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Thursday, January 10, 2008

*he*'s back!!! :D :D :D :D :D :D

i merely spent an hour and a half with him but it was quality time. and i cud tell he realli missed me, probably more than i did. *ashamed*

and i kno this cuz his flight touched down 5.25pm, by 6pm he was home and calling me, telling me he's coming to meet me for dinner. by 7.45, he had unpacked, freshened up and already downstairs my hse.

the moment he saw me, he gave me a small but emotional hug. this is quite something considering he is nv the type to display public affection. on top of that he planted a big kiss on my head. WOW. i felt so loved and missed!!

after that we went for dinner at the curry rice place along Jalan Besar. he told me abt his Shanghai holiday (which as I had imagined, turned out boring for him) and how he hated the ppl there cuz they were rude and arrogant (and also mercenary). on top of which his colleague cum buddy, Ronald, did not go for this trip and that added to his boredom. the standard of living there is similar to Singapore, hence, everything was either more expensive or abt the same price. he ended not buying anything at all for anybody. (except for me. :D) for the 5 days in Shanghai he spent only SGD300 in all.

he sent me home after dinner as he had to meet another fren who was flying off the next day for work and he had not met up in a long time. so we sat downstairs at my void deck for a while before i went home and he gave me my "present". he bought me a pair of puma sneakers in red and white that resembles something like this:

i cud not find a picture of it online. but this is close!

he made me pay him a dollar for them (old wives' tale - don't give shoes to ppl u love cuz that wud make them run away from u. but if u realli haf to buy shoes for someone as a gift, they haf to pay a partial amt of the total cost so it wud not make it a "gift".) but i bargained for it so i ended up paying 10 cents. HAHA. aiya, it is just 意思意思 only ma... 随便啦! :p

after which i also gave him his belated xmas present.. (i kno super late but realli not my fault cuz the thing i had wanted to get him was out of stock so i was on the waitlist for the next stock arrival.) it was a prada wallet which in my opinion he needs badly cuz no.1, his current wallet is in super bad shape!! doesn't even look like a wallet anymore; and no. 2, he is promoting to agency manager this year and i think he needs to look good (and be exquisitely endorsed) to give ppl the impression of success. i oredi think he is successful for his age but image is definitely impt. with him getting his car soon, he can't be seen using an old beat-up wallet!

i kno that no matter wat i buy him he will like it.. and even if he doesn't, he will still use it. but i appreciate the fact that he alwaes looks happy, no matter wat he receives. but i realli like wat i got him from prada, in black saffiano leather.. the prada trademark. one of the plain and simple designs (my fashion motto - less is more) that nv goes out of style:

the kind of designer wallet men should carry, expensive but subtle. i hate those loud loud designs that are screaming in your face, "I AM BRANDED!" :p

so when he opened up the present, he seemed truly happy. i think he realli likes it. :) i'm happy to see him happy. :D

so i went home and found a little spot to proudly display my new shoes in a corner of my room.. so whichever way i look, i cud see. like how Kyoko in "Beautiful Life" proudly displayed the red shoes that Shuji bought her in her room. :)

rest of the night, we didn't talk much, a few sms-es and i went to bed. woke up happy and contented this morning, feeling like there realli is nothing more i cud ask for. :)

think 2008 might actually be a good year for me!