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Thursday, February 26, 2009

Lost Generation

Watch it, I promise you, it's cool!
More imptly, read the msg behind it..

Watch Tinted Windows - Album release Apr 21!

1st of all.. wat is wrong with the host? he seems extremely bored and unimpressed by the "terrific guys"!

and yea.. i took a long, deep breath after i finished watching that, and ended with a silly grin on my face. i knew Taylor was the lead singer in this new band but i didn't know he was going to front it.. like the regular frontman of a rock band! i thot it wud be like the hanson days where he wud sing and play his keyboards at the same time. it's certainly going to take some getting used to.. i still like him better thrashing at his keyboards.

and those footwork.. omg.. he needs to work on them.. they look tangled at one point! *cringes!*

doesn't he remind you slightly of daniel johns from silverchair (w/o the guitar)? the skinny tie and the blonde hair?

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Hanson on GG

Let's talk a bit about the music in GG today, instead of my regular rantings abt its beautiful cast..

So anyone who knows me knows i'm a musical person. music is a big part of my life.. a lot of the life-changing points in my life so far can be easily represented by a certain song or a certain band/singer.

and being the kind of person I am, i am extremely sensitive to the music that is playing ard me. be it in movies, on tv, in the record store, ringtones playing out of mobile phones, in the shopping malls bla bla bla.

In GG, i noticed most of their music were funk and silghtly chill-out. it realli sets the mood for the uber cool show and when suddenly, they play a slow, endearing tune in one of those tear-jerking scenes, one will realli stop to listen.

it happened to me on the very pilot episode of GG - when i was still trying to grasp the storyline, familiarising myself with its characters and basically taking and breathing all of it in.. when i heard the song.

it was a bit alternative, leaning more towards slow rock/pop. when the vocals came on, it was raspy and very depressing. the tune of the song realli made the scene very impressionable.. one of those whereby the whole screen just looks perfect. music playing, lady walking in the wind, hair blowing beautifully across her face.. even the passers-by were looking good.

i thot i felt my heartbeat jus miss a beat. the song was beautiful.

so without doubt, i googled it the very next day and it was an extremely pleasant surprise when i found out that the song was "Go" and performed by Hanson. (Zac as the lead on this one, otherwise i would have totally recognised Taylor's voice!)

So going back to my very musically-influenced life.. Hanson was a BIG part of my life for a good 7 to 8 years. If my sis is reading, she'd be cringing now. cuz she'd be remembering my 10 to 15 hanson posters in our small room, my pc with hanson's faces strewn all over my wallpaper and screensaver, my files and books all wrapped up in "Hanson Rules!" scribblings (and i fondly rem one incident when my sis cud not take it anymore and screamed at me, "this is my room and there no other RULES except mine!"), the endless playing of Hanson's songs on our cd player and the struggling/painful strummings of an aspiring guitar player (er, that wud be me). yes, hanson influenced me so much i actually picked up guitar for them! (self-taught with the help a friend's, mind u!) i can still play it today but will probably need to learn some new songs, other than the hanson ones - the only ones i know.

so the song is from their latest studio album, "The Walk", which i actually have lying around somewhere in my drawer. Even after the 7/8 years of frenzied idolization, i continued to support them by buying every studio released album. but since the frenzy is not there anymore.. i bought it and chucked it. :( nv got ard to listening to it until i watched GG and went looking for the album i have hidden somewhere.

it is wonderful. i've missed taylor's voice more than i knew!

and also thru a few other websites, i found out that Taylor has recently joined a "Superband" (this means a group of already-famous ppl come together and form a new band - something like 183 club in TW). "Tinted Windows" consist of guitarist James Iha, previously of The Smashing Pumpkins, singer Taylor Hanson of Hanson, bassist Adam Schlesinger of Fountains of Wayne and Ivy, and Bun E. Carlos of Cheap Trick. I am widely surprised by this new idea (considering some of these guys are easily his father's age!) and hugely pleased to know that Taylor is making efforts to revive his career, and not let his beautiful face and recognised talent go to waste. but, how is taylor like working outside of his own band?? i nv thot he wud go down this path so it is a very very intriguing thot for me.

If you don't see a similarity, the 2nd one from the right is Taylor Hanson.

however, i am upset that Taylor is no longer as beautiful as he used to be.. but his voice.. his voice is still as captivating. haha, i think i am the only person in the world who wud say that abt his voice. but it is exactly what it does to me.. i have been held captive for years!

Tinted Windows have only one song out on digital release so far.. and i have downloaded it and am loving it. the music style is apparently "an early 80s kinda vibe" but IMO, it's still pretty much pop-rock, very similar to what used to rule the radio stations in the late 90s. and some parts of the song sounds very movie soundtrack-ish. not that i am complaining..! Taylor is the lead singer of the band and i cannot be more pleased with that decision!

If you have a bit of time.. download Kind of a Girl and listen to it for yourself!

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Verizon-LG Phone

I am in love with this phone.. it's been out in the US for almost a year now.. issit ever gonna come to SG??? :S

Thursday, February 19, 2009

You don't want, but I want!

Following him to my post abt Eddie earlier.. i was very upset when i saw the headlines of today's My Paper..

seriously. wat has it got to do with the netizens who protested abt Eddie's appearance in SG? is his coming here gonna ruin their lives? are u afraid that he will take racy pictures with your gf/wife/sister/mother or wat?? (even if so, they are all probably willing parties lo!) i jus dun understand how some ppl can be so ridiculous.. can we not forget abt it and move on?? how wud u feel if u made a mistake a work and ppl nv forgave u for that and refused to let you take on any other work for that matter? it is simply ridiculous!

anyhows, i dun think these netizens' opinions are gonna matter cuz from wat i read from My Paper, the organisers do not feel threatened enough to cancel his appearances. if anything, i think they are more happy that it is causing such a controversy. good publicity for the PR stint, i say!

so having said that, who can get me a ticket to the Adidas event huh?? i wanna go see Eddie!!!!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009


so i've finally got to catching up on the gossip girl craze and i must say - i think i love it, too.

see, i've been watching too many of such "young adult" dramas from the US and i must say.. i'm starting to get jaded.

the said dramas mentioned above is typically full of squealing teens who seems only have one description for everything they say/do/feel - "O.M.G." it's ok if u say it once every episode but when it's at least once every scene.. i dunno. it gets to me.

so i started watching gossip girl having these same expectations and also thinking.. it's jus gonna be another one of those.. u see one, u've seen them all.

but no... i am halfway through season one and i haven't heard anyone blurt any OMGs. at least not that i rem.. cuz they realli dun say it that much. and i think the actors/actresses may have actually been casted, taking also into consideration, their voices. how is it that all of them have such non-squealing voices and even better, that deep, husky, matured voice? all of them, i swear, all of them have such appealing voices! it's like even if i close my eyes and just listen to the dvd playing... i wud still fall in love with their voices. they are jus so non-irritaing. unlike those in "The Hills" and "90210". and gee.. 90210 is really bad. and i realli think this is the glammed up version of "The Hills". tho there is absolutely no comparison between the 2. gossip girl is the queen of young adult drama!

not only is the cast beautiful.. they all more models than actors. and it's amazing how the cast manage to potray the teenagers to be very adult and thoughtful. which is exactly how i wud imagine the atas kids of NYC to be.. less like those regular kids who go to public schools (like in 90210. eww!) like there is nothing to hate abt them. they are so cool and decisive and know what they want. right, it's the confidence that they ooze. it's so alluring!

and i hereby confirm that i am a bad-boy lover. cuz i have to confess that at this point of the series.. my fave guy is CHUCK BASS. how weird is that! he's not the most good-looking, nor is he the most pleasant character but he is the most dangerous guy with the most sarcastic remarks. i love that!

and i now understand why kids in SG these days are so bold with their dressing and getting so good with it. if gossip girl is the kind of stuff they've been watching and getting their fashion inspiration from.. i say WAY TO GO! the fashion is chic and tasteful and.. i might be adding some new pieces to my own wardrobe, inspired by the show itself.

cuz u kno, when it comes to fashion, there is no such thing is not having enough space. there is alwaes that extra space left in the wardrobe. :)

Monday, February 16, 2009

The 2 Great Loves - Part 2

MY 2 GREAT LOVES! 排名不分先后!

PS: Librans love TV in Bed!

This entry is for you, Ms. Teo! :p

Eddie is coming to SG!

Seeing his picture kinda still reminds me of the scandal but truth is, we are always gonna be reminded of the bad things ppl did in the past no matter how they try to make up for it later. And hello, a guy this good-looking is bound to attract trouble like a magnet. it's jus worse in this case that he has a bad-ass attitude to go with it.

So wat the hell, Edddie! Come back to showbiz oredi! My TV screen hasn't been sizzlin' since u've been gone! :(

So I read in The Straits Times today that Mr. Chen will be heading over to SG for an event in the name of Carl's Jr. It is kinda a weird thing to go to, considering the fame he used to enjoy before the scandal broke, he would have never needed to attend such events. but well.. times are different now and any kind of publicity would be good publicity, I guess.

and lucky us... of all places to stage a "comeback", he chooses SG! i reckon it has a lot to do with our national security and all.. perhaps he feels it is safe here to make an appearance. This news is very disturbing and i believe there is some truth to it.. no fire no smoke, eh?

no dates are mentioned as of now but when it is.. you can be sure the tabloids will be louspeakering it all over the place.

I can't wait to see Eddie!!!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

The 2 Great Loves

i have been re-watching Sex and The City recently and I just saw the 1st episode on Season 5 titled "Anchors Away". In it, Charlotte mentions about these "2 great loves" that everyone gets in their lifetime. Meaning that everyone has only 2 great loves in their lives and they either end up with either one of them.. or nothing at all. like if you've missed the boat, then it's gone forever. and in carrie's case, her 2 great loves are obviously Big and Aidan. (and till this day, i dunno why she dumped Aidan!)

that set me thinking for a while. who are my 2 great loves? and how do i kno who are my 2 great loves? other than my hubby now, i nv stayed in another r'ship long enough to kno if he had been the one great love in my life.

so that is to say - effectively, i only have one great love, as of now.

*gasp* the other great love hasn't appeared, yet?

that is a disturbing thot and i certainly wud not entertain it if it ever comes my way.

most of my frens would have me believe that my other great love wud be J. but some part of me is not convinced.. if he had been one of my great loves.. then shudn't we have done more than wat we had? with him, it is alwaes a sense of regret, a sense of what-if and a sense of i've-not-done-enuff. :( how cud that be equal to great love when we both know we haven't tried at all, if not enuff?

comparatively, my r'ship with my hubby is nothing if not a great love. the storms we've weathered for the past 6 years would be nothing if we are not married today.. it would all have been for nothing. but it is not.. cuz we have worked out our differences/put them aside in order to make us work.. IT IS A GREAT LOVE simply cuz we put each other before the other. i cannot begin to say how much i appreciate wat he's done for me all these years.

so perhaps not everyone has 2 great loves in their lives.. in my case, one great ongoing love is better 2 failed great loves in a lifetime.

I believe in LOVE, do you?

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Of Annoying Colleagues (& more)

Exhibit A - Charles

Charles has been a long time friend of my BFF Nic (ok, they used to date). Only when he got an internal transfer to my side of the office did I realize that we were working in the same company.

To be honest, though I have met Charles several times before in the past years, we nv had anything in common to talk abt. His very presence makes me uncomfortable as he's loud, crude and possibly overbearing. So I hadn't been too excited since I found out that we were working together - and to my horror.. i realised that he had been going ard telling our colleagues abt my personal matters which I had confided in Nic (and Nic had nv imagined that Singapore would be this small) and treating it like it didn't matter. LIKE MY LIFE DIDN'T MATTER. obviously in his case, my life didn't matter to him. what aggravates me the most is that he doesn't even bother to try to be discreet abt it and openly discusses MY LIFE when I am around, with the other colleagues in our office pantry.

I complained to Nic abt it and she apologised abt telling him, which i totally do not blame her for. i nv saw this coming too. Nic had recently stopped talking to him as he had also been loudspeakering Nic's personal matters to their common friends. ans he was totally pissing her off.

in the end, Nic and i concluded that Charles's loudspeakering behaviour was due to his need to boast abt his own popularity. like he is alwaes in the know of everyone's business and is more than willing to share the "information" with ppl who are willing to be on the receiving end.

and if this is his way of being buddy-buddy with me, he is so hitting all the wrong buttons. i am THIS CLOSE to clobbering him, i swear.

Exhibit B - Dan

When Dan and I just started out talking, i found him to be a very sweet and thoughtful guy. alwaes smiling and well-mannered. and until lately.. i noticed a slight change in his behaviour towards me. he loves to stare. he stares at me from across the table in the pantry, he stares at me at our colleague's wedding dinner 2 seats away from me and he stares at me through the glass door when i am in the meeting room, facing his desk outside. IT IS SUPER EERIE! and all thru this time, he does nothing. he doesn't talk to the person next to him, he doesn't read the papers that he holds in front of him and when i look up to glare at him, he looks away. and as soon as i return to doing whatever i was doing before, he goes back to staring at me again!!! it is damn frustrating!

the worst thing is that he will alwaes create an opportunity to talk to me in the office and it realli puts me off. like when i am getting a drink of water in the pantry alone, he wud stroll in and chit chat, and walk out with me after that.. not having touched anything in the pantry, i.e. he had no need to go into the pantry, except to talk to me! *yucks*

or when we go out to lunch in a grp.. he wud alwaes walk beside me and join in all the conversations that i engage in. it has pissed me off so much that i have recently taken to being real sarcarstic with him and rolling my eyes at him ever so often.

i dun want to guess why he is being like this ard me, i just want it to stop! it is turning into some kind of harassment and invasion of privacy and i realli realli hate it!

see, this is one of the reasons why i dun get buddy-buddy with guys. just one nice word/action and they immediately take it the wrong way! they are so annoying!

whoever said guys and girls can have platonic relationships is so lying, i tell u.

What do you do when you chance upon a Vanessa Bruno dress that fits you to a T right here in SG?

you buy it, of cuz, dumb ass!

and spend the rest of the day feeling guilty abt splurging (yet again) on something unnecesary at this point but secretly happy that you bought it anywae. (I can't believe my good luck - a Vanessa Bruno dress right here in SG - the only piece left in the shop and in my size! if that is not a sign for me to buy it, i dunno what is!)

Sigh. The sad (and chic) life of a shopaholic.

Thursday, February 05, 2009

i've been coming to work this week, feeling like a zombie.. cuz there are still small CNY celebrations gg on every other day this week after work and i swear.. i am completely knocked out when i get home. and waking up the next morning for work is such a chore.

as a result.. i've been waking up realli late EVERYDAY of this week. and to make up for lost time.. (spent on sleeping, that is) i've been cabbing to work EVERYDAY of this week. no joke. 5 days in a row. ERP, peak hour charge, advance booking charge.. damn shiong. :( i think that's about 100 bucks gone from my pocket.

it cud also be due to the late nights i've had for the week of CNY.. i wake up after 11am everyday last week.. the body clock's kinda messed up right now. i used to be able to get up rather promptly when my alarm goes off each morning.. but now my alarm can snooze every 5 minutes for more than 20 times before i finally get up.. (that is pretty late, if you do ur sums.)

it's funny how nature works.. it takes years of discipline to cultivate a good habit and just a few nights to break it. damn sucky, if u ask me.

well, i've nv felt happier to say TGIF cuz i can sleep in all day tmr! *grins from ear to ear!* i have to agree that the best things in life are free.. nothing can compare to a quality sleep.. and as i get older.. i realli start to appreciate this more.

so happy friday ahead to all my darling friends and yes, i am making a conscious effort to avoid talking abt you-know-what. :) i've gone cold turkey and pulled thru!! :p *yippee!*

Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Remember, we are going thru RECESSION!

my company hands out angpaos during CNY yearly and during last year's CNY lunch, they handed out angpaos worth SGD288.. and this year.. well, due to the financial crisis.. real estate industry slowdown.. credit crunch bla bla bla.. my colleagues and i were expecting to take an "angpao-cut", if there was any intended to be handed out to begin with.

So we went for our CNY lunch today at Noble House. This is an upgrade considering we went to Tung Lok's Teahouse at China Square last year (which has since been torn down, btw). So we all thought.. "Confirm got angpao-cut la.. otherwise where got so good.. bring us to Noble House.." and so we wallowed in self-pity for a while before we dug into the sumptuous lunch complete with Shark's Fins Soup etc.

and jus before lunch ended, the bosses came ard to distribute the angpaos.. so we went, "heng ar.. at least they nv save on angpao lo.. got angpao, small small also good la.."

and so when we all got our angpaos.. some of us peeped and counted the small wad of cash in the angpaos.. there was a whopping SGD388 in it!

sorry, what recession huh?

Sunday, February 01, 2009

As if I need another reminder.

It doesn't help that your friend's just named their new-born daughter "Isabella".

Really, it doesn't remind me of anything. REALLI.