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Wednesday, January 23, 2008

i haf committed a sin!!! a shopping sin!! too much shopping!! 5 new sets of clothes for CNY has turned into 10!! OMFG!!!!

how ar? realli cannot stop shopping leh.. and during this time i shud realli NOT tempt myself anymore BUT i dunno y, yday i went to Tony's shop at Bugis Street, jolly well knowing the kind of stuff in his shop will arouse the shopping monster in me.. and under much control.. i bought one dress. *phew*

BUT!!! before i went to his shop, i waited for 3sa to come meet me at bugis junction and i went crazy with accessory-shopping!! i bought one butterfly necklace from Chomel and 2 dangly chains from Dorothy Perkins - they were having sale!! i am a horrible sinner..

and actually hor.. the reason 3sa and i met in bugis was cuz we wanted to go HAJI LANE. so i thot, since i am in bugis, might as well pay Tony a visit. AND THUS RESULTED IN MY MINI SHOPPING SPREE, prior to HAJI LANE!

and when i was at haji lane, i walked into the shop called MONO (i think). and at 1st glance, i fell in love with the dress hanging beside the front door.. and so i tried it.. and OMG.. it was so so so pretty... i cud not NOT get it!!! and that, was my 11th set of clothes for CNY.

and.. er.. my aim of gg to haji lane that day.. was to buy a black bag!!

so in the process of buying ONLY a black bag, i bought:
2 dresses
3 chains
1 necklace

SINFUL or NOT, u tell me!!!! :(

i need therapy!