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Monday, October 10, 2011


Can't believe this song is 10 years old come November. It is one of my favourite chinese songs and I will never forget the 1st time I heard it. I was 19 then, and working part-time at a record store when the speakers starting playing this song. I was at my section, shelving CDs and by the time the song entered its 1st chorus, I stopped what I was doing and leaned my butt against the CD rack while listening intently to the lyrics.

It had the most tragically beautiful tune I have ever heard and it almost brought a tear to my eye, right there in the middle of the busy record store.

The lyrics are so moving that each time I listen to it, I close my eyes and can almost feel the cold wind blowing against my chilly face.

I have never come across a song like this for the next 10 years and I believe this song held a very high benchmark for the rest of the songs I heard later on.

It is a perfect song to listen to when nursing a heartache. A great pity that Peggy Hsu never quite made it in the chinese music scene even though I am sure she has a loyal following of fans who continue to appreciate and love her style of songwriting.

Here it is, 10 years later.. I hope it will also bring you back to a beautiful, though sad time, in your life. It is the sad times in life that makes us happy today.


詞曲: 許哲珮 製作: 陳建良 編曲: 陳建良/許哲珮 演唱: 許哲珮

今天特別冷 我想 是冬天來了
翻出一件件毛衣 也翻出有你的記憶

記得去年冬季 你說好下個冬季舉行一場白色婚禮
在耶誕前夕 就我和你 兩個人的婚禮也可以很甜蜜

接近零下的天氣 強迫自己穿著短袖上衣
冷到不能呼吸 卻害怕穿上毛衣 又想起了你 發現是冬季
眼淚結了冰 分不清 是太冷還是痛心
Oh來不及 毛衣來不及送洗 我過期的白色婚禮

沙灘不再美麗 情歌不再動聽
我們不再可以一起 一起
踩著浪花數著腳印 我們過期的約定


vin8tan said...

do you remember where was this MV filmed t?