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Monday, January 07, 2008

had the longest, happiest, saddest, most painful weekend of my life.

Agus and Sally's wedding

It was on Thursday and for auspicious reasons, all the "sisters" had to be at her hse at 4.30am. *yawn*

me being the bridesmaid cud not set a bad example so i reached at 4.30am sharp. and was the 1st naturally. other than these 2 other sisters who had stayed over.

a bit of background story before i begin. Sally and i met each other through our bfs, or rather my bf and her then-bf, now-hubby. and we haf been double-dating every other weekend ever since. i get along with most of my bf's fren's gfs but Sally and i get along like a house on fire. seriously. we're the same age and separated by 16 days only. *both proudly librans* :)

so it was natural when agus told us they were getting married that they wanted *him* and i to be their bestman and bridesmaid.

the purpose of me telling that tidbit of information is because, i haf to stress that i do not kno any of the "sisters". they were either Sally's close frens or ex-colleagues who oredi knew each other.

but i nv had problems getting along with strangers so i was at ease abt meeting them and having to spend hours with them that day. unless, of cuz, they deliberately resist me (like 自闭症).

when i arrived at Sally's plc, i met 2 of the sisters who had stayed over, ZH and KT. i wudn't say they ignored me, but they were not friendly. then i knew the morning was not gg to be easy for me. they wud look at me (with some disgust) but not talk to me. when they asked a question and i answered, they wud not acknowledge the reply and ask out loud again. :( so i resigned to being invisible for a while.

by 5.30am, the rest of the sisters arrived (6 of them altogether) and luckily, the other 4 of them was alright. LA was especially friendly and so were another 2 of them which i cannot remember their names now. :p

they huddled together to discuss wat was the minimum amt of angpao they wud settle for the gate crashing session and when they decided on the amt, ZH said, "ok, $XXX divided by 6 of us is how much?"

LA follows to ask, "6? not 7? plus bridesmaid leh."

ZH quickly replied, "no, 6. dun count bridesmaid. they dun haf one."

the rest keeps quiet.

ok, lemme clarify - it is not that i want to get a share of that angpao. in fact i haf rejected even the angpao sally and agus wanted to give me for being their emcee for their dinner that night. sally wanted to reimburse me for the transportation as well but i refused. i was as happy as she was for the wedding and it realli wasn't abt the money for me. BUT, the least they (or rather, ZH) cud haf done was do this behind closed doors! and not say all that out loud for me to hear. tsk tsk tsk.. a bit wrong if u ask me. i was only glad that sally didn't hear any of this.

so when the groom and his brother entourage arrived downstairs, sally asked me to stay upstairs in the room with her, so i did. (i was glad i didn't haf to join the sisters in their bargaining.) and from the 2nd level, i cud see (and hear) clearly wat went on downstairs from our window. and when the whole entourage approached the gate, i cud not peel my eyes off *him*! i had oredi seen him in the suit during our fitting previously but i dunno wat was so different abt him that morning. he looked so charming! i did notice tho, that he got his new haircut the day prior to that morning. or maybe i jus only haf eyes for him. oops, sorry for the mushy-mushy!! :p

the rest of the day was pretty predictable. playing games with the groom and his brothers, tea ceremony, lots of photo-taking.

before 2pm, the morning session was over and we all went back home to rest and prepare for the dinner. *he* and i were the emcees for the dinner.

i reached home slightly after 2pm and slept till 3.30pm. reached the salon at 4.15pm and my stylist rushed like mad in order for me to leave the salon at 5pm. (i was supposed to reach the hotel at 5pm for the "sisters" briefing. but learning my lesson from this morning, i decided i shud b late too.) and sure enuff, by 4.58pm, i was out of the salon's door looking like angelina jolie in Mr and Mrs Smith, according to my sytlist. haha.

i arrived at the hotel at 5.30pm and went through the emcee's script with *him*. and after that, there was pretty much nothing else to do. the sisters briefing nv took place, and if there was, maybe i wasn't invited? but u kno, i realli dun care.

we basically lounged ard the hotel lobby until 8pm. absolutely tired from the morning's activities, plus both *he* and i were not feeling well. by then, my angelina jolie's hair in "Mr and Mrs Smith" looked like angelina jolie's hair in africa.

i didn't realli eat my dinner in peace as i was afraid of missing my cues to go up on stage the entire night. but our "performance" was pretty flawless in my opinion. i got a few offers to emcee at other weddings. :p

Viral Stomach Infection

we arrived at the groom's plc at 7am and all of us were starving, considering most of us got up at 3am. food had not arrived and so ronald (one of the brothers as well as *his* colleague),*he* and i went to the coffeeshop downstairs for breakfast (the guys in their suits and me in my bridesmaid dress! *he* had been starving so bad that he started to haf gastric oredi. he took only one bite into his noodles and ran to the restroom to puke. and remained pale and pukey for the rest of the day.

as for me, my stomach only started acting up abt 12pm that day. i had assumed it was the breakfast i ate at the coffeeshop that morning that gave me food poisoning. when i reached home, i had diarrhoea like nobody's business and trust me, u dun want the details. and i also threw up twice at home, with much control not to cuz i kno throwing up is bad for ur stomach and it jus makes me wanna throw up more.

and by the time i reached the salon to do my hair, my stylist asked, "where are all ur accessories?? no earrings??"

i told him, "i am so sick and feeling so terrible that my brain cannot match properly. so i decided not to match anything at all." he then started to hand me all sorts of medicine, for flu, for headache, for fever, for everything. but nothing worked.

by 7pm, i was working up a mean fever at the hotel. running back and forth the restroom. literally 上吐下泻. it was like we were both taking turns to run to the toilet and both our faces were as pale as ghosts. ronald's wife came to the hotel with more panadol and we both took it and by 8pm, both our fevers subsided and both stomachs felt better. we took the stage like 2 perfectly healthy persons. (i surprised myself, even.)

after the dinner, we headed straight to the clinic as both our diarrhoeas and nausea came back. the doctor told us it had not been food poisoning but viral stomach infection. and very likely one of us passed to the other. (i think *he* passed to me.) we both went back to rest and were better by the next morning.


at the end of the day, i didn't get any pictures at all, cuz i felt too sick to be interested in taking photos. :( so now gotta wait for sally to send me the photos. and overall.. i had fun, even tho i was sick throughout. we kno a lot of agus's frens so it was also like a catching-up session. and *he* had been very sweet to me that day.. taking care of me even tho he was sick too. and i think sally and agus had been very very happy. when we left the hotel, agus held both *his* and my hands tightly.. not saying a single word.. i thot he was gg to cry. :p but it was a very emo and happy moment for us. sally gave me a big hug and called me, "亲爱的Kelly". i felt so touched. :)

hmm.. i wonder when my day will come? :/