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Sunday, June 05, 2011

You're TOXIC.

If halfway through my conversation, I talk about my blog, and you seem to show some interest in it, I will offer to give u my blog add.

Or even if I don't talk about it, and you ask if I have one and ask to view it, I will also give the blog add to you.

Or if I desperately want you to read my blog, I will just give the blog add to you la!

However, I do not appreciate it when you have my blog add, and you give it to any other person, AS YOU WISH.

Do you not have basic courtesy or the bare minimum of simple respect for another human being's privacy?

And trust me, if I didn't want you reading my blog, I would not have given my blog add to you no matter what.

And I remember each and every single person I gave my blog add to. So if one day you see me writing about you here, I probably meant it for you to read it. I did not forget that you have access to my blog. Don't put your kind of stupidity on me.

When it comes down to it, I am a simple person, don't make me out to be so complicated. I really do not appreciate all the complications that comes with being someone's friend. Cuz I don't need "friends" like these.