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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

You will never bring me down.

Having you as a friend, or so I thot, has been one helluva crazy rollercoaster ride.

On the surface, you seem confident, generous, gentle, kind, funny, sincere and RICH. bottom-line, u portray yourself to be someone who has the PERFECT LIFE.

but, I, me, KELLY LIM. I kno the real you. you are a persistant liar. you are insecure, selfish, vicious, jealous and have a totally rotten personality and flawed character. worse of all, u pretend to be rich to get with the rich.

if i haven't been a forgiving friend to u, i dunno who has. my heart had to be THIS BIG to put up with all the crap and lies you've fed me with. and guess wat i got at the end of the day, YOU BLAMING ME FOR YOUR SUFFERINGS.

get a life, bitch. if u can't tell who ur true friends are, at least wake up your idea and see through your plastic-surgeried eyes wat the real world is like. NOTHING LIKE HOW U IMAGINE IN YOUR TWISTED MIND.

i want you to know that all that has ever happened to you is a result of ur own doings. i bet you wud have nv guessed that your past and your lies have finally caught up with u and instead of coming clean, u try to cover them up with even more lies. i am sick and tired of being your "accomplice" and being blamed for the repercussions of your own wrongdoings. when is this ever gonna end? when are u going to realise that it is not that I do not know wat u do, but that I do not want to expose and embarrass you?

u have definitely stepped on the wrong tail.. i kno so much of ur dirt that u cud nv destroy me. i have been an honest person to all my friends and my integrity can be vouched by anyone who knows me.

and you?? i guess only your parents can vouch for you. (that's if they even know u at all.)

I have given you more chances than you deserve and more benefit of doubt than u can even imagine. i believe my job here is done.

and for the sake of our friendship for the past 12 years, i wish you nothing but the best.


Monday, October 27, 2008

Do You Want To Be Happy?

a lot of drama gg on in my life lately. strange enuff.. it is alwaes someone else's drama.. yet for even stranger reasons, i alwaes get dragged in.

i had so much gg on in my mind last night, i could not sleep. maybe i am too innocent.. or too simple. the things i want in my life, i oredi got them.. my priorities may be different from most.. but i can say confidently that i have nv been happier with how my life's turned out so far.

i like happy ppl. the sincerely happy ones. i enjoy being ard them. they make the world seem like a better place.. and give hope to the diminshing kindness in human race.

most of the time, i like to be that happy person to influence those ard me. but sometimes, i get misunderstood as being insensitive, critical and selfish.. when all of that was just the happy me trying to be funny.

"Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me." :)

maybe enthusiasm is not for everyone and not everyone wants to be happy.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

3 birthday cakes and counting!

I know I am loved when it's my birthday tomorrow and I've already blown out candles for 3 birthday cakes! (and they are not shared.. it's my cake and mine alone!)

Oct 13 - Kbox with my Girlies (Rive Gauche Chocolate Cake - My all-time fave! Girls, u know me best! Hugs!)
Oct 17 - Swensens with ex-mj colleagues (Swensens Ice-cream Cake - no ice-cream cake gets better than this! Thanks, guys!)
Oct 22 - Meeting room with C&W colleagues (Fruit cake from downstairs office - haha.. thot that counts!)

I wonder if I am going to get more cakes this weekend??

I FEEL SO LOVED! :)))))))))))

Sunday, October 19, 2008


Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Pre-Birthday Celebrations - Oct 13

My babes and i headed to Kbox for their buffet dinner cum karaoke session to celebrate my birthday this year.. it was a simple but happy affair and the babes bought me the super delicious Rive Gauche chocolate cake!

It was double celebration for me as it was also the same day i passed my driving test! so here i am posing with my cake and P Plate! It is super reflective!

thanks to the babes for alwaes making my birthday fun and memorable. the birthday wish i made that day was to be able to celebrate my birthday with u girls every year for the rest of my life. :)


Monday, October 13, 2008

Lowdown on my driving experience!

Basic Theory Test - Passed on 3rd attempt - 2004 during my poly days
Final Theory Test - Passed on 1st attempt - 2 May 2008
1st Driving Lesson - 3 Jun 2008
1st Practical Test - Failed with 40 pts - 15 Aug 2008
2nd Practical Test - Passed with 12 pts - 13 Oct 2008

Got my license in 5 months! (if i had passed on 1st attempt, i would have gotten it in 3 months lo!)

Yes I am still very excited abt passing my driving test! :D

Sunday, October 12, 2008


i passed my driving test! it is now officially legal for me to operate a motorcar on public roads! i can park! i can lane-change! I CAN DRIVE!!

ok enough of shouting. truth is i am absolutely DELIRIOUS and EXCITED and can't wait to drive this weekend!! BUT i have to tone down a little bit cuz even on a normal day i am an overly dramatic person so imagine me NOW. *trying my bestest best to contain my excitement in ofc!*

before i went for my test this morning, mr. lee commented that i was gg to pass cuz i had no confidence for the test AT ALL. and i replied him, "how cud it be? i drove realli well during my 1st test and they failed me. THEY FAILED ME! i dunno wat to do for test this time. i oredi did my best during the last. i realli think dun i will pass this time also."

he jus stared at me and smiled. "don't worry, u will pass."

and true enough, I did. and i am still puzzled! today is THE absolute worst i've ever driven. not ONE OF THE WORST but THE ABSOLUTE WORST!

during my 1st test, i got the killer test route 6. i mus be damned to be so "lucky" to get the worse one out of 8 routes to pick from! and u wud nv guess that during my 2nd test today.. I GOT THE SAME BLOODY ROUTE!! i realli almost cried when i found out but well.. like i said earlier.. i had no intention of passing today so my attitude was jus "to hell with it!" and whack all the way!

so like i alwaes tell everyone proudly, my circuit executions are normally flawless.. the slope, ramp, vertical parking, horizontal parking, directional change and crank course. i have the absolute flair for "catching" the correct spots and angle to turn/reverse. even for my 1st test, i left the circuit for the public roads demerit point-less!

and today.. OMG.. i parked the worse vertical parking and only a so-so horizontal parking. the directional change was the worse.. i almost mounted the kerb! and i only mounted the kerb ONCE in my whole driving lesson history! so i asked for a re-do and even with the re-do.. the car was not straight and i reversed like 3 or 4 times to make sure it looked like it was in the correct position (when it was not, of cuz). my hands were trembling at that point! but by sheer luck.. i managed to pull out of the lot alive.

when i went on the road.. i was realli lucky.. the roads were as clear as can be...! AMAZING! i changed lane with ease and hardly any feeling of panic. i failed at lane-changing for my last test (even tho i felt i did quite well! :P) so i was exceptionally careful this time with the 3 lane changes for this killer test-route.

during my 1st test, i peeped at the testers laptop every few minutes to monitor my demerit points.. but i realised that was too stressful.. so this time, i refrained from looking until the last 5 minutes of the test route, when i cudn't stand it anymore.. i took a quick peep at the laptop and saw 12 points! then i started to repeat to myself in my head, "pls drive as careful as a mouse back to school.. pls pls pls pls.."

and 5 minutes later.. i was back at sch.. sitting at the tester's office.. and collecting my result script with the big fat PASS printed. *WOOHOO!*

ok now comes the most bizarre part of all.

the 1st tester i had durign my 1st test was friendly, encouraging and spoke very very kindly. i thot.. i wud surely pass with a tester like that! but it turned out that he was pretty strict and became impatient towards the end, and even with my flawless driving (or so i thot) he failed me! (i was also kinda dressed to kill.. flowy short dress all. :p)

today, my tester had the most unfriendly face and the most disapproving tone of voice when he speaks.. and yet with my horrendous driving and flustered hands.. HE PASSED ME?! (i was covered from head to toe today??)

so u say la, weird or not?!

ok i am not saying that i am not happy la but it is jus weird, u kno? :p

*smiling at everyone today! even the jee-ko-peks on the trains! la la la la la..!*

apologies for this abrupt close of my entry. i am simply too delirious.. i can't think properly now!

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

The Return of the BOYBANDS!

There's been this sudden surge of boybands making a comeback in the pop scene recently and i must say.. it makes me feel old.. ok that was not my point. :p

to me, it's interesting to see what these folks from yester years look like now from the last time i saw them when i was.. well i think 16.

some scared me to death.. and some realli left my mouth gaping. judge for urself.

don't doubt this.. this was shot only this year.. HWO COME BOYZONE LOOKS BETTER THAN THEY DID 10 YEARS AGO? and i mean all 5 of them! the less-famous 3 look even better than they used to back in the heydays! "I realli dun geddit!"

NKOTB's gotta be the biggest surprise comeback this year. but i have to say only joey mcintyre is still ok looking.. jordan knight's eyes are so wrinkly! the rest.. gave a bit of creeps actually.. they're nothing more than uncles to me! i cudn't find the video on youtube but u guys shud totally check it out if u get the chance.. it is a little bit painful to watch 3 uncles act sexy!

what is BSB without kev.. he is like the mr. man of bsb! but anyhow.. they look pretty much the same.. jus a little bit more buffier (or fatter) and sporting a more ruffled up look. music's jus so-so.

so based on the above.. my vote goes to Boyzone for keeping so well in the aspect of looks and it is a bonus that the song is pretty catchy!

needless to say, i will be keeping a lookout for them in the next few months.. :)

Food for Thought.

Never underestimate the power of "I LOVE YOU".