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Monday, July 06, 2009


Feeling disconnected from the world, not being able to access the cyber space for the past 4 days! Lotsa reading to catch up on Channels News Asia and Asia One!

I am looking out of the window from my office right now and am absolutely MAD that the weather is so fine today. I had my photoshoot yesterday and just as we wrapped up the studio bit, it started to drizzle outside. In the 1st place, I didn't have my hopes up as it was already dark and gloomy in the morning. But I thought it would rain out in the morning and be nice and clear in the afternoon by the time we were done with the studio shoot when I head out for the outdoor shoot.

But NO... the skies frowned and gloomed until I was ready to step out.. it rains! I was really angry cuz I am not too keen on coming back on another day to finish up the shoot. that means having to pay for another round of make-up, hand bouquet, mani/pedi and having to take one more day off work. it sucks to the max.

on a brighter note (i am just trying to console myself), at least we get to rest in between the studio shoot and the outdoor shoot cuz photoshoots are tiring. smiling for 3 hours straight is really no joke, not to mention 6 hours straight - the smile will probably look like a madam tussauds by the end of the day.

but i guess i have no choice, if it rains, it rains right. the weather is not something anybody can control.

but seeing today's fine weather is making me very very sour! :|


one little journey said...

well, the photos might just turn out to be extra dreamy and romantic :-)