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Monday, November 07, 2011

23 Weeks

Some days I feel like time is passing so slowly.. But today, I feel like time is maybe going faster than I thought.

Next week I will be 6 months pregnant. It sure did not feel that long. While I am looking forward to finally holding bubs in my arms, I am also enjoying having bubs inside me, with me as his only connection to the outside world.

Every day I will tell hubs what bubs did today, whether he moved a lot, whether he kicked harder than usual, or that he has been a sleepyhead throughout the day.

It's like carrying this baby inside me makes him truly mine.

I once read in Karen Cheng's blog, that after she delivered her 3rd child (which she says will be her last), she felt alone.. cuz she was the only person left inside her body.

That stuck with me. Even though I have not delivered my bubs, it hit me as though I had lived through that and I could relate to it.

Anyone taking bets that I would be an obsessive/possessive mother? The odds are not good! :p

So I told hubs that we should complete all our baby shopping before I go into the 3rd trimester. Next week I would be 24 weeks and 3rd trimester begins in week 28. This means I only have 1 month left to prepare for bubs arrival! I still have many many things unchecked on my shopping list! The only time hubs and I have time to go shopping together is the weekends and 1 month means 4 weekends, 4 weekends means 8 days!

Not forgetting, in the next 4 weeks, we have 1 baby shower to attend, 2 weddings in Singapore, 1 weekend wedding overseas for hubs and prenatal class begins on week 26! That is a total loss of 7 weekend days and it leaves us with effectively 1 full weekend day to do our baby shopping.


Oh well, I guess this nature's way of preparing us for a life with a newborn!

And because this is the life I wanted and fought so hard for, I will complete everything that needs to be done on my checklist before bub's arrival and do them well!

So it's back to online shopping for my diaper bag now. Heh heh, baby or not, a girl needs to shop. Some things don't change! :P