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Sunday, August 31, 2008

crazy weekends and more ahead~

things i am panicking over - 1. the groom does not have matching shoes, 2. the makeup artiste may not know how i want my hair done, 3. all the colours in the function room may not match up.. ok there are probably one million other things i am fretting over.

i dunno why. i have been very jumpy and temperamental for the past 2 weeks. :( it is not a good feeling and i dun like it.

now i understand wat it means when ppl say, "i am too tired to be feeling excited".

maybe it's jus me. i make everything look so simple. but when i actually start to do it.. it is far from wat it seems.. and i dun take such things well.

i shud be feeling excited. but somehow my spirits are dampened. it is absolutely not how i envisioned it to be. very depressing.

my girlies and i are gonna be putting up at Hotel XXXXX this weekend and i dun have half the things i need for the party. :(

another grp of pals want to do Zouk this Friday.. and suddenly i am so not in the mood for club. i dun want to feel like that but i can't control it.

i find myself feeling a bit like Carrie in Sex and the city.

all i wanted was to snuggle up on the couch with *him* every weekend.. fall asleep by *his* side every night.. watch *him* eat my less-than-delicious cooking like a hungry solider.. and live like the happiest girl alive.

how did things boil down to such technicality it is now?

i am so not the happiest girl right now. :(


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