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Thursday, July 09, 2009

But If I Cry..

I wish Stef's 特别来宾 was LOLLIPOP.

But no.. it is the Frankenstein lookalike. Boo.

Going to the Stef's concert and have been doing my homework, "revising" all her songs to sing along to at concert. it's just more fun for me that way. :)

And it's not that i don't listen to her on a regular basis, I do. I listen to her every weekday, in fact. (When I am plugged in to my iPod on the way to and fro work.) But it is normally the same old songs on repeat mode, my favourite tunes - 同類, 夢不落, 天黑黑, 奔, 我不難過, 我懷念的, 漩涡, 神奇, 逃亡, 任性, 难得一见 (I always imagine myself singing this song at competitions, I dunno why) aiya, got a lot more la. :p

But there are some songs that I normally don't listen to but that doesn't mean I like them less - 了解, 不能和你一起, 和平, 很好, 我不愛, 我想, 直來直往, 相信, 風箏. Some because the mood is too "heavy" for a bus ride, others cuz it might make me sleepy cuz it is too soothing, not that it is boring! One of them, I love so much.. has so much meaning to me.. I try not to listen to it.

Cuz it brings back some memories. It brings back some emotions. It makes me sad.

But since I was doing my homework, I put all of her songs on my playlist today without any filtering. so eventually, it got to the song and yea.. It still made me sad, after all these years.

I don't recall hearing it at her last concert so I doubt I will hear it this time either. It might be ridiculous but I'm afraid that if I do, it might make me cry. :(

So to the person who is going with me, if you see me crying in the middle of a song, just pretend you never see ok? :)



one little journey said...

i like er... frankenstein lookalike... if you must call him that. you and your crazy naming ability, but i like! and the two pictures you choose do have some resemblance. haha! i thought he sings quite well. but yes, if it's lollipop, will be a lot more fun!!

p.s. can i at least offer tissue paper? just take it that it's for perspire :-p

kellykylie said...

haha but i really think he looks like frankenstein! i like his music too but i jus dun like him. i like jam and yoga better. :)

hahaha ok can pass me tissue, but be discreet ok. :p

one little journey said...

who is jam??

.J said...

spotted in green

kellykylie said...

jam is xiao jing teng!

.J - so you made it after all! why nv say hi?? :/