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Monday, January 28, 2008

been attending too many weddings lately.. and hearing too many news of so and so getting hitched.. makes me wonder when my turn will be.

in my perfect world, i would have been happily married by now, and probably preparing to have my 1st bundle of joy, if not the 2nd. i love kids, i realli do. and i can't wait to have my little girl/boy. of cuz in my perfect world, i will haf 2 girls and 2 boys.. and they will be the most beautiful kids in the world. unfortunately.. i am no where near that lovely picture i've painted for myself.. instead.. i dun see any of that happening any time soon.

just last night i was on the phone with *him*.. and was utterly saddened and disappointed with wat he said. he said he wanted to do better and bigger at his job.. wants to open one more shop, wants to deal with another trade..

so my question is - where do i fit in?

as it is now, he has absolutely no time for me. and he keeps telling me SOON he will have time for me, SOON.. SOON.. SOON.. how soon??? and if he realli starts embarking into his business plans and expansion, i can foresee the amt of time he will have left for me.

not to mention a wedding. none. ling. zilch. :(

come on, it's been 5 years.. i need a promotion!!! and as a conservative and traditional girl, i would nv open my mouth to pop the question. in other words, i would nv kno wat is running thru his mind. cuz i refuse to ask. and hence, i will suffer in silence. be upset. be unhappy. ya.

你 眼 睛 会 笑 弯 成 一 条 桥
终 点 却 是 我 永 远 到 不 了
感 觉 你 来 到 是 风 的 呼 啸
思 念 像 苦 药 竟 如 此 难 熬
每 分 每 秒

我 找 不 到 我 到 不 了
你 所 谓 的 将 来 的 美 好
我 什 麽 都 不 要 知 不 知 道
若 你 懂 我 这 一 秒
我 想 看 到 我 在 寻 找
那 所 谓 的 爱 情 的 美 好
我 紧 紧 的 依 靠 紧 谨 守 牢
不 敢 漏 掉 一 丝 一 毫
愿 你 看 到


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