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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

The Phone Wars!

dun remember if i've blogged abt this before.. but i've traded in my trusty ol' nokia 6300 for the IT-savvy Sony Ericsson W960i..

this was a result of witnessing my sister using the phone and thinking to myself, "This phone is total coolness! i have to get it too!" and not realising that perhaps it was my sister who made it cool, and nothing at all to do with the phone itself.

so anywae.. within weeks, i became the proud owner of a W960i and also the 1st time owner of a Smart phone.. and truth be told.. i realised i am not exactly someone who needs so much technology on a day-to-day basis.. and i also realised i am not as cool as my sister who was using the phone with ease. i was having problems with adjusting to it.

and as most Smart phone owners would know.. they run on Symbian and system is prone to "hanging" when you have a lot of applications running at the same time. i will honestly say that i nv had this problem when i was using the traditional java programmed phones like my Nokia 6300.

so one month into owning the W960i, i got a bit irritated with its system alwaes hanging on me and its functions are way too complicated for my simple mind. but well.. the phone did cost me quite a bit.. so i decided to hold out until my mobile phone contract ends at the end of a 2-yr span.

at least that was wat i thot until 2 months into using the phone.. the mic gave up on me. it refused to work. whenever i had incoming calls, the person on the other line wud not be able to hear me AT ALL. i had to put up with the nonsense for 2 days until i finally decided..

I AM NOT SMART ENOUGH FOR A SMART PHONE. or perhaps i was just not destined for a Sony Ericsson.

and so i walked myself to the mobile phone service provider and traded in the W960i for a spanking new Nokia 6600 Slide.

yea, so i am a Nokia fan after all. its fashionista appearance and simple functions are jus perfect for someone like me - a bimbo.

i swear, these images do this phone an injustice.. it is so pretty in my hands!! and the best thing abt its interface (other than the fact it is java-supported, not Symbian) is that, it is like an upgraded version of my Nokia 6300.. and i am truly loving it! (i dun remember being this excited when i laid my hands on the W960i for the 1st time - if anything i felt lost using it!)

I guess the moral of my story is.. the good stuff might not suit you the best.. i.e. mai gei kiang! :p

i've learnt my lesson well this time!

Monday, September 15, 2008

Call me MRS LEE! :p


My ROM turned out absolutely perfect. God has been kind to me. Weather was great, guests were merry, family and good friends were all present. i didn't exactly make a personal definition of wat wud make a perfect ROM but it jus turned out the way it was - PERFECT!

I will need time to put up pictures so pls be patient.

Most imptly, thank you to all those who made it special.. each and every single one of you I invited - u hold a special place in my heart and i am grateful u have shared a very precious moment with me on Sunday. My deepest apologies for not being able to spend time with all of you but I will make up for you in the coming days - dinner or something. :)

i think i will need to revise the meaning of BLOG. it is not an abbreviation for weblog but more like backlog.

BACKLOG = B-LOG = BLOG (i have so many things to blog abt but have jus absolutely NO TIME!)

so hard to be a responsible blogger!!! but i will strive to be one as hard as i strive to be a good wife!!

*blissful smile!*

Wednesday, September 10, 2008


i kno i owe u guys the post abt my bachelorette party.. but that is going to be a huge one so it has to wait!! i am amidst the madness of my ROM preparations.. we are 3 days away!!!! *gasp!* following that i will also post details of the actual day, of cuz.. :)

but for now.. want to share a good deal with u peeps.

i am into the last days of my ROM preparations and doing all the last minute beauty treats i can possible find. (this includes sleeping early everyday from today to sunday!)

so i walked into SASA during lunch today to find some facial masks.. and chanced upon good ones at only SGD3.00 each!! (buy 2 get 1 free some more!! that means each sheet is only 2 bucks!)

So i grabbed 3 (one for each of the days before my ROM) and went to the counter to pay. when the cash register charged a total amount of SGD4.80 and i was like, "Huh?! so cheap?" then the lady explained that they were having a promotion and each sheet is only going for SGD1.60 each!!!


but well i have not tried it yet so i did not rush back to grab more BUT i love SASA stuff so far so i have no doubt this will turn out good too.

some examples of great buys from SASA so far. and since my discovery on them, i have nv looked back! MUST-HAVES of my daily beauty regime!

this baby.. i cannot and will not live without it! it is pretty costly at SGD69.90 per bottle but i wud spend my last cent on it with no questions asked!!

this is not spectacular but it managed to replace my 60 bucks moisturizer and work just as well at only SGD19.90! What a steal, right?! and it is so powerful that u only need to use a little at a time and one tub realli goes a loooong way!

and back to the masks i was raving abt before i got sidetracked to my skincare miracles.. :p there are a variety of brands, scents and purpose (moisturize, collagen, relaxation) of masks for you to choose from and i was truly spoilt for chioce!

i am definitely going back to Sasa for more facial masks when i am finished with the 3!

there are simply no more excuses for girls to say that beauty maintenance is too expensive bla bla bla.

like ppl alwaes say, "世界上没有丑女人,只有懒女人"!

how true! :)

Sunday, September 07, 2008

***SNEAK PREVIEW*** Bachelorette Party @ Hotel Naumi - Sep 6


Thursday, September 04, 2008

Good Shopping Day!

you know how there are days when u have a list of things to get and u jus can't seem to find a single thing from that list to buy? they are always either out of stock, or not available in the size/colour u want, or jus not the way u imagined it so u end up not buying them.

now THAT is a Bad Shopping Day. When you walk round and round and think abt whether u shud buy something or look ard some more but decide to buy nothing at the end of the day.

then there are also those days whereby every single shop u walk into, there is something that catches ur eye, and it happens to be one of the things on your to-buy list! so u end up with lots of choices but it is always easy to choose cuz there is alwaes something u like so much that u have already set ur mind to get it and u're jus looking ard at other options to "confirm" ur decision.

i love Good Shopping Days such as these and i had one of the best yesterday!

me and *him* both left office earlier to get an early headstart cuz we were afraid of having a Bad Shopping Day.

by 5pm, we were at tampines mall (cuz we had to pick up our rings there). the only cock-up that day wast hat when we reached the jewellery shop, they told us the dispatch had not come yet so our rings were not ready for collection. but since we had things we needed to buy, we decided to do the shopping while waiting to collect the rings.

so our list was short but i did not think it wud be easy getting them: white shoes and white belt.

the shoes were more of a headache cuz we originally had bought his clothes to match the existing white shoes that he had. but we only reaslised that they did not match when we put them all together. so now we had to go find another pair of white shoes that actually goes with wat we have.

we walked into the 1st shop and saw not 1, not 2, but 3 pairs of white shoes that wud fit the bill. and that we both atually liked all 3 of them! (hardly happens, we have quite distinctly different tastes.) but we decided not to be rash and walked ard some more.

in the next 3 shops we walked into, we managed to find something we like in all of them. but the decision was simple, our hearts were with the 1st 3 pairs we saw in the 1st shop. so now it;s jus to decide, which one shud it be?

we went back to the 1st shop and eliminated one pair and tried on the other 2 pairs and easily decided on one of them.

White shoes - DONE!

next we walked into 77th street to find us a nice white belt. now this didn't take much time nor decision-making skills. we walked in, there was a pretty white belt staring at us and we got that. simple!

after we paid and thot abt wat we shud do then as we were done shopping, the phone rang. our rings were here for collection!

Now, how cool is that? it's almost as if we had our timing all planned out!

after we were done, we went for dinner and when i glanced at my watch after dinner, it was only 7.16pm!

collection and fitting of rings, shoe shopping, belt shopping and dinner all in only abt 2 hours! AMAZING!

i think there must be a shopping god up there.. and thank u for blessing me with a good shopping day! i appreciate it very very much! i will repay u by doing more shopping!

*if only there was such a religion then shopping wud not be SINFUL!!*

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

My Vivid Imagination = Weird Dreams

as my sister alwaes says - "you alwaes have weird dreams."

i had a weird dream last night.

i dreamt that i was boarding an SBS bus.. and as i walked up the steps.. i looked into the face of the driver and found myself staring into the face of Barack Obama!

perhaps I have been seeing him telly too much.. i dunno! i am not even a fan of politics!

so it happens that i am the only person who recognised him so i uttered an "oh.. my.. god.." and everyone started to turn my way and realise who he is.

Obama then smiled kindly to everyone and asked all to be seated while he drives us all to an auditorium.

then, i find myself suddenly transported to the auditorium with the rest of the ppl in the bus (u kno how the places in ur dreams alwaes suddenly changes without u having to travel/walk??) and Obama has changed out of his driver's uniform and dressed in a smart suit now.

in his usual charismatic fashion, he stands at the podium and appears to be giving a speech, except the sounds and noises ard me are muted.. i can only see that he is happily waving at us. so i whipped out my camera and started to snap away. and suddenly, i realise that *he* is beside me.. *his* reaction was nonchalant - as is in real life. i pass my camera to *him* and ran down the auditorium to stand beside Mr. Obama and signalled for *him* to snap a picture for us.

following that, armies of ppl rushed down to do the same.. Obama's bodyguards then run out to escort him away from the mob of ppl and out of the auditorium. and throughout all these, his kind smile nv left his face.

if this is a premonition, i hope it's a good one! which makes me wonder.. cud my weird dreams be a form of premonition? premonitions that i dunno how to interpret??

oh i forgot to add that the dream ended with me being angry with *him* cuz when i checked the picture that *he* had taken for me and Obama, i saw only myself with the throng of ppl and Obama was nowhere to be found in the picture!

so there u go, one more addition to my "weird dreams"!

Tuesday, September 02, 2008


前一阵子有提过。。 家里为了要看模范棒棒堂而定了channel V。。 不知不觉就这样子看了快一年了。。 每个礼拜的星期一到星期五,只要我那天没事我一定都会看。。 就算有事我也一定会在节目开始前到家。。

而昨天。。 看了模范棒棒堂的第一届低迪毕业了。。 意思说他们所有人都会换上新低迪。。 也就是他们所谓的第二代低迪。。

而这是我好久以来在电视前面大哭了。。 好舍不得他们。。 为什么要毕业?做得好好的。。 为什么要换新低迪?真的真的好舍不得。。

在看完节目后,当下的心情。。 好比是要送走自己亲手养大了的小孩一样。。 非常心酸。

也不知道这节目是怎么做到的。。 它让它的观众都感受得到现场的气氛。。 和所有人的感动。。 让我这一年来好像交了一群新朋友一样。。 天天都想追看他们的生活点滴。。

而现在。。 第一届低迪离开后。。 没了那股想追看节目的心情了。。 谁知道哪一天当我适应了新低迪后,他们几时又要毕业了呢?

从我开始看节目到他们毕业。。 从不认识低迪们到每一个都叫得出名字来。。 我真的很不舍得啦。。六棒 - 敖犬,阿伟,威廉,小煜,小杰。 宅男暑 - Terry, Elmo,小禄,鳂鱼, 李泉,牙膏,虎牙。 公主帮 - 阿本,毛弟,小马,野兽,翰将,多多,小滨。还有一个最可惜的。。 小乐。。 他最无辜啦。。 上堂的时间才那么一下下。。 就要毕业了?! 要是他早点被选进来。。 说不定他可能会是六棒其中之一。。 我相当看好他!

不过,不管我再怎么看好他。。 也没用啦。。 原本以为 channel v 会把小乐留下当班长。。 可是看来不可能了啦。。 第二节的新低迪们都已经选出来了。。 都没看到小乐半个影。 真令人失望!

唯一安慰的是。。 至少堂主还是大家熟悉的范范。。 而她也将会是最辛苦的。。 要重新和新低迪们认识,了解和培养默契。。 想必并不简单。。 想在这里跟堂主说。。 “加油!模范棒棒堂下来的命运就全靠你了!好好给它撑下去!”

第一届的低迪们 - 永远都会记得你们对模范棒棒堂的贡献。。 没有你们,就不会有今天的模范棒棒堂。。 你们不要永远消失,好吗? 有空要回来看看我们。。 看看堂主。。 祝你们在未来的演艺生涯里大红大紫。。 为模范棒棒堂争光!

新低迪们。。 在前两晚看了你们的选拔过程。。 也知道大家都来头不小。。 希望你们也能像第一届低迪们一样。。 带给大家欢乐和喜悦。。 在接下来的日子里发光发热!

****** 最新消息!小乐将会过渡参加第二届低迪们的录影!继续在模范棒棒堂里现身!开心啦!******