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Monday, January 07, 2008

the morning after the wedding, *he* left for his company trip to Shanghai. was upset that he did not take me along but on the other hand, i think it's a good time for us to be apart.. kinda like a test of trust for us, but realli, more for me. it is not that i dun trust him, i do. i jus dun trust the ppl ard him.. and that i am jus a wee bit too possessive of him. i am learning not to be, trust me.

so on day 1 of him being away from me, i went out to stock up on food inventory. bought a cordless kettle, a bolster, a mug, clothes pegs and some toiletries. rest of the day i slept and watched a lot of tv. at night theresa asked me over for a dvd session.. we watched 换换爱 and it is so sweet.. i am only at disc one and i am oredi addicted. i prefer 王传一 over 贺军翔 but i kno at the end of the show, i am going to fall in love with 贺军翔 somehow. but i will still love 王传一. :)

day 2 was pretty much the same. i slept, watched tv, slept. at abt 6pm. sally sms-ed me to ask if i wanted to join them for movie later that night and i politely refused, saying my stomach still felt a bit unwell so i was going to stay home to nurse it. but truth was i felt a bit weird going out with them w/o *him*. and seeing them tgt will make me miss *him* more. but less than 15 min later, agus called. he asked me to join them and refused to take no for an answer and so i agreed. was touched that they offered to keep me company in *his* absence.

they came to pick me up and we went out for dinner at swensen's and watched "Elizabeth: The Golden Age". it was ooo-kay. after the movie, they sent me home too.. realli sweet.

earlier that evening agus sms-ed *him*, "we are bringing your gf out."

*he* replied, "why like that?"

agus replied, "cuz we are 3 very bored ppl."

*he* replied, "tell her i miss her so so so so so much!"

before agus cud reply, *he* replied again, "take care of her for me! thanks!"


but i wondered, why didn't he jus sms me??? *scratches head*

day 3, i did the same thing as day 1. watched tv, slept, went to 3sa's plc for dinner (her mom invited me.. so nice of her) and we continued our 换换爱 marathon. :p

day 4 - today. meeting my aunt for dinner at her place tonight for her famous 鸡汤米粉. :p it is super-duper delicious! i cud eat it everyday!

day 5 (tuesday) - no plans yet.

day 6 (wednesday) - baby's gonna b back! :)

can't wait. but i keep wondering why *he* doesn't sms nor call me when he is overseas. :( at least there is an improvement this time, he called me when he reached shanghai. last time dun even haf sms one lor.

the other time when i was in BKK for my company trip, i called him every night w/o fail.. plus a few sms-es here and there. he also called and sms-ed me quite a bit. but why everytime he goes overseas he doesn't call/sms??


sigh.. oh well.. i am jus missing him, i guess.