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Wednesday, January 02, 2008

NYE was 1 mad round of mahjong from 11pm to 4.30am! (i kno, i kno, we are the slowest players in the entire universe. hahaha!) i was the biggest loser and lost almost 80 bucks and since *he* was the big (and only) winner, he decided to cut everyone's loss by half, jus to make all happy. :)

things are turning out at my new place better than i had hoped.

i haf finally unpacked everything and the new room is now neat, tidy, spic and span. (except for the bits of wood shavings left behind from assembling the TV console and chair from IKEA, i haf yet to find the broom in the hse. :p)

on the afternoon of NYE, *he* went with me to IKEA in the afternoon and we shopped for my TV console for my new TV and a chair for my room. after we picked out wat we wanted, *he* suggested i get a little lamp for my room to soften the effect of the harsh white lightings the room currently has. so at the lightings section, we picked out a retro-looking white blow-glass lamp, with soft yellow lighting.

when we walked past the gardening section, *he* suggested i get a little plant for my room to brighten up the environment. so we picked out a tiny plant that looks a lot like a little christmas tree and named it Chris (for obvious reasons). it was a good name cuz we do not know the gender of the tree and Chris is a unisex name. haha.

so along with those, we also got a red cushion for my new light-coloured wooden chair, and other little accessories that IKEA is so famous for and i love to death abt it!

we went on home to fix up the stuff and *he* knocked and hammered for abt an hour before my new chair and TV console was ready for use. (thanks to theresa for coming over and loaning us her toolbox!) the new TV is now sitting proudly on my new console and the chair we bought which we thought we took the light-coloured one turned out to be the black colour one when we opened it for assembling. but it's ok cuz the red cushion is looking nice on it and the black chair matches my black TV too. :p

and now that i haf put everything in their place in the room, it is starting to haf some personality. one that makes me happy to be in. i will show some photos soon!!

the landlord and landlady has been bearable. tho they can b pretty picky abt minor things (to me). here are some of the rules they haf set for me so far:

1. air-con must be turned off once you are out of the room. even if you are just running downstairs to find your towel that has flown off from your bamboo hanging out of the window. and air-con can only be turned on from 10pm onwards. but since i do not sleep with air-con on, i am going to flout this one. (yes my towel is gone forever cuz i cud not find it downstairs and when i came back upstairs in that short 5 minutes, the landlady has checked out my room and noted that i left the air-con on.)

2. only 2 pairs of shoes are allowed at the shoe rack at any one time. (i've nv placed more than 2 pairs of shoes there during my 5-days-stay so far. so why are they complaining abt this too?)

3. no visitors. if ur fren wants to pass u toolbox, ask them to wait outside until u r done with toolbox. (so theresa came to pass me toolbox and the landlady hasn't been too happy abt having theresa in the room. they haven't made noise abt *him* in my room yet so i shall not ask. :p)

4. washing of clothes can be only be done once a week and only one load per week. (bloody hell, that means i can only wash my whites and colours separately once every fortnight????)

these are the rules established so far in the past 5 days. let's hope no unreasonable ones will be put in place anytime soon.

other than the above, the landlady and her husband are ok la. they leave me alone all the time and the location of their hse is perfect. with theresa at the next block, i tend to feel less alone. her mom has invited me to their plc for dinner tonight. :)

tmr is agus and sally's wedding.. i haf to be at her hse at 5am! which means i will haf minimal sleep tonight and it is going to be a mad rush for me all the way from after work today. will take loads of pictures and upload them when i next post. :)