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Sunday, October 09, 2011

19 weeks

I have very bad posture. Be it standing, walking or sitting. When I stand, I slouch. When I walk, I drag my feet. When I sit, I slump in the chair.

Now that I am pregnant, all these bad habits are taking a toll on my body. I have the worse backaches ever from lower to upper back. I keep reminding myself to stand up straight and sit up straight but I always forget once I get comfortable and end up paying for the price later at night.

It also doesn't help that I am no longer able to sleep on my back as the weight around my tummy increases. If I even attempt to lie on my back, I reflexively turn to my sides immediately as the tummy weighs down on my chest and kinds of cuts off my oxygen.

And it is known the only way to relieve backache is to lie flat on your back. :(

But that is probably the only bad thing I can think of now to "complain" about now that I am 19 weeks along, 1 week short of making the halfway mark.

Nowadays my most favourite thing to do is to put my hand over my belly under my clothes and wait for bubs to kick a leg or punch a fist. It is such an amazing feeling and even though bubs has been moving around for a few weeks now, the feeling never fails to amaze me every time. It is the only thing I have with bubs as a way of communication, to let me know he is ok and well in my belly. I have become so obsessed and addicted with this "daily activity" that as long as I have a free hand, it will be resting over my belly.

Next week will be the 1st time I am seeing bubs on the ultrasound in the 2nd trimester. It has been a long and hard 6-weeks wait. And I will find out for sure next week if bubs is a boy or girl, though my gynae has guessed an 80% chance that bubs is a boy. We will confirm next week that what we saw the last time is not a toe. :)

For now, I am going to stop typing, and put one hand over my belly while waiting for the clock to strike 6PM and head home! And then lie in bed on my side, holding my book in one hand and belly in the other. :)