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Tuesday, April 05, 2011


Waking up in the morning and deciding to be lazy and that today is a good day to stay home while the rest of the world are at work.

Watching reruns of CH 8 dramas starring passe actors/actresses and dancing silly to the jingles around the house when the TVCs come on.

Eating bad kopitiam food for brunch tapao-ed from downstairs my hse but licking up the bowl anyway.

Lying down on the floor with Winky next to me, sniffing his smelly face.

Taking a nap at 1PM when I woke up at 11AM that day.

Waking up to rumblings and fumblings in the kitchen. Mom's home!

Chit-chatting to Mom about absolutely nothing. Just enjoying her company while she prepares dinner.

Watching whatever is on at 7PM on CH 8 and having a yummy TV dinner with Mom.

Knowing my brother's taking a super long shower in the bathroom and listening intently to the sound of the running water from the living room, waiting for the tap to be turned off cuz I really need to pee.

The loud chattering of my sister's voice, while she's talking to her boyfriend on the phone in the room with me in it and disturbing the songs I am playing on iTunes from my PC.

The never-ending nagging from Mom, from telling my brother to rem to eat dinner, to asking my sister to rem to buy her stuff, to ordering me to spend less money. ("How many pairs of shoes do you need?!")

The deafening silence of the night when everyone is curled up in bed while I am up and awake, staring up at the ceiling feeling sleepless cuz of the long nap I took in the afternoon, but knowing all 4 of us are safely locked in the same house, dreaming dreams with the same people in them.

I miss that boring, bothersome life sometimes. Do you?