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Sunday, July 19, 2009

Spirit Wings

I attended an all-girls' catholic school from primary to secondary school, despite being a non-catholic. altho i nv converted, i strongly believe in the goodness of the religion and it nv ceased to surprise me, how close the teachings of Catholicism is to Buddhism. I guess a good religion will all teach the same goodness of humanity. :)

being convent sch girls, we are all required to attend mass in school. there would be at least one mass per month: Easter Day Mass, Good Friday Mass, New Year's Day Mass, Teacher's Day Mass, Children's Day Mass etc etc. I had loved going to mass for 2 reasons. 1stly, it eats into our lesson time. hence, can skip class. :p 2ndly, during mass, we get to sing boring, but very beautiful hymns. some of those i remember until this day. especially those that gives me a calming effect each time after i sing it.

I attended a friend's church wedding some months back.. as well as her wedding mass, of cuz. it had been more than 10 years since i last attended a mass. and i was appalled at the number of new hymns that were available now.. most of them i could not sing along to.

however, one hymn did come up towards the end and it brought back so many memories.. of me and my classmates sitting on the wooden floor of the school gym, holding each other's hand and singing along with the choir. as i looked around me in that church, it was the same faces around me. And i saw the same look on their faces when they looked up. Some of them their faces I've seen since I was 7, others, more than 10 years I have known them. Except they are more grown up now, and wiser than when we sat on the wooden floors in sch. it was truly a magical moment and a realisation of how many years we have stood by each other and managed to remain true to ourselves and our friendship. i couldn't help myself when a tear fell from my eye, a single tear of joy.

I sung the hymn out loud, praying for happiness, good health and for the eternal bond of our friendship.

Today, the tune has found its way back to me and I am singing the hymn in my head and crying the tears in my heart as I remember a dear colleague who passed away on Saturday.

Spirit Wings
"Some birds live in cages
They never learn to fly
And like those birds, I never found my wings
But Lord, your love released me
So I could see the sky
And now my heart rejoices as I sing

Spirit Wings,
You lift me over all the earth bound things
And like a bird, my heart is flying free
I'm soaring on the song your spirit brings
O Lord of all, You let me see
A vision of, your majesty
You lift me up
And carry me on your spirit wings

Now when I'm feeling lonely
I just look at You
And soon my heart is soaring high above
Everything is clearer
From Your point of view
Lifted up on spirit wings of love"

Dear Anthony,

We have been colleagues for almost a year and I know we never talked as much as we should have, but you were always a joy to have around. I hope that wherever you are now, you are reunited with your loved ones and smiling down from above. May God bless your family during this difficult time.

You will always be in our hearts and we will always miss you. RIP.



.J said...

the moment loh. haha

can't believe i can spot u in the fully packed stadium !

i wanna watch 500 days of summer after ur post !

kellykylie said...

oh yes, i can't wait for 500 days of summer.. lemme know what u think after u watch it! :)