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Thursday, May 28, 2009

Archie Andrews

I have been a fan since I was in primary school (primary 4 or 5, i think). I don't remember who got me into it but i was quite obsessed. I would save for at least 2 new comic books each month and finish them in the same day i bought them. My good friends, till this day, know that I loved Jughead to bits!

After I went to secondary school, i stopped the routine of buying 2 new comic books each month. i spent my money on going out with friends and at the movies. so i re-read my existing collection over and over.. i must have read each comic more than 10 times each. my favourite ones easily 20 times each!

the last time i counted, i was in possession of 60 Archie comic books.

so i came across an article online today, saying Archie was finally gonna propose to one of the girls with which he has kinda been having a love-triangle with for the longest time. Archie fans would be very familiar with the characters of Veronica Lodge and Betty Cooper, the latter being the hot fave. and the catch now is, who is Archie gonna propose to?

The upcoming 600th cover of Archie Comic. Read article here.

Very misleading, dun you think?? i dun believe he will propose to Veronica!

I am so gonna get my hands on this copy when it comes on sale in September. My 1st copy after almost 20 years!