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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

A love named lust.

I just accidentally ran into an ex-lover online. I use the word "lover" cuz we were never officially together. Like Facebook says, it's complicated.

U know how there is always this 1 guy (or maybe 2) lurking around at the back of your mind, no matter the fact that you are now happily attached with someone else?

It's not that you are not over the guy or that you wish things could have turned out differently, but you just can't forget him.

It may be the words he said to you, the smell of his hair, the way he looked at you or simply your 1st encounter with him, something about him makes you go soft and wuzzy everytime you think about him, even tho it is long over.

I saw his picture online today.. and my heart stopped. I had forgotten what it does to me, from the 1st time I saw him, to every other time that we went out and up until the last time I saw him, and knowing it was going to be the last, he never failed to sweep me off my feet.

I don't know what it is about him, he makes me catch my breath every time we are together. I have never felt so intense with anybody else ever. It is that feeling of such an exciting rush that keeps me from forgetting abt him completely.

Of cuz, I figured somewhere along the way that it was not love, but lust.

And seeing his picture.. it makes my mind run wild.

W I L D .

I do need to get a hobby now, don't I?