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Sunday, July 26, 2009

Small Talk of Another Kind

I know I've permed my hair for a while now.. Since March, I think? You'd think I'd have the winning formula by now, having the exact products and perfect touches to my hair so my head ends up covered in those fabulous, big, luscious curls.

Well, not really. And not always! I swear, my hair has a live of its own, sometimes. :(

On some days, if I manage to put in the correct amount/combination of leave-on conditioner (for, well, conditioning), hair oil (for shine) and anti-frizz serum (for more manageable hair), I have no doubt it will look perfect throughout the day.

But on those days where things just dun gel, I will either end up with a head of hair that looks like cotton candy, or hair that looks limp and lifeless.

With that, you have to know that even though I am happy with my curls so far, I am constantly on the lookout for better products/tips that can improve the look of my lovely-but-not-quite curls. When it comes to finding beauty products that work, a lot of times it is trial and error for me.

So I have heard so much about TIGI's Bedhead Small Talk and I was doing my beauty products shopping over the weekend and chanced upon a very good deal for it. It retails at about SGD30 plus if I am not wrong, I got it for almost 40% off the retail price. So I bought my very 1st bottle of Small Talk and rubbed it into my hair this morning. So far, it is turning out well, I can see that the usual suspects of unruly curls are not so unruly today and they seem to be drying up really pretty. (My hair normally looks very different when it's wet and when it's dry.)

Today is the 1st day I am trying it out after all so I will monitor it's efficiency for this week (at least) before I go ahead to give my verdict on this wonderfully-acclaimed hair product.

You can find out more about TIGI's Bedhead Small Talk here.

Meanwhile, take care and have a good hair day, all! :)


one little journey said...

oh my friend highly recommended this product to me too. where did u get it from? i can't find anywhere near my plc nor in watson.

kellykylie said...

have to go to those "ocean" or "swanson" in chinatown to buy.. cheaper.

i dunno where else sell also! i was looking ard for it for quite a bit before i saw it in chinatown. :p