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Monday, December 21, 2009

Hanson & Me.

I have been a Hanson fan since the 1st time I heard their music. I don't care if ppl think that is embarrassing, i obviously don't think so cuz I tell a lot of ppl abt my love for them anyway. Never been embarrassed and never will be!

Recently I have been itching to go to one of their concerts, well, actually it has been something that has been on my mind since the day I became a fan. But back then, I was a only a poor student at all of 15 years of age. How to go see them? In any case, they never set foot onto Singapore land once, the closest they got, was probably Australia and Thailand. And had I known they were never gonna come this way again, I would have ran away from home, stole and robbed to go see them perform! (ok not really, but i would have certainly tried harder to make that happen.)

Till this day, I have seen most of my fave bands/singers perform live. The only one that I have not and will die regretting never having seen them, is Hanson. :( Maybe it is more of a childhood dream that my adult self have to go and fulfill.. but I really do want to see them perform live. I made a promise to myself, that when I go to the states, (not in the near future, but someday I will) I must make sure I go at a time where they have ongoing tours and I will plan my route in such a way that I can stop by to see them. All those years of idolization and money spent on teeny-bopper magazines have to go somewhere, right??

So I was feeling really over the edge today.. and I did this online:
It's a phony but nevertheless, made me happy looking at it. :p

And this:
This turned out so realistic I went quite ballistic at the end product! I feel so proud of myself!! And who cares if I have fat arms! HAHA!

So there.. I am such an easy person to please! and easily contented too! now I shall start saving for my US trip and 1st ever Hanson concert!!!!!!! :D



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