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Thursday, February 21, 2008

i had no intentions to write abt this since the 1st day the news broke out.. cuz i haf a very neutral stand on this matter and i dun realli think anyone is at fault.. it is a pure act of carelessness.. and a very malicious act of sabotage.. and that's all there is to it for me.

over the past month, the Edison scandal has been all over the place.. TV, radio, magazines, internet.. it is realli difficult to ignore. for some, it is purely for the porn, for others, it is the gossip monster in them that wants to kno more more more.. but the truth of the matter is.. it is indeed very scandalous.. and very very shocking to the HK entertainment industry.

now that it has come to Edison having to quit showbiz.. i am realli feeling a lot of rage and sadness. u can say i am defending my idol, but i believe if it had been someone else, i wud think the same way too.

we, the people that celebrities spend their lifetime entertaining.. tend to view celebrities as somewhat non-human. like they are deities, like they dun need to eat, dun need to sleep, dun need to shit. all they do is appear on tv and look gorgeous.. wake up looking like sexbombs, and move their bowels in a special, different way.. but not OUR way, sitting at the toilet bowl mmph-ing and urgh-ing. CELEBRITIES ARE HUMANS TOO. they have their needs, their wants.. like any other normal human being. most of these celebrities are not allowed to date and it is often stated in their contracts. so wat do they do with their needs then?? they hook up with ppl simply for convenience.. and who better to keep their secrets than fellow celebrities? if u did a certain celebrity, r u sure (100%) that u wud not get out there and tell someone?? or even write in a blog?? if i were in their shoes, i wud think tt the best people to keep secrets are those who are in the same situation as me and understand why it needs to be kept a secret.. (not jus from the public but from their managers and agencies too) and hence wud stick to my circle of celebrity frens for human needs (since celebrities are not allowed to haf a bf, who can they turn to?? dun tell me they can jolly well live without a sex partner, cuz that everyone is different and u can't assume everyone wud think and do the same!) even in our own circle of frens we have fens who haf f*ck-buddies, right?? it is their life and they choose to live it this way so who are we to say they are wrong if it makes them happy? guess the only difference between us and celebrites is that they have a social responsibility.. which is why they alwaes try to potray their best when they are "working".

in this case, the photos had been stolen and distributed illegally.. issit realli Edison's fault????

all those ppl who said gillian is a liar, sl*t and a wh*re and all that.. wat makes u say that? having sex makes ppl liars, sl*ts and wh*res??? if u r having a sex life with ur bf, u dun go out and tell the whole world, do u?? i think ppl gotta know the difference between her personal life and her job.. her job requires her image to be media and children friendly and that doesn't mean she has to be the same person she is in her personal life. jus like no matter how much u hate ur boss, u wud nv lash out at them, right?? but with ur friends, u wud complain and bad-mouth ur boss.. why can't ppl jus accept that celebrities are humans too??? being in front of the camera is their work and when they are off camera, they should be entitled to have a private life! and gillian had to come out and apologise for wat?? for being with someone she felt passionately abt??? it is insane.

and as for Edison, the only thing i can blame him for is being so trusting and careless and foolish to pass something so personal such as a laptop to another person. since he took such photos then he is committed to guard them with his life! and all the more since his "frens" in the photos are famous personalities.. i sincerely feel sorry for the girls and hope that the media will give them space and be understanding. they are not liars, sl*ts or wh*res.. they are jus being human.

i can understand why Edison made such a decision cuz if he doesn't leave showbiz, this saga will nv be over.. it is a closure for the HK entertainment scene and the public. i jus wish it cud haf been a different way.. not with Edison having to go.

i like him for his good looks, i like him for his determination to be who he is.. and not b daunted by ill comments made abt him all the time.. i like him for daring to chase dreams.. i like him for willing to learn things that will make him a better person professionally..

i like him so much that he is a part of my life that brings back many many memories..

the best thing i like abt him now is him being responsible to this whole matter and that i understand that such things take time to muster courage to do (admit being wrong to the whole world) bearing in mind that he had also been a victim.. something so personal stolen and unwillingly being labelled the bad guy.. he also needs time to thinka bt his next steps.. if he came out the very next day to hold a press conference, it wud haf been very insincere, dun u think?? and 3 weeks hasn't been that long.. it is just the public that is eager to see the progression of this scandal..

if i ever had a chance to see him again, i wud tell him that as long as u know how to make things better, it wud not be the end. i realli hope to see his comeback to entertainment history and when it happens, i will support him whole-heartedly.

All the best to you, Edison.. will miss seeing ur fashion spreads, ur advertisements, ur movies and ur MVs.. :(


[-C-a-T-] said...

I really must say you are a very good writer, and all your post are so long but I like! lol

paintpastelprincess said...

u kno la.. i like to talk ma.. so type also type a lot lo. HAHA!