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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

And The American Idol is..

i have NEVER been a fan of American Idol.. i dun even know who is the 1st person to win the title.. (issit Kelly Clarkson?) but lately there has been an Idol craze all because of one person. ADAM LAMBERT.

so i was chilling at home last weekend.. channel surfing and came across Star World repeating whole of season 8, which leads up to its final showdown this week. so i caught a few people singing.. one of them Adam Lambert.

so yea, he was screaming and honestly, i couldn't take it. not that it didn't sound nice.. it did. but it also sounded a bit too futuristic. not something i wud expect to hear out of a singing competition. his singing is, indeed, theatrical more than anything.

but somehow.. there is something abt him standing on that stage.. belting out his number and looking totally in touch with his feminine side. some call it stage presence (or gay). i mus admit, he did attract more of my attention compared to his fellow contestants.

and last night, for the 1st time, i tuned in to the repeat of last weeks finale.

and when he sang Mad World.. I was won over. just how did he do that?? the right word to describe the performance, would be "haunting". so much so that i cud not get the song out of my head up until this morning.

and for the 1st time, i saw Kris Allen perform on Idol. he's actually the generic type of Idol contestant. nothing flashy.. jus a regular person with a great voice and out there doing his thing the best he can.

but the feeling he gives is very different from Adam's. Listening to Kris makes me feel very comfortable.. something i would put on on a long ride home on a bus. it soothes me in a way.

Adam's singing sounds like the soundtrack of his life.

so realli.. i cudn't quite decide whose side i was on. they both had their appeals.. but none had something that cud realli win me over.

but when i heard this morning that Kris Allen had won, i was glad! in fact, i was slightly more than glad.

cuz with this title, Kris is bound to go far.

as for Adam.. i felt he didn't need the title to prove anything. he was oredi quite a revolution and has created a legion of following. he wud go far, with or without the title.

to me, it is a win-win situation and i am happy with how this season's turned out. :)

so congratulations to Kris, and to Adam - We'll be seeing you ard. ;)