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Tuesday, January 15, 2008

haf been glued to my cable tv at home lately. have been watching E! and Channel V mostly. and suddenly finding MTV sooo boring.

i am surprised at how good the shows on E! are. (for those with cable, it is on channel 80.) or maybe cuz of my bitchy and live-for-celebrity-gossip nature, i am highly entertained by their celebrity "True Hollywood Stories" and "Top 20 Most Expensive Celebrity Weddings". (a lot of these Top 20 stuff like "Top 20 Supermodels Who Made Bank" - i.e. Richest, "Top 20 Favourite Child Stars" etc. etc. all very intriguing! :p) i have seen the "True Hollywood Stories" of Angelina Jolie, Nicole Kidman, Johnny Depp, Will Smith and Britney Spears so far. and i have learnt that Angelina Jolie has the best red-carpet style, Nicole Kidman went through a miscarriage during the period of her divorce from Tom Cruise (sobs!), Johnny Depp had never wanted to be an actor, Will Smith has family gatherings with both his ex-wife's family and current wife's family ALTOGETHER and lastly, Britney Spears had cheated on Justin Timberlake, leading to the split. How's that for a weekend's worth of tinseltown news?? :p (secretly proud of my discoveries - even tho i might be the last on earth to kno! haha!)

The most expensive celebrity wedding was a ridiculous 10 million dollars. MADNESS! and i dun even kno who that celebrity is. hahaha.

and my daily dose of tw entertainment news/programs comes from Channel V. i am so loving the program 模范棒棒堂! it is basically a show (full of nonsense) hosted by 范伟琪 and the boys of 棒棒堂. they are darn funny!! but not in the stupid way but in a very real life way. like they are realli off-camera and talking to each other regardless of who is around. they are so real and i realli enjoy the show a lot. the best thing is they seem to show a few episodes in a day! Channel V seems to realli like 棒棒堂 a lot cuz they show their advertisements and MVs relentlessly! i wonder if their career started off with Channel V.. i'm sorry but i haven't done my homework on them so i dunno.. but i will soon! it's like, i dun even see 飞轮海's MVs AT ALL. how weird it that??

and of cuz.. the very show i haf been denied of for the longest time.. 超级星光大道 on TVBS.. i love 林宥嘉! dunno if that's the way it is written.. his voice is oh-so-charming!!! and his face.. so adorable! wth, he is only 20!!!! *bangs wall* i feel like a cradle snatcher with all the going crazy with the boys of 棒棒堂 and 林宥嘉!

ok but the guy i like from 棒棒堂 is same age as me.. so not so bad. haha.. but i am a week older than him. :p

i like 敖犬 (bottom row, 2nd guy) and 小煜 (bottom row, last guy on the right) cuz 敖犬 looks like Edison and 小煜 looks like 方力申! actually i think this boyband has a lot of 明星脸s. the 1st guy from the left on the bottom row looks like 牛奶 from energy.. his name is 阿伟.

and him.. his voice.. omg.. when he sang 你是我的眼, my heart melted and i almost cried!!!

i have yet to find out how old 小煜 is but i will.. i alwaes need to know the age of the guy i like from TV so as to put a kind of level of maturity on him, so i kno wat to expect when i see him on TV. yea ok, weird, i kno. :p

so the next time i walk into a cd store, i am going to look for 棒棒堂's album and very possibly buy it.

does anyone kno when 林宥嘉's album is coming out? or issit out oredi?? I CAN'T WAIT!!

omg.. i am back into my boyband frenzy again!!!

*ashamed closet boyband fan*