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Monday, February 25, 2008

i feel so sorry for my fren.. her parents got divorced and while waiting for the matrimonial home to be sold, they are stranded with no roof over the 4/5 of a family left. her father is still staying in the matrimonial home while his wife, 2 daughters and 1 son left him for greener pastures.. or so they thot. within the 1st 3 years of leaving their home, they moved 3 times from the older daughter's colleague's place to a rented flat in the north east and another rented place in the same vicnity when the previous lease was due. after that, they found the living expenses too taxing, surviving on only the 2 daughter's salary and a meagre sum from their mom's part time work. hence, they moved in to live with the older daughter's then-bf-now-fiance. my fren, the 2nd daughter then moved in with her bf. half a year later, under forced circumstances, her sister and her now-fiance moved from a rented flat to a rented room.. and my fren also moved out from her bf's plc and into a fren's place who had been so kind to her during her stay there. but 3 months later, she moved out as her fren's dad didn't seem too pleased that she was going to stay there in his house for an indefinite period of time. after that, she rented a tiny room up in the north while her mom and brother then went to stay with an uncle after the sisters were no more renting a whole flat for the 4 of them. a month later, her mom and brother were chased out of her uncle's flat as, according to her mom, both sides cud not stand each's living habits. under a heated argument, they were forced to move out the very same night. another uncle took them in that night. but 3 months later, the same thing happened. this time, her mom and bro had no where to go unless they split up. her mom was very upset cuz she had nv been away from her youngest child before.. even tho he is oredi 20 this year. worse, they had to give their dog away.. the dog that had kept them company for the past 6 years.. the dog that always made them happy no matter wat happened. so they gave their dog away to her sister's ex-colleague, her brother moved in with yet another uncle, who only space for one. and her mom went to stay with a fren.

all this because her horrible father refuses to sell the flat in order to make things difficult for his wife and children.. for leaving him.

even tho everyone has a place to stay now.. my fren is very sad.. cuz everyone is split up.. her mom is missing their dog and her brother.. her brother is alone with a relative they weren't close to.. and there was nothing the sisters cud do to make things better cuz their father were holding the keys to the current bad state.

most of all, my fren misses her dog cuz she knows he's afraid when he is ard strangers.. his new owner has 2 other dogs and her dog does not know how to get along with other dogs so he tends to hide away when other dogs are ard.. she misses her dog so much.. :((((((((((

my fren is realli very sad.. but she doesn't want to talk to anyone abt it.. cuz she must stay strong.. for things will get better.. she knows it will..


.J said...

My eyes became teary reading this. Because I can totally understand what it feels like moving from one place to another in seek for a place you could truly called home. Hold on to the belief that things will get better and it will one day. All of our lifes we had to go through one of life's greatest trials. We're not alone. Each time things wrecked you down, pick up life experiences which will make you stronger.

Things will get better. It will.

paintpastelprincess said...

i realli hope things will get better.. it needs to get better.. and thank you.