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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

What happens when I hear "Shower Me With Your Love"?

a sudden rush of emotions went through me the other day while hubby and i were just cruising in the car.

we were listening to class 95 and the song "Shower Me With Your Love" came on. a tsunami of memories washed over me and as i closed my eyes to contain those emotions, i found myself 16 again, sitting at my table in my-then room in Ang Mo Kio and thinking the thoughts that I was thinking at that very moment. It was such an out-of-body experience, it was almost like i was watching a movie playing in my mind. except that was not a movie, it was a snippet of my life from so long ago that i'd forgotten until today.

i rem stting there, trying hard to memorize notes for my exams that were coming up, while listening to 98.7FM and "Shower Me With Your Love" was playing on air. (maybe that was not the song playing at that time, but in my mind, that is the song playing.)

i started to doodle on my notes.. thoughts were on anything but my notes. i was thinking abt wat life would become like after sec sch, where all my friends would be, where i would be and when i would be truly happy. i wasn't such a happy person back then so a lot of negative thoughts filled my head. in my mind, the person i saw sitting there was such a sad person in such a sad place.

when i opened my eyes to the tune of the song still playing on class 95, i looked over at hubby and instantly felt reassured.

i realised where i am now, is exactly where i had wanted to be when i was 16. this was exactly where i saw myself in 10 years when i was 16. to be exact, i think i've outdone myself.. i've gone to place i nv thot i wud be able to go when i was 16.

and the most overwhelming fact was that, i am happy now. of the family i have, the friends i have, the partner i have and the life i have.

or maybe, i have just become a less bitter person.. being able to look beyond myself and through others, see the beauty of life and the world. maybe all that i had has nv changed all along. It is me who has changed.

i sat there, listening to the last few lines of the song, and feeling the emotions slowly draining away in my mind. i turned to look at the most beatiful person in my life. at that point, hubby asked, "what's wrong?"

i replied him, "nothing, my life is wonderful."

:) it truly is.


one little journey said...

awww... so sweet.

i always feel this – music/song has this mysterious power – memories of a particular period/time/event of the past will suddenly resurface, be it happy or sad, i am happy to be where i am now :-)

kellykylie said...

yes it does, doesn't it. certain songs remind me of certain times in my life.. like u said, some good some bad. but all worth remembering, no doubt. :) the power of music!