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Monday, October 05, 2009

My October is here!

I am like, 6 days late, but who cares.


Now I have more reasons to LOVE OCTOBER! Everyone's favourite month of the year is normally their birthday month.. and I am no different. I am an October Baby and proudly one!

And from this year onwards, I will also get to celebrate another important day in my life, besides my birthday. MY WEDDING DAY!

Today, I am officially into the single-digit countdown to the actual day.

What can I say, I am excited, jittery, stressed and frustrated, all at the same time!

Excited - Cuz my sisters and my biological sister are doing a great job in keeping me happy amidst all the stress. And of cuz, for all the amazing help they've rendered so far.

Jittery - I am suddenly experiencing glossophobia. which is weird cuz I am a people person and I have nv really been someone who gets nervous with big groups of ppl!! But the thought of being in a room full of ppl i love watch my every move.. is very nerve-wrecking!! i now realise you have to be very narcissistic and have super high self-esteem to be a celebrity!!

Stressed - Cuz I am not getting help in some of the areas I need help for. And those ppl who can help, are not helping. I shall not name-drop here.

Frustrated - The same group of ppl mentioned above, are not only not helping me, but expecting me to help them too. it is infuriating. If i get a nervous breakdown before next Thursday, you can bet on my lovely tresses it is because of them.

Speaking of tresses, I have gotten them coloured and treated, all ready for the big day! Glad to know I have one thing done on my list of to-dos.

For now, I am fixing the minor hiccups that has not failed to surface every day. I shall take it in my stride and TRY not to flare up at anybody.

It's my wedding and it shall remain a happy event because I am willing it to!!!!!

*Forces a big grin*