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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

The World At My Fingertips!

I proudly admit that I cannot survive without my phone. I don't like to feel like I am unreachable nor do I like to feel like I am out of touch with the people I love.

Be it through an actual phone conversation, texting, MSN, e-mail, twitter, blogging or even Facebook.. I am very in-sync with all the forms of communication available to me. other than Facebook and MSN, I check the rest of my communications on a daily basis, some on an hourly basis.

As I got older, I realised I became more dependent on e-mail. it gets work done faster and allows me to transmit more information on a single platform of communication.

Ironically, I do not own a functional notebook. When I am out of office, (ie. weekends), on a holiday or at some remote place without internet access, i feel completely lost. Not being able to check my emails, Facebook or blog.. is like cutting me off from the outside world. feeling out of no choice, i rely greatly on my phone on days like these. for the only other forms of communication available to me - calling and texting.

I tried to perform the above-mentioned functions on my humble nokia phone whom runs on the good ol' traditional java platform.. well if i am willing to compromise, it does work fine. until i realised the money that racked up on my monthly bill. then yea, that is NOT fine.

3 days ago, I went and got myself a Nokia E71.. just 3 days of owning it, I dare say my life has changed. IT HAS BECOME PERFECT. My life has been black and white until the E71 came along! it is like finding the missing piece of puzzle in my life! I am certain I absolutely cannot live without my E71.. it can do everything! i can call, i can text, i can check emails (so conveniently, may i add, as it is push-mail), i can blog, i can twitter, i can access FB.. oh god.. how did i ever manage to live my 27 years of life without such an amazing gadget like this!!

Everything is within my fingertips, literally!

I am such a happy bunny now.. as it feels as tho i can carry my whole world around with me.. to work, outside of work, in the bathroom, in the lift, etc, etc.

when i travel for leisure now, i can conveniently check my work email and realli holiday with a peace of mind. it is a wondrous feeling, i tell u.

so i was wrong abt myself not being smart enough for a smart phone..

I just hadn't met E71 yet. :)


.J said...

Bkk! i just came back from bkk. will be back in sg next week! Can't wait!