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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Am feeling jittery..

Cuz I kinda wrote a short story (amongst many others, in fact).. definitely chick lit.. but this is one of those I feel strongly for. And as I have mentioned to .J before.. I am contemplating publishing them here, on my blog, for ppl to read.

But I am still lacking.. courage. I am not confident that it will be good enough to be published so publicly! Cuz everyone will get to read it once I put it up here.. I dunno if i am up to it when it comes to criticisms.

But then again, I am looking forward to getting some honest opinions, to see what ppl think of my writing. (Or the reverse, not getting any kind of response at all!)

Maybe cuz this is quite a big deal for me.. I have always secretly wanted to be a writer. With my kind of imagination, ppl who know me should not be surprised.

So yea.. I am pretty close to finishing the story so I am seriously thinking this through.

Maybe once I have set my mind to it, my next post will be the beginning of my short story. I will break it up in parts and publish them.. cuz all in one post will simply be too much, even for a short story.

Just MAYBE, ok?


one little journey said...

can't wait!

kellykylie said...

i slept on it and decided that maybe i shud use another blog add for that.. remain anonymous.. i really dunno who might read it!!

my skin is very thin one. HAHA.

Meow said...

aww. come on. dun worry about it being good or bad, either case - equally talented! :)

Peiying said...

Go for it! You always know know I like chick lit~ hahaha.. It shouldn't be too difficult to get my agreement to how good your writeup would be.. *winks*