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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Of Celebrity Sightings And More..

This uncle/auntie is really paying attention to her surroundings man. I don't think I would have recognised him if it were me crossing the road! Read the story here.

Anyway, would you really believe it if you saw someone who looked like Brad Pitt/Tom Cruise/whoever walking on the streets of Singapore?

I wouldn't if I had never "run into" a celebrity myself! So you could walking amongst a superstar and not know it!

I have some strange luck of running into celebrities. The biggest superstar I've "run" into, I think is Jay Chou.

It was in 2001 I think. After sch one day, i was walking around Heeren, the then-Annex, waiting for a friend.

Then I saw a guy and a girl in a shop. The guy caught my attention cuz he was decked in sweat-pants and hoodie, with a cap over his bandanna-covered head - very NBAish. his sweat-pants and hoodie were not the tak-glam type. In fact, it was black with gold trimmings at the seams. SUPER attracting attention! and he had his black cap pulled low, covering almost half his face. it was his purposeful disguise and exaggerated dressing that caught my attention. the lady accompanying him was a regular jeans and t-shirt chick. something made me walk close to take a look at the odd couple and as I walked within a one-meter radius of the guy, he turned around and looked up at me. It was JAY!!! I am sure my surprise showed on my face but I swear I tried my best to keep it mellow.. cuz i didn't want to cause a commotion. and i immediately established the fact that the lady with him must be a celebrity nanny of sorts.

so i curbed my excitement and walked up to the lady and whispered in her ear, "我可以跟他拍张照吗?"


with that, she tugged at the bottom of his hoodie and said something to him. he tilted his head to look at me again. i gave him a pleading look, hoping he would give in to my simple request.

but no, he dropped his stuff and almost instantly made his way out of the shop.

i whipped out my mobile and called my sister, as she was working in the area and I just had to tell someone!

while on the phone, i kept following them.. cuz my sister said she was gonna rush down to see Jay.. so i could not lose track of him! Haha!

maybe i was following a bit too close or i was getting too excited on the phone with my sis, i realised a mob started to form behind me.. they were all following Jay now! (I did feel bad at that instant for ruining his shopping escapade. :p) and soon after, my sister reached just in a time to catch a glimpse of Jay just before he got into a car at the carpark and sped away.

Another celebrity sighting was at Zouk.. I saw Jerry Yan at the dancefloor but it was not very close.. and he didn't stay very long.

Maybe I would run into RPatz next. One can wish, can't one? :p

There was another very significant celebrity sighting that .J would know and that I have written about it before. You can read it here even though it sounds kinda silly to me now for reasons undisclosed. :)