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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

"Tinted Windows" Album Review

Finally got my hands on "Tinted Windows" yesterday.. it has certainly been a record worth waiting for.

When I 1st read abt this super group putting out a record together, i was a lil confused by the sound they said they were going for. kinda like back to good ol' rock and roll during their father's time. (ok not applicable to all band members considering there is a significant age gap between some of them. :p) the 1st single off the album "Kind of a girl" was not very rock and roll IMO. so yea, i was pretty confused there.

now that i have scoured through the whole record.. i have to say it is indeed very 50s. it makes me want to plug in to my Ipod, put on my biks, lie on the sunny beach and sip on ice-cold lemonade. it is such a feel-good album. every track is cheery and upbeat.. with simple and easy to sing along lyrics. it's kinda like going back wat music was before they became hip-hop-pig-pop. :p

nevertheless, the album IS very pop-ish. but not in the Jonas Brothers kind of way.. there is something very raw abt the songs put out.. and the sound is definitely deeper than Jonas Brothers.. i can definitely see the distinctive elements of Fountains of Wayne there. it is exactly like music i used to listen to back in the 90s. (maybe i am jus getting old.)

I'm gonna try to put up a few songs up here for your listening pleasure.. it's gonna be a tough choice for me tho! which songs to put?? they're all good in their own way!

Gonna look for some player now to allow me to play whole album.. look out for it! :)