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Sunday, August 30, 2009


Mayday concerts are the best. They are the reason the word "high" was invented, to me. It was so good.. even better than the last concert I went to.. (oops, sorry but I did love it too!)

I notice there is now a trend of having 2 (or more) encores before the show finally ends. I learnt my lesson at my last concert. haha. This time, at the Mayday concert, they had 3 encores!

When they returned to stage for the 1st encore, Ashin said, "还不走啊?"
Audience: "不走!"
Ashin: "这么迟了,还有车回家吗?"
Audience: "没有!"
Ashin: "那你们要走路回家吗?"
Audience: "对!"
Ashin: "好,五月天陪你."

I kno it is just stage talk la, but still I found that so heartwarming...! I almost cried there... T_T

And at the 2nd encore, Mayday came out again and Ashin said, "再来一首好吗?"
Audience: "好!"
Ashin: "来首快的好吗?"
Audience: "好!"
Ashin: "那来首慢的好吗?"
Audience: "好!"
Ashin: "来首慢而轻快的好吗?"
Audience: "好!"
Ashin: "看来只要来一首什么都行啦."
Audience laughs at this point, and quietens down.
Ashin: "怎么又静了下来,讨厌!"

It was hilarious when he said 讨厌! HAHA! It really sent the audience roaring with laughter before they broke into a series of the sappy love songs.

However, the best part of the concert was when after they sang the last song, 憨人. The audience obviously didn't want it to end even tho it was 12.10am.. so we (the audience, carried on to "la la la" to the song for a good 10 minutes even after Mayday had finished singing it. and Mayday just stood on stage, listening and taking it all in. There was a every emotional look on Ashin's face.. I really believe he was holding back his tears, though he did tear at some part of the concert before that.

In the end, the 5 of them took a 90-degree bow for about a minute and waved goodbye, walked off the stage without a last word. Well, they have said enough through their eyes, long-time fans would know.

Shall let the pictures do the talking!