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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

A Queen, I Am!

Been a good coupla days of late. Have been very lucky on Tuesday to be blessed with good weather. So good that my shoulders are a shade darker now. But can't complain, good weather like the one on Tuesday is hard to come by for a day of photoshoot.. the skies were a brilliant blue with big, puffy, white clouds dancing in them. :)

had an impromptu idea to go to BKK over the National Day long weekend next week. cuz i am honestly pretty bored of married life on weekends.. a song comes to mind:

"Just sitting here with you
Holding your hand I'm in paradise
Lost in your wonderland"

Wonderland there seems a lil misleading. Anyway. My point is, I am bored of married life in a good way. like having bird's nest everyday can be boring, you know? :p

so ya, off we go to the land of smiles next Thursday, together with our good couple-friends, Agus and Sally. It's gonna be such great fun - a double date time-extension!

we were very lucky to find a good deal on Jetstar (or being able to get any tickets at all this late) and being such an impromptu idea, some of us had to compromise with work, timing etc. The flight times offered by Jetstar were perfect for us and all of us were able to take time off to go together!

I know a lot of ppl go to BKK for the cheap shopping but the 4 of us are not there for the shopping (anyway, i nv did like shopping in BKK), we are gg there for the cheap and good massages, and to spend like kings at nice restaurants! not gonna miss out on Vertigo this time!


having said that, we had not intended to stay in budget/boutique hotel or at the backpackers. we wanted a 5-star hotel like Dusit Thani. When I did a quick check on its rates, it turned out to be too good a deal to not book it! for SGD120 a night, who could resist the calling of a 5-star hotel who boasts of guests like Tiger Woods, Andy Roddick, Black Eyed Peas, Jay Chou and Enrique Iglesias?? Not me!!

and so, booked for Dusit Thani, we are!

Looking forward to living like a Queen come Aug 6! :)