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Monday, February 18, 2008

i... am... so... tired...

my CNY break turned out to be a jam-packed visitation season cum fashion show. but it was happy happy happy. :)

1st of all, i saw his family a lot over this period and i nv thot i wud say this but his siblings realli are nice ppl. i can't say the same for his mom YET but it is working out fine so far. i believe it will turn out just fine. :)

1st Feb
I had reunion dinner with my family as my sister was leaving for HK the next day with my bro-in-law-to-be and spending CNY in HK with her in-laws-to-be. We went for a buffet dinner at The Teahouse at China Square and it was not too bad. Service could be better though.. but the price made up for it. After which we proceeded to KTV at Shenton Partyworld and stayed till 1am.. mommy, *him* and i had "market duty" the next day at 7am! (and all of us were late. haha!)

Reunion dinner with *his* family.. we had steamboat dinner at his place.. and it was nice and cozy. after which they proceeded to their annual "gin rummy" competition. but the gambling session ended early this year since it was a Wed and all had work the next day..

Had YET another reunion dinner with my mom and bro in my sis's absence as i felt bad that they were cooped up at home on a day of reunion such as this.. so i took them to Mushroom Pot at Orchard Point, turned out they both enjoyed it tremendously and both my mom and my bro were in quite a good mood.. that made me happy too. :) sfer that we caught CJ7 at Cineleisure, which I bought tickets for 3 days in advance! all 3 of us enjoyed the show very much and even called up my sis in HK after the show to ask her to buy the 七仔公仔 back for us! 七仔 is so cute and it reminds me of winky! the "boy" in the show is very cute too.. apparently 星爷 and the "boy" has grown so close after the movie that he's taken her as his god-daughter! the lucky girl!

Went to *his* place to 拜年 and then to the temple with his family. after which we went to my mom's place for lunch and to 拜年 and then to his aunt's place for a 2nd round of lunch. After which we went to his dad's place to 拜年.. *phew!*

Went to Jos's place for our girls gathering (which is also *his* aunt's place cuz he is Jos's cousin.. we met on this day at her house 5 years ago!) and then left for another aunt's place from his dad's side..

Went to Agus's place to 拜年 and abt 4pm came home cuz they had a party back home. at abt 9pm *his* frens started coming and our own party started.. lasted till 2am. *he won 300 bucks that night. :)

Was supposed to go to one of his aunt's place again but was cancelled last minute as most of them were too tired and had work the next day. so we ended up going out iwth agus and sally.. was supposed to go KTV but sally felt sick so we went home after dinner.

Went to *his* office for "heng kang".. there was lion dance and lots of angpao to collect. at ard 2pm they relocated to one of their bosses' hse (Jason) and continued the gambling den business. *he* won almost 2k that day! we went home to my mom's place for dinner that day since my sis was back in town and my family went to my uncle's place after dinner and *he* went back to his boss's hse.

*he* had to work in the afternoon too so i went to my aunt's place to 拜年 that afternoon. as usual, we yakked away until it was time for me to go meet him at his place and we went to Jeffrey's, another one of his bosses' place in the evening.. i don't gamble so i naturally became the babysitter of the evening. sally and agus came to join later that night. the 4 of us went for supper tgt with ronald and his wife at upper serangoon before went home that night.

*he* also worked in the afternoon so i took the time to go visit my principal at bishan ITE to 拜年 before heading off to town to see my "bag frens" at gucci and miu miu. :) (bag frens meaning bags i cannot afford to buy so i make frens with them and visit them at their "hse" every so often. haha.) then at abt 7pm, *he*, tgt with agus and wife came to pick me from town and we headed to mr foo's hse.. (another one of his boss). we merely stayed for 10 minutes before we took off to a d&d for agus's company. he had paid for a table of ten so he asked us along.. we had 佛跳墙 and one abalone each during the dinner.. it was darn good! it was my 1st time eating 佛跳墙 so i was pretty excited. haha.

CNY初八 aka Valentine's Day
We had wanted to do dinner that day after gg to Ronald's hse btu along the way plans changed as *he* decided he'd rather stay at ronald's place. :( i was mad but didn't want to force him to do things he didn't want to do so i stayed with him but sulked thoughout. :(

*he* had market duty until almost 9pm that day and we had dinner at heng hwa along jalan besar (maude road to be exact - the famous white lor mee.. i love it!) at abt 10pm and met agus and wife + ronald wife for movie after that. we caught "Jumper" and we all loved it! super inspirational! (meaning it makes u wish u were a jumper too!) :p

Went for Elaine's baby boy's 1 yr old birthday party then dinner with his friends. went KTV after that and the room became another gambling den. out of 12 ppl, onyl 2 were singing.. one of them being me, of cuz. not that i was complaining. :p got home at 5am that day!

hung out with *him* at his place for a while before heading out to orchard, then bugis, then esplande and marina square to catch Sweeney Todd. OMG... sorry to say this but the show was a joke to us.. perhaps we were both in a good mood so everything seemed funny to us.. we made fun of the show so much that when it ended, we cud not stop laughing at anything!! went for supper after that and reached home at 1am..

back to work today and feeling like a zombie! need sleep so badly.. going to ah sa's place for MJ reunion dinner tonight.. hopefully i will pull thru!!

So ya.. i hope the above explains why i am super tired despite my super long CNY break..

i need another break from this break!!


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