst that, failing to submit her handover report that day.

1st of all, after being away for 4 months, is it wrong to get the claims out of the way? even more so since it is now the beginning of a new financial year for us.. last year's claims should be cleared asap, as advised by finance.

2ndly, if colleagues want to catch up after missing u for 4 mths, is that realli so bad?? wat more she is new to the new office space.. can't she have some time to wow over it before getting to work? is harmony in the office not of utmost importance for a conducive working environment? wat is the motive behind issuing a warning letter against that?

last of all, who the hell submits a handover report on the very day she has been asked to leave when she is required to serve a one-month notice?

absoultely RIDICULOUS. tell me there is no discrimination involved here. yea i wun buy it even if u say that to my face. THIS IS UNFAIR! i am so glad my colleague is being asked to leave, cuz i dun think she wud want to work for such an unreasonable boss.

seriously, this new boss is a freaking piece of shit and i am so glad he is not my boss!

Sunday, January 04, 2009

My Twilight Character

I am Alice Cullen! :)

Sorry folks.. I am not yet over my Twilight frenzy.. bear with me just a little bit longer, k? :p