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Sunday, July 12, 2009

夏日恋爱 - 很开心!

If you haven't seen my posts about a year or so ago, you should have seen my post a few days ago and realised that - YES.. I LIKE 棒棒堂. :p

They had just released their new album last month and I haven't been catching up on 模范棒棒堂 so am a wee bit lost as to their 最新的动向.

But I heard a very catchy tune on 933 the other day and I knew it was them instantly. haven't been able to stop listening to the song since. it is so happy and cute! it's been some time since a song can perk me up like that! (the last one was 五月天's 终结孤单!)

Baby I Want To Love You Hold..You
有什么突破就在Summer Time
一起冲浪 一起看月..亮 
这个夏天 我只想要你陪在我身旁

i like the way they drag the words like "沙..滩". is so cute! i know their music has a lot of engineering done to it but still, it doesn't alter their voice so much that i can't recognise them. i can hear 阿伟 exceptionally well and it really cracks me up whenever i think of his "superb" singing skills! :p

this is definitely my anthem of happiness this year. what about you guys? does any particular song cheer you up recently? that makes you bop in your chair or leaves a silly grin on your face??

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.J said...

haha! *shy* lol

kellykylie said...

u silly fella. :p well glad u made it after all.. it was a blast, wasn't it!

.j said...

yes it was ! Reaffirm my love for her ! Haha !
U were with one friend? Good seats huh :p

kellykylie said...

haha yes i was one stef-lover like me. the best one out there. :p

the good seats were bought with money! and i felt they weren't good enuff! where were u seated??

.J said...

lol ! i was sitting near you at first. BLK A. but after tt change to centre back.... so can b seated w my frens.. :P but e money was worth it

kellykylie said...

lucky u move away.. else u wud have seen the stupid things i was doing with my friend.. cuz we thot only 2 of us there kno each other ma.. so wat the hell. HAHA.

.J said...

u mean what u did at the last song?
i was quite close to u guys then cos i went over to join my other frens...
so i did peep! haaa but ok what! that's not stupid! hahhhh

kellykylie said...

last song..? actual last song or last encore song? hahahhahah... nvm, wateva u saw, u better wipe it off your memory. :p