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Monday, December 19, 2011

29 Weeks

We are now 7 months pregnant and OMG I am getting so nervous!! It's a mixture of feelings, really, but for most of the part, I am more afraid than anything else.

Afraid of the delivery itself, afraid of not getting everything we need (even tho we have been buying stuff like crazy), afraid of doing the wrong things during confinement and screwing up my body forever, afraid of not knowing how to take care of baby and afraid of too many ppl caring for my baby, omg, seriously, I am so afraid!

But for the 1st time this morning, I started feeling excited. I was thinking about starting to pack for my "chiong" bag (as hubbs call it) which is the bag that I will bring to hospital with me once the contractions start setting in or when water breaks. Then I realised, yay! I can use my new mummy bag when that day comes! It is a Marc by Marc Jacobs baby bag that my sister bought for me in the states and it is so soft and pretty! (Then I also realised, I really love buying stuff more than anything in the world. :S) Then I thought about the new baby stroller that we bought, which is also so pretty and that we can finally take it out of its box and start using it when baby arrives.

I am also waiting for my baby bouncer to arrive. I bought it on Amazon as I could not find it anywhere in Singapore and it is so lovely! I can't wait to see it in its full glory when it comes!

And lastly, we have finally started announcing our bubb's name to our family and friends. We have actually had it for a while now (maybe around 4th month?) but we held off announcing it because we wanted to use it between us for a while and see how it sounded and if it felt right. It stuck with us and we loved it more with each passing day and so now it feels like the right time to tell everyone.

My son's name is ISSEY LEE. Pronounced EE-SEH. Or you could also say Issey as in Issey Miyake.

And no, hubbs and I are not particularly fans of Issey Miyake just that it sounded really nice and we have gone through so many boy names before coming up with one that we both liked. Issey was the 1st name that we both liked immediately when we saw it. Also, we were conscious not to choose a name which ended with "an" or "en" or "on". Like Aiden, Jaydan or Jovan. These seem to be particularly popular these days and I wanted something different for bubbs. :)

Issey's chinese name was chosen by his daddy: 李義 (Lee Yi). 义气的义 but the 义 is written in traditional chinese cuz that's how daddy likes it. Apparently this is the name he envisioned his son having since he was a teenager and so I could not bear to make any other suggestions to burst his bubble. In any case, it kinda rhymed with the "I" in "Issey" as well so I think it's kinda nice too.

So it seems like we are (almost) all set and just waiting for Issey to pop! Not so soon, of course, I hope he stays in there until 40 weeks so that he will be strong and healthy when he comes into our world.

李義, 你要健健康康, 开开心心地来见 daddy mummy ok! 不要太着急,我们等你哦! :)

Thursday, December 01, 2011

The story of a girl who braved the cold in her little black dress and fell sick.

Except I don't pity her cuz she had deliberately put on less to impress.