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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Lipstick Jungle

Season 2 finale of Lipstick Jungle was perfect.. it was romantic, it was cozy, it was beautiful.. it totally tugged my heartstrings and i haven't felt this way about a season finale in a looong time! (coincidentally the last time i felt this way abt a season finale was also a series based on Candace Bushnell's book.. Sex And The City.)

The sad thing abt the finale is that, they shot it as tho it's not coming back. no season 3. :( like the finale to season 6 of Sex And The City, it was a satisfying and perfect ending, leaving viewers with absolutely nothing else to ask for. i didn't like that.. i love Lipstick Jungle! i don't want it to end!

i love the friendship the 3 women share. that no matter how family-oriented or career-minded each woman were, they wud gladly and instantly drop everything to be a friend to one another.

also i love how they alwaes look impeccably dressed even when they jus got up in the morning. i kno that only happens on tv but still, i like looking at beautiful women (Lindsay Price is really pretty)!

not to mention their gorgeous locks, designer wardrobe and handsome "accessories" (men).. what's not to like abt the show?

i hope i find a good series to watch after this.. True Blood is just not holding up to its promise and absolutely not working its charm on me, if there is any to begin with.

Anyone has any good series to recommend?


one little journey said...

i must be living in the real jungle cos i haven't heard abt this series b4!

The last two series i watched and liked were Criminal Minds and Mad Men. The plot for Criminal Minds was brilliant, very clever and unexpected. As for Mad Men, i didn't like at first but as i watched i got addicted.

kellykylie said...

ooh they sound very CSI-ish. i get nightmares from watching this kind of show.. i scaredy cat la. :p

ya lipstick jungle is very sex and the city la.. but instead of 4 single women.. it is abt 3 women and their problems in relationships. :p only got 2 seasons so a bit pointless to watch la. but definitely better than cashmere mafia.

Mls said...

i cant stand cashmere mafia. LJ is good and damn pity no season 3. I defo hope its like SATC that says no more shows and ends up with finale, and another finale - maybe.

keep u posted if theres something boiling. :)