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Thursday, June 11, 2009

Hanson are POETS.

Hanson is an amazing band with unsurpassed talent, be it in songwriting or lyrical competence. And I won't hear of it any other way. They are musicians, so don't judge them by their appearance nor beliefs, judge them by their music.

THEIR MUSIC IS INCREDIBLE. Every time i listen to it, I fall right back in love with their music.

If they has been born during Shakespeare's era.. I'm pretty sure they would have made better poets than Sir William himself.

Here are some of my favourite lyric snippets from their music - judge for yourself..

"'Cause when the minutes seem like hours and the hours seem like days
Then a week goes by you know it takes my breath away
All the minutes in the world could never take your place
There's one-thousand-four-hundred-forty hours in my day"
From: A Minute Without You (Middle Of Nowhere)

"I'm looking for a song to sing
Looking for a friend to borrow
I'm looking for my radio
So I might find a heart to follow"
From: A Song To Sing (This Time Around)

"The wind it blows
Through the trees
Claiming those
Innocent leaves
And the thunder rolls
These crashing seas
Like a tender kiss
Holds it's heart in me"
From: Love Song (This Time Around)

"She counts the time 'til her heart breaks
Just waiting for her next mistake"
From: Watch Over Me (The Walk)

"From a distance I watched the flowers brush your cheek
As you read the words I wrote I couldn't speak
But now I lay here broken heart and blistered feet
As you're spinning 'round my mind"
From: Runaway Run (This Time Around)

"Cigars in the summertime under the sky by the light
I can feel you read my mind
I can see it in your eyes under the moon as it plays
Like music every line
There's a rug with bleeding dye under the fan in the room
Where the passions burning high
By the chair with the leopard skin under the light
It's always Penny and me tonight"
From: Penny And Me (Underneath)

"Been running through my mind today
Scenarios to add to your hypocrisy
No one ever takes the blame
But everyone is searching for a cure to the pain
Nothing ever seems to change
Oh, nothing ever seems to change
We just play like broken records in a deaf man's charade"
From: Strong Enough To Break (Underneath)

"One more for the night
One more for the pain and
One more, long goodbye
And one shot to the brain
And one more takes the knife
And one more takes the train
Who do I name today
Who do I blame today"
From: One More (The Walk)

"I find hope and it gives me rest
I find hope in a beating chest
I find hope in what eyes don't see
I find hope in your hate for me
Have no fear when the waters rise
We can conquer this great divide"
From: The Great Divide (The Walk)

And the best one of them all...

"Mmmbop ba duba dop ba du bop
ba duba dop ba du bop
ba duba dop ba du"
From: Mmmbop (Middle Of Nowhere)

Cuz seriously, who can make up a whole chorus only with sounds??