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Wednesday, August 26, 2009


I am going to watch mayday tmr and as usual, am doing "homework" for the concert. As i listen to the songs one by one.. I realise i remember most of the lyrics.. I must have listened to them rather intensively back in the days..

It is their 10 yr anniversary concert for the 1st time they held a concert here in sg. Coincidentally that concert 10 yrs ago was also the 1st and last mayday concert i attended. It's not that i lost interest in them or wat but... I think i needed to get over someone and so i kinda just stopped listening to them altogether. now tt i am bringing life back to their music.. I am also awakening those long-ago hidden memories of that certain someone.

Maybe cuz during that time, i listened to mayday a lot with him cuz he liked them too.. That's why i get such a rush of emotions when i listen to them now. some songs really freak me out.. The emotions are so real that it's as if i wud see him there if i turned ard. Really scary.

But well, that aside.. I am going to truly enjoy myself tmr night.. With or without him.

Mayday is the king of all taiwanese bands, IMO. They are really a good representation of my glorious youth! And I still can't believe it's been 10 years since!