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Monday, January 29, 2007

Update on the 1st month of 2007!

there is a reason why i haven't been updating my blog. there has been too much going on, and too little time for me to even log on to type in a sentence.

i am now having lunch on a gloomy monday noon. only reason why i am able to post an entry today is cuz my manager is out of the office for the day and my project is finally giving me some air to breathe. for now at least.

my relationship with my manager and i has gotten better since the last month. it is largely due to the fact tt we work on different projects now, thus less conflicts between us. she realli is not too bad a person as a mentor and a friend. jus dun catch her on her impatient and PMS days.

In place of my manager, i now work with an associate account director (AAD), whom, well, has quite an impressive background. he makes a nice boss all, but a bit too MCP sometimes. it's a good thing i can be quite a "xiao nu ren" at work, tt's y i work fine with him so far. but i wun say tt happens everyday. at least most of the time, we're ok.

at one of our client's party 2 weeks ago, my colleagues and i were invited to turn up with our partners. when AAD showed up with his gf, i gaped in awe. his gf was a well-known celebrity (ZZ), as well as an idol of mine. i realli cudn't believe my eyes. i was almost gg to scream with a severe case of being star-struck.. but according to my bf, i did a good job containing myself and pulling off as someone who wasn't very impressed with ZZ. in the end, i got to hold a long conversation with ZZ and spending quite a bit of time around her. *unbelievable!* i remained HIGH for the next 2 days! (my bf joked that he wasn't going to wash his hands since he shoke her hands tt night! haha!) I am so tempted to put up the pictures i took with ZZ tt day.. but to protect my office from being swamped with "gou zai dui" to take a glimpse at ZZ's bf, i shall not. (Sorry, folks!)

dun think it is hard to tell tt i am in an extremely good mood today, despite being monday today. absense does makes the heart grow fonder. my bf went away most of last week on a company trip.. we were separated for 5 days. i missed him so much.. and when he touched down yday noon, i was there at the airport to welcome him home. he did not kno i was gg to pick him up and when he walked out of the belt area, his face lit up upon seeing me. it was such a joy to see his face after, er, 5 days. hahaha.

the rest of the day, he was real sweet and stayed close to me throughout, even tho we were just chilling at home. something he hasn't done in quite a while. made me real happy.

before he left for his trip, he was afraid i wud haf nothing to do for the weekend and so he sponsored for my CNY shopping! tt was so sweet.. i realli shopped till i dropped last sat. all smiles, of cuz. i also did my hair and all my CNY shopping in one day! :)

as usual, i'm looking forward to CNY in Feb. i think i'm gonna get a whole week off. and get to spend some quality time with him.

feb is ard the corner.. and love is indeed in the air!