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Sunday, June 14, 2009

"All my bags are packed, I'm ready to go.."

I wish I were going off on a jetplane but I disappoint myself.

I am packing to move to my in-laws place, in a small effort to save some money for the new house coming up.

well some of you know what happened the last time I stayed with my then-future-in-laws. hopefully the recent change of status will make things a little bit different (and better) for us, in the good way for sure.

i have been moving ard a lot in the past years.. and honestly speaking, it's tiring. in the beginning, it was hard.. i had to get used to the change of environment, ppl and accessibility (or rather the lack of it) of the new places that I stayed in. but as i moved from one place to the next.. it kinda grew on me. I was an adaptable person to begin with.. so now i am just.. spent. I really hope this will be the last place i stay in before i get my own place.. cuz packing (and unpacking) can be hard work overtime.

So this week is gonna be packing week for me. the coming weekend will mark the beginning of yet another new home-stay for me.

i try to be positive and tell myself that at least i will get to see hubby everyday.. cuz that always makes everything better.

it's still working now, at least! :)


one little journey said...

all the best :-)

kellykylie said...

yea man.. all the best to me.

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